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Hare Krishna Prabhuji. Can you please explain tripad dosha and its remedies?


Tripad Dosha IS ALSO A KIND OF PITRU DOSHA and it is related to the death of a person on certain days.

We know that in Mahabharatha, Bhishma deva was waiting to die in an auspicious time as per the bhoon he had received earlier.

Because death, though natural, is expected NOT TO happen on a certain inauspicious days.

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This inauspiciousness is of three types:



In sequence:  Rohini, Dhanishta, Satabhisham, Purvabhadra, Revathi, Mrugasira, Punarvasu, Uttara, Chitra, Visakha, Uttarashada, and Magha.


In sequence:  Padyami, Vidiya, Shashti, Ashtami, Trayodasi, Chaturdasi and Amavasya.


In Sequence:  Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and  Saturday.

These three are collectively known as Tripad dosha.


(1) SOME IMPRACTICAL REMEDIES NOT TO BE FOLLOWED:   Though there are some recommendations that the family members should leave the home for one month or 6 months or one year, I do not recommend it because they are not practical.

These advices are given because they fear that there will be more deaths within a month, or 6 months or one year if any person in that family dies with one or two or three above mentioned doshas respectively.

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(2) THILA HOMA:  A simple THILA HOMA can be performed in any riverside or seaside or in holy places like Gaya, Kashi, Triveni Sangam, Rameshwaram, Srirangam Amma Mandapam, etc.

This Thila Homa helps to reduce the ill effects of Pitru dosha that was accrued even during our previous births.

Any skillful brahmana Purohit will do this homa. Just talk to your nearby purohit. This homa involves donations to the brahmanas.  This is very important part of the homa.

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(3) The same Purohit may also perform a Pitru Tharpan Puja that involves five dolls made up of Darba Grass and a white cotton and these dolls get buried after performing the Puja.

(4) Other regular Shanti Homas such as Navagraha Shanti & Nakshatra shanti Parihars can also be done by the same purohit.

(5) Chanting Hare Krishna maha Manthra as much as possible will also not allow any pitru doshas to affect you. So, chant sincerely as much as possible.

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These rituals of parihars can be performed even by those devotees who still have some trace of material attachments and not developed Prema to Krishna.

In case, you had sufficiently developed Prema on Krishna and have developed material detachments, the deceased ancestor(s) of seven generations will also be liberated. So, there will be no need for such parihars.

The excemption from the parihars is only for those who are successful in material detachment and attachment to Krishna.

Since these parihars involve donation of cash and kind to the Brahmans, the karma related to tripad dosha will come down remarkably.

By chanting, we help the deceased soul to get rid of punishments and get elevated in his standing.

Hope this has helped you.

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