Will chanting protect us from the curses from others?

Will chanting protect us from the curses from others?

A woman devotee asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhu. Thank you for your services. I would like to remain anonymous. i would like to know if in kali yuga if someone curse you especially an elderly person if the curse still work or does it go back to that person that cursed n if chanting helps with curse etc”


It depends on the nature of the offense. Chanting will not protect us from the curses from others if you had done willful big sins until you do the following two things:

(i) Truly feel that you have committed wrong and Pray to Krishna

(ii) Take resolution that you will not do any sinful acts willingly in future.

(iii) Start living for Krishna hereafter.

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Even in the above case, Krishna will give token punishments and you will be purified from that sin fast.

If you do not believe in token punishments for devotees observe the following even among the devotees:

(i) The devotees too face accidents and disappointments;

(ii) Even sanyasis get affected by Pandemics, diseases, accidents etc.

(iii) Even sanyasis and devotees are cheated by others.

(iv) In fact, the devotees face more problems than others because Krishna has fastened the process of clearing his karma by giving some token punishments for all his past sinful acts. They face the reactions in fast track that appears to us as if devotees are given new problems. Nothing is new. All are the reactions of our past actions only.

(v) Krishna does not do injustice to affected persons and He gives total clearance from karma only to selected, qualified and  outstanding devotees who have taken severe pains in serving Him taking these pains of service as the reactions for his past karma.


If the sin is small, innocent and not willful one, you can get relief or relaxation from that sin though the affected person had cursed you. For example, you accidentally make a fountain pen to fall on your co-student due to which some ink paints his shirt and he curses you for that.  Since it is just accidental, that curse will not affect us if we just ask for forgiveness.

If that person had cursed us for having been affected by serious sinful acts, like getting molested, raped heavily cheated financially, getting killed, etc, the sinner will have to face the reactions fast though he has become a devotee later after committing such sins.

Had he not become a devotee he would have faced the reactions taking many births. Since he is a devotee he will face token punishments fast within a birth or two and then go back to Krishna.

So, though you are chanting Hare Krishna, you should not commit sins that may invite curse, because as Out of ten offenses against the holy name of Krishna, committing offenses in the strength of chanting Lord’s Name is also an offense listed as seventh offence.


Chanting will forgive innocent sins.  The curses from others for our serious willful offenses will be imposed on us to clear in the fast track.

Krishna never encourages willful sins. In fact sinning in the strength of chanting the holy names of Krishna will invite definite punishments.

Only if you pray to Krishna for forgiveness and take resolution as said avove there can be chances for the reduction of punishments.

The curse will not return back to him if he curse you becauase you had committed offenses against him. You will have to accept it and face it. You can later reduce its severity by following the above mentioned steps.

Remember even Krishna accepted the curse of Gandhari for being the cause for the death of all her sons. Why did Krishna accepted that curse though He is the Supreme Lord? Know the reasons in THIS POST.

But when you did no offenses but you are cursed that curse will not affect you.

Hope you are clear about whether chanting protect us from the curses from others.