Age of starting Karma! Do our violations or sins in the childhood add to karma?

Age of starting Karma! Do our violations or sins in the childhood add to karma?

A Girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna prabhuji your counselling really helps me and I want to share one thing with you. it is killing me since childhood. I haven’t share it with anyone in my lifetime. I have my shiksha guru but I don’t have courage to share with her that’s y I m sharing to you

I m a normal girl but the fact is that in my childhood when I was 9 or 10 yrs old, in television, somebody was seeing bad scenes and since I was a child I don’t have buddhi. one of my friend also was watching those scene and told me to do those things with hands are trembling while I m typing..and we did some bad things …but I know I m a gentle girl. when I grew up, these things are bothering me when I remember. I feel like doing suicide please help this girl prabhuji.

But, I m not abnormal. while I grew up I was gentle and till gentle. please help what should I do I can’t tell these things to anybody even my shiksha guru all will misunderstand me. shall I marry in future..what should I do whom to tell please help”


You have been a victim of the deterioration of this world in kaliyuga such as uncensored television, internet, smartphones, not regulated by the governments in the name of freedom of expression or media freedom.

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The things that have to be done between the married couples within 4 walls are exhibited without shame in innumerable media.

When the children who are buddy watch them, their minds are corrupted and they do not know the serious effects of such ugly things.

So, they innocently involve in serious offenses even when they are children.

Because of their harmone agitations, many children attend age earlier even in the age of 8 or 9.

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Since I do not like to repeat them here again, let me come to your question.

As in many other cases, the scriptures vary in this matter of starting the karma as the scriptures recommend the rules for different yugas. So, there is no uniformity in the rules.

So, as usual, I have analysed the scriptures with some logical mind here:

To avoid the confusion, we can take like this:


If you feel guilt for having stolen the pencil of your classmate, that means that your age of karma has started.

But, sexual violations in budding ages are done without knowing anything about the effects and seriousness.

There are different opinions about the age from which we accumulate karma.

Let me give them:

First, the following examples mention the sins other than sexual offenses.


“Boys of less than four years in age can never be guilty or sinful. Even the king cannot punish them.”

This may be suitable in Satya yuga or treta yuga as most of the people were good people in that yuga.


(2) However, the age of adding karma varies for every yuga, it seems.  Some other non-bonafide scriptures mention the punishable age as 5 or 6 like that.

The above recommendaions may be suitable for satya and treat yugas as the environment was pure and the people could follow dharma in more numbers. So, the people had ‘less sources and opportunities’ to commit offenses. So, the punishments were severe then.

(3)  However, For kaliyuga, the scriptures give simple solutions to deal with the karma. Even chanting the Lord’s Names can make us free from karma. Because, in the kaliyuga, the inducements are more. The people are leading a difficult life. So, the recommendations are liberal.

(4) See, in this kaliyuga, the children who are below 14 years do not acquire karma for their actions since they are not fully aware of what is good and what is bad.

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(5) Srila Prabhupada says the background of Vidhura, in his Purport to srimad Bhagavatham (1.13.1) like this:

“VIDHURA:  One of the prominent figures in the history of the Mahabharata. He was conceived by Vyasadeva in the womb of the maidservant of Ambika, mother of Maharaja Paṇḍu. He is the incarnation of Yamaraja. Being cursed by Manduka Muni, he was to become a sudra. The story is narrated as follows:

Once upon a time the state police caught some thieves who had concealed themselves in the hermitage of Maṇḍuka Muni. The police constables, as usual, arrested all the thieves and Maṇḍuka Muni along with them. The magistrate specifically punished the muni to death by being pierced with a lance. When he was just to be pierced, the news reached the king, and he at once stopped the act on consideration of his being a great muni. The king personally begged the muni’s pardon for the mistake of his men, and the saint at once went to Yamaraja, who prescribes the destiny of the living beings. Yamaraja, being questioned by the muni, replied that the muni in his childhood pierced an ant with a sharpened straw, and for that reason he was put into difficulty. The muni thought it unwise on the part of Yamaraja that he was punished for his childish innocence, and thus the muni cursed Yamaraja to become a sudra, and this sudra incarnation of Yamarāja was known as Vidura, the sudra brother of Dhṛtarastra and Maharaja Pandu. But this sudra son of the Kuru dynasty was equally treated by Bhismadeva, along with his other nephews, and in due course Vidura was married with a girl who was also born in the womb of a sudrani by a brahmaṇa. Although Vidura did not inherit the property of his father (the brother of Bhismadeva), still he was given sufficient state property by Dhṛtarāṣṭra, the elder brother of Vidura. Vidura was very much attached to his elder brother, and all along he tried to guide him on the right path. During the fratricidal war of Kurukṣetra, Vidura repeatedly implored his elder brother to do justice to the sons of Panduu, but Duryodhana did not like such interference by his uncle, and thus he practically insulted Vidura. This resulted in Vidura’s leaving home for pilgrimage and taking instructions from Maitreya.”

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So, any sins done in the childhood is not added to the sins in karma account.

(6) It is also said that Mandavya then said to yama “As said by the scriptures any act of a child is not sinful upto the age of 12. You have acted unjustly punishing me to the offence I caused in my childhood. So, you shall be born on earth to a slave woman. From this day, I am raising the limit of sinless age to 14.”

Thus, Yama’s mistake raised the age of adding karma or sins to 14.


Whatever the age differences may be, we can conclude the logical conclusion as said in the beginning:


You might have done violations with that girl in the age 9 just as a play that gave some kind of different feeling.

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You might not have known that these are the acts that should be done only fr begetting children or to be done nly with the spouse.

In the age of nine, the body would have grown for some girls, but, they will be very childish in mental growth.

Therefore, in that budding period, the karma can not make them responsible for their acts.

Because, as said above, in this kaliyuga, the scriptures are liberal to give the rules.

And, the relief from the sins is also made easy fr kaliyugya.

So, you need not worry for the violation you did in your age of 9.

You know only later that it was wrong.

So, you will get definite relief from that activity.

Just chant the Lord’s Names sincerely every day.

Some scriptures suggest taking initiation from guru to get rid of our unknown and innocent sins.  You can also do that and start a new life.

You can definitely marry and lead a life without guilty.

I hope that this post gives relief for thousands of devotees who committed some violations in their childhood age and are confused about the age of starting Karma.

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Author: RAJAN

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