Why should we do prayers to cure diseases if karma is unchangeable?

Why should we do prayers to cure diseases if karma is unchangeable?

‘Rashmi’ asked like this:

“Hare Krishna prabhuji, Dandvant Pranam. We are seeing lot of devotees leaving the planet due to corona, during their last stages we see that lot of other devotees do Lord Narsingh dev’s intensive prayers for them so that their health improves, but still those who have to leave the body, they leave the body. If whatever has been destined by Krishna remains unchanged (unlike in the case of pure souls like Srila Prabhupad) then why do people do these prayers. Krishna will do the best and what he has already decided for the devotee, even if we pray or not…then why these prayers? And what happens to those prayers, who gets their benefit as the devotee for whom the prayer was done has already left the body. Thanks in advance for your explanation. All glories to Srila Prabhupad.”


See, Praying for others is the natural tendency of any kind hearted person.

The devotees are mostly dominated with satva guna (mode of goodness).

Those who are dominated with the satva guna will not tolerate the sufferings of others.

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So, their hearts spontaneously prays to the Lord Naresimha deva or Krishna.

As per karma theory, there is a concept of karma transfer.

When one reduces the pains of others, he gets some karma of the person for whom he prayed.

For example, when we preach about Krishna and detachment to a sinner and make him a devotee, we accept part of his karma.  Unless we take his karma, we can not purify him.

Even when a diksha guru accepts a disciple, he accepts his karma because he has to take that devotee to Krishna and hence he has to purify that disciple from karma.

That is why, those in the service of preaching and those who accept the disciples should make themselves stronger with spiritual power by performing serious devotional practices like chanting.

If a preacher (siksha gurus) or a diksha guru does not follow serious devotional practices, he faces severe effects of karma of his followers and disciples.


As per the same concept, when thousands of people pray for a soul, they are ready to lose / share anything for their leader’s recovery.

Many leaders have got recovery because of the prayers of the devotees.

The devotees also chant regularly.  So, the good karma and spiritual power of the devotees who pray for a leader can make a U-Turn in the health of the person for whom they prayed.

This will happen if Krishna decides that the leader can be allowed for more period on earth as prayed by the devotees.

However, if Krishna has different plans to use a person somewhere else, He may take that soul to Him and angage in some other assignments.

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It is said that one’s life time can be extended twice with serious prayers, if the Lord approves that.

But, the third time will be very serious.

Even in the heart attacks, one can escape from the first two attacks if he attends the treatment in time.  But, the third attack will be more severe.

Thus, praying for the recovery of good souls is not wrong. Only if we pray for ourselves, it is the selfish desire.

Praying for the souls who have been doing a great service to the humanity is permitted.

Krishna some times considers those prayers and approves the extension of life.

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When I was in the ICU with some ailments in the year 2019, the doctors had declared that I may go at any time. But, I prayed to Krishna like this:

“Krishna. I am serving you through online media that is just now becoming popular and hundreds of devotees get relief through the services powered by you. Now, the doctors say so. If I leave now, all these services will stop in the middle. You can take everything from me.  But, not this service. If you feel that I am doing the service usefully, allow me to serve for some more period. If you find that this service is not that much useful, take me now itself.”

Additionally, hundreds of our devotees too prayed for me.

What a surprise! From the third day, I started to recover and I became alright within months.  Though I am in maintenance tablets now, I am doing my services with mnageable health supported by tablets.

Thus, Prayers to cure diseases for others is not wrong;  Just avoid praying for yourself.

Even praying for yourself is allowed if you like to live for others, not for yourself or your relatives.


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But, the final decision is that of Krishna or Narsimha deva.

Some times, Krishna extends our life even without prayers.

When Srila Prabhupada was travelling to preach in USA, he faced two heart attacks on the way and one after going there. He lived for some years till he succeeded in his mission even after three heart attacks without treatment.

So, pray for others.  It shows your kind heart.

Who else we have when we see someone suffering?  Only Krishna can be prayed. Only he can do the wonders because Krishna is the master of Karma Network.

Hope you understood Why we should do prayers to cure diseases if karma is unchangeable.


Author: RAJAN

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