What are the available hells and who are sent there?

What are the available hells and who are sent there?

A girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna! I like to know about the hells. What kind of people are sent there?  On observing today’s world, I assume, there will be space constraint in hells.  Please write about that.”


Krishna’s servant Yama Raja is cleverer than all of us.  He knows that more and more people will have to come to hells to stay atleast for some period in this kaliyuga.  So, he has created and is managing 84,00,000 hells!  We will see 28 important hells here AS SAID BY BHAGAWAN IN GARUDA PURANA:

(NOTE:  These details are not manufactured details.  Garuda Purana is one of the 18 Puranas and many acharyas have given many quotes from Garuda Purana wherever needed.  Hence, it is taken here as reference.)


“Sri Karunanithi ji! What are the hells? How they will be? Who are taken there and how are they punished there? Kindly tell me!”


“Garuda!  Kaal Dev Yama has established hells for punishing the sinful jeevans! Not 1000, or , 10,000, or 1,00,000, but, there are 84,00,000 islands of hells are there that are controlled by Yama! Out of these 84 lakhs Hells, the following hells are very important and very cruel!

They are:

(1) Thamisra ; 2.Sowgasa;  3.Thraunja;  4.Mahabairava;  5.Saalmali;  (6) Raurava;  7.Kutmala;  (8) Bhoothi;  9.Mruthaka;  10.Kal sutraka;  (11) Sangaatha; 12.Loga duththa;  13.Samvisha;  (14) Samrana;  15.Mahanaraha;  (16) Kogala;  17.Sanjeevana;  18.Mahapatha;  19.Aavidhya;  (20) Andha thamisra;  21.Kumbeebaha;  22.Asibathravana  23.Maharaurava;  24. Asibathra;  25. Pig Faced hell;   26.Andhakooba;  27. Agnidhanda  (28) Vajragandaga  29.krumibojana  30.Vaitharani  (31) Booyotha;  (32) Pranarodha;  33.Lalabaksha  34.Sarameyadhana;  35.Aveesi;  (36) paripathana;  (37) Ksharakarthama;  38.Rakshogana  39.Soolaprotha;  (40) Dhandhasooga;   41.Vadarotha;  (42) Paryavarthanaga;   43.Soosimuga!

Garuda, Now hear the details of some of these hells from me:


This hell is the destination of those who cleverly attracted and held the wife, children and wealth of others!  The sinner will be severely beaten by the Yama Kingaras in front of a number of women there!


Those woman or man who live by cheating their spouse will reach this hell! They will remain there in the fainted state!


Those selfish people who spoils others’ families and forcibly get their wealth, reach this hell!


In this hell, there are a type of deers called RURU. They will be always threatening the sinful jeevans that come there after doing severe sins!


Those who tortured and killed other jeevans for satisfying his tongue go to this hell!


Those sinful people who tortured his seniors and parents go to this hell.


Those Adharmic people who neglected his God and their own swadharma goes to this hell!


Those who punish  innocent people without mercy and justice and torture them go to this hell


Those who committed the severe sins like murder, betrayals, Tortures, etc, come to this hell!


Those who eats all the food without offering to others, and live without Bakthi, discipline, etc, go to this hell!


If a strong person  controls others forcibly and attracts all his properties, such persons will  have to go to this hell!


Those man or woman who gets bodily pleasure  with those who are selling their bodies,  go to this hell! In this hell, when that man is having sexual relation with a girl , an Yama Kingara will come and beat that man and woman  repeatedly till they faint and fall down!  In case of woman, vice versa!


Those who befriend  anyone and and have body contacts with whoever he sees  irrespective of the good, bad, high or low  in status and character , goes to this hell!


Those cheaters who act like good people, those who controls everyone, those who spoils the dharmic acts of others, go to this hell!


There are some people who has no work and earnings! They are wandering all over and  have the practice of catching girls/ boys for sex! They will not bother about the girl/ boy’s age, family, race, religion, background, etc! They have illicit sexual contacts with all  Jeevans of  ALL ages!  They will waste the Lord’s wealth by giving them to such low grade people to have pleasures with them!  Such sinful persons go to this hell!


Those who torture and kill other jeevans including animals, insects, etc, go to this hell!


Those who performs yagnas and yagas, FOR POPULARITY by sacrificing the cows to the yaga fire, go to this hell!


Those who guts others’ houses by firing them and then looting those houses, giving poisons to other jeevans,  those who are mass killing the people, go to this hell!


Those who compel their innocent and cultured spouse and then involve in indecent methods of bodily activities go to this hell! (So, the men were like that only, even 1000s of years ago!)

(20) AVEESI:

Those who stand as a false witness for a criminal act go to this hell!


Those who drink arrack/ liquor or stands a cause for others to drink, go to this hell!


Those who think that he is the only great person, and all the others are under him, and involve in sins due to ego, go to this hell!


Those who offer human sacrifice in yagas/ poojas, those who eat other animals  and other humans go to this hell! In this hell, those same animals and persons who were killed by that man when he was alive will be waiting for his arrival and on his arrival, they come in front of him and give severe tortures and stabs for that person!


Those who killed a person who did no offences, those who kill a person through a secret plan, THOSE WHO COMMIT SUICIDE, go to this hell!


Those who did mostly  variety of sins in their life are reserved for this hell!

(26) VADA RODHA:  

Those, who physically tortured the innocent animals for their own happiness, go to this hell!


Those who hated and ill  treated the guests coming to their house, and those who do not like to share food to the guests, go to this hell!


Those who earned wealth illegally, Those who torture others due to the pride of wealth, those who do not spend their wealth for good purposes, go to this hell!


On seeing the list of these hells, we can note that there are more hells meant for the sinners of immoral sex! That means what? There are more sinners in this world who involve in sexual crimes than any other sinners! Hence, more hells for sexual offenders!

Author: RAJAN

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