When Krishna instructs a person to help others, how can we say that Krishna does not direct us as Paramathma from heart?

When Krishna instructs a person to help others, how can we say that Krishna does not direct us as Paramathma from heart?

Ved Vernekar asked like this:

“Prabhuji pls explain me this lecture by Srila Prabhupada….. He says in a lecture in Mayapur on 22.3.1976:

“We can ask a favour from anyone, but we must know that nobody can favour us unless sanctioned by the supreme person. Suppose we approach a rich person to favour us with some contribution. Krishna is there within and if He says “You give him the money”, the man will give us. If he is not so fortunate now, therefore Krishna does not dictate him. So, there is nothing to be sorry. This should be our principle”

His words indicates Krishna as paramatma directs aatma for any activities/actions…. But u said Krishna is acts as only witness & do not direct aatma in ur recent counselling..”


This question has been asked based on my earlier post here.

It is to be understood that Krishna does not decide what we should do.  What I had written was that  Krishna does not interfere in WHAT WE SHOULD DO.  He leaves that to our free will. And, then, He directs as we wish.

In my previous post, I think that you have not attentively read the third paragraph from the bottom where I had written this statement:  “If we like to do bad things, the paramathma allows that.  If we like to do good things, the same paramathma encourages that.”

Thus, Krishna directs what we should do as I said in that paragraph, but, He does not initiate the direction on His own.  If we wish something, He directs and even helps accordingly.  Today’s reply explains this with further examples.

He is the person who shows (through maya), the house to a thief to steal if he desires to steal the property of others.

He is the same person who gives money to a person if he likes to help others.

Thus, Krishna does not decide what we should WISH.  He is just implementing or directing what we wish to do.

The desire is ours.  Help is done by Krishna.

He did not instruct that thief to steal.  That thief misused his free will and wished to steal the properties of others. So, he was shown the house by the Lord through His external potency Maya.

Krishna does not create desires in the hearts of the people to do something.  These desires are fixed by his free will that in turn is fixed by the three gunas of that person himself.

Krishna has given that free will to every person to decide what to do.  This free will is decided according to our three gunas.

What Krishna is doing is just helping to fulfil our desires.

Suppose, I like to remain a miser who is not helping anyone. What will happen? We will get money if our past karma permits that, ie, if we had helped many in our past births. We will get money only upto the level sanctioned by our karma.

But, we are poor now.  We might not have helped others in our previous births.  Hence we are not given money now.

However, we develop a desire to help others selflessly. But, we are poor now.  What will happen? Since Krishna is seeing our desire of helping others, He directs us towards the affluent persons who can give money to us with which we can help others.

Krishna was with both Pandavas and Duryodhana. Arjuna wanted Krishna and hence Krishna made His presence in the battle field.  Duryodhana wanted Krishna’s army and hence Krishna gave the army to Duryodhana.

Krishna was waiting to be called by Draupati when she was stripped by Duryodhana camp. Only when Draupati called Him, He interfered and saved the dignity of Draupati.

Thus, Krishna is always ready to fulfil our desires.  But, He does not decide what we should desire.

In the quote given by Srila Prabhupada above, Krishna directs a person if he was willing to help the devotees.  We may approach a devotee for donations.  If that person is a miser, he refuses.  That means, he does not wish to givee his money to the devotees.  So, Krishna does not direct him to donate.  We go to another person.  He is a generous person. He is expecting the opportunity to help the devotees.  When we ask, Krishna, understanding his wish to help the devotees, direct him to donate money to us.

DIRECTION means not saying directly.  He kindles the already hidden desire of helping, in the mind of that person and makes him to donate to us.

But, that person should be a generous person.

In the same quote, Srila Prabhupada mentions about another person who does not donate.  Why Krishna did not induce that person to donate? Because he did not wish to help the devotees.

That is why, when the devotees go and ask for donation from hundred people, only a few people donate.  If Krishna is directing everyone to donate, all the hundred people should donate.

Since it is not happening, it shows that Krishna makes a person to donate if that person already has a desire to donate.

He leaves the decision making with us.  What we wish, He helps to implement it.

Thus, Krishna directs us only after we wish to do something.  He does not induce us to do anything.  This is what explained by me in my post.

I wrote that Krishna does not direct us to commit a sin.  If we like to commit a sin, He shows the person to commit that sin through His external potency maya.  That’s all.  The desire is ours.

If we like to do some good to others, Krishna shows the persons to help through His external potency maya.  Maya is supervising both our good and bad deeds because both our good and bad deeds give rebirth and hence maya will be happy if we aim for rebirth.

Only when we wish to undertake devotion to Krishna seriously, it is the step for purification and hence Krishna directly enters into action and helps us to get development in devotion.

Except desire for devotion, if we desire for other things, either good or bad, Krishna does not directly interfere.  He just leaves us under the control of maya who shows opportunities for committing good or bad deeds.

He will be just watching what we do as a witness. If we desire for anything, he makes arrangements for that.

Thus, Krishna is not inactive.  He is like a father who satisfies the requests of His sons and daughters. What we are going to desire in life.  It is to be noted here.

Hope you are clear now.

Author: RAJAN

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