How to Stay away from material people & criticizers of Krishna?

How to Stay away from material people & criticizers of Krishna?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna prabhuji . Dandavat pranam. Prabhuji how is possible to stay away from material association when we are regularly in contact with them in school life, college life?

Prabhuji how to react to those who are critical of bhakti and Krishna. Should we stay away from them or should we criticise them back?”


You need not hate the materialistic people but pray for them to Krishna.

No one in this world has been given birth without any purpose.

Everyone has come here to do something materially or spiritually.

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Materialistic people may have many assignments:

(i) Some might have come to reform the women community;

(ii) Some might have come to reform the caste system;

(iii) Some might have come to reform the politics;

(iv) Some might have come to reform the government departments;

(v) Some might have come to achieve in any field.

(vi) Some might have come to teach lessons to others.

(vii) Even cheaters, thieves and betrayers have come to implement the karma of the people who are destined to be cheated, stolen or betyrayed.

(viii) Those unfortunate people who are suffering with diseases, disabilities, etc have come to clear their karma.

Thus, no one is waste in this society.

All of us are the actors in the Planned drama of life.

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Its director is Karma Network. Producer is Krishna.

Everybody is performing their assigned roles. That’s all.

So, Be in touch with everyone to the level the life requires.

We can’t avoid shops, salesmen, maids, doctors, school teachers, Office manager & staff, etc though they are materialistic. So, mingle with them speaking only what is required to run the show.

But, we can avoid talking political, cinema, and other mundane topics with others.

So, we can’t avoid materialistic people; But we can choose what to speak and to whom and how much.

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This is the practical way of approach with the materialistic people who can’t be totally avoided.

If anyone blasphemes Krishna, just gift them the small books of Srila Prabhupada with a smile and move away.

The Indian Sanatana Dharma has been existing even after severe attacks on it by the Mughal kings, British rule, etc.

Only one among the thousands of people may think of Krishna as said by Krishna Himself.

Even during the Krishna’s descendence, many spoke against Him. Krishna did not get angry.

He is merciful even for those who acted against Him.

So, if anyone blasphemes Krishna or devotion, just pray for them.

Nothing can be changed by force. Everything should happen naturally in due course of time.

Hope you are clear about how to Stay away from material people & criticizers of Krishna.

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