Two days before, I had posted about a husband avoiding children because of economic reasons. These things are done though they are hearing so many advice from so many people about not following any artificial means in the case of children.

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As a continuity, in this post, let us see the karmic impact of marriage & Child birth.

We can just advice, but, for many people following those advice will be difficult.

This violation is done even by the devotee couples throughout the world.

They follow contraceptives and waste their energy without producing the children.

Those who waste their fluids unnecessarily may have to face reduced or no potency in their next birth.

In case the women conceive in spite of their prevention, they dare to go for aborting the baby.

The mistake was theirs. They enjoyed for their selfish interests and hence they conceived the baby. The baby got the asylum inside a womb. But, that innocent baby is killed within the womb even before it sees the world.

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These couples will be aborted within womb in their next birth or they will die in their childhood itself.

These things usually happen when two persons of contrary nature marry.  Only if both the husband and wife follow devotion or dharma or have same type of thoughts, such things can be avoided.

When one of them has more desires in enjoyments and the other has no or less interest in enjoyments, but, more interest in devotion, such issues may come. In such cases, the husband too is forced to act materially to satisfy his wife.

However, When a devotee spouse is forced to have more relations with the wife/ husband because of her/ his agitations and needs, the devotee spouuse will not incur karma as he acts as per sthri dharma or Pati dharma to satisfy the spouse.

So, if you like to follow devotion even after marriage, marry a devotee or atleast the devotee of any other god. Never marry an atheist or a person who shows as if he follows devotion and involves in all types of violations.

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Instead of marrying a person of contrary nature, remaining unmarried will be better.

Atleast you can follow devotion without disturbance or torture of anyone in the name of spouse.

Let us now come to the matter of the impact of marriage & Child birth in life based on karma.

In that person’s case, his wife has more need of pleasures because of the planetary positions for her.  So, the husband can not find fault in her. Unless one involves in devotional services seriously, he/ she can not control his/her senses. And, a wife willing to get children is genuine.

The husband and wife need not fear to get children for any reasons. It is the unnecessary fear without knowing the rules of karma network and astrology.

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As per the rules of karma network and astrology, when a child is sent to this world, that child brings good or bad fortune to the parents.  There are many cases in which the parents have become rich or poor after the child birth.

Same applies to the spouse.  A person may be a poor person. When he/ she gets married, he/ she gets the fortune or misfortune from the wife/ husband as per the horoscope (karma) of the wife/ husband.

For example, if the horoscope of the wife stronger than the husband and is of the type of bringing the fortune to the husband, after marriage, the husband gets elevation in his status.  If the horoscope of that husband is stronger than that of wife, the wife gets the poverty of the husband.

This is just two out of many formulae in the astrology and karma network.

So, the financial position of the parents need not make them to delay the child birth.  After getting the child, their fortunes may increase.  And, the lord will send every child to this planet only after arranging the life long food and shelter for the child.

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The child may bring fortunes to their family. Why should they miss that?

So, do not postpone marriage or child birth because of not being financially ready.  Marry or get the child without bothering about your current financial position.

This may also bring more happiness in the family.

A couple should not delay the first child birth. They should get the child in the natural way whenever the wife gets conceived.

Artificial contraceptives are not necessary if you get the child when it is given by Krishna.

Child is the blessing of every parent. So do not stop it.

Similarly just because the marriage is delayed because of planets, do not develop hatred in marriage. If marriage opportunity comes even in your ge of 40, accept it and face it. That marriage and the horoscope of the spouse may bring cheers in your struggling family.  Of course, for some people, the marriage may be a hell in relations, but the financial growth can be achieved if the spouse has good fortune of adding wealth to the husband/ wife.

That is why the elders advised the four ashramas in which grahastha ashrama is an important ashrama.

The whole varnashrama dharma is to elevate a person from the brahmacharya life to moksha stage by stage.

It is safe to follow that though there are delays in marriage.

Hope you are clear about the impact of marriage & Child birth in life based on karma.


Author: RAJAN

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