A dedicated devotee follower of our site wanted to perform more and more penances and transfer the derived benefits to his loved ones to make them as devotees.

Though I have hinted them in other posts, as wished by him, I wanted to write a separate post on this topic of transfer of karma & spiritual power from person to person.


It is a great science. Let us learn them:

First, know the basic details:

(i) One’s material power as well as spiritual power can be transferred from one to another.

(ii) Originally, One gains his spiritual power by performing sincere penances, ie, recommended yuga dharma (Process for every yuga). Additionally, he gains from others also and keep everything in his karma account.

(iii) The gains we gain through our devotional practices can also be transferred to another person.

(iv) Krishna Bhakti can also be transferred to another person.

(v) At the same time, if a person curses anyone or many, he will lose a part of his saved spiritual energy as he has misused his spiritual power/ energy for destructive purposes due to anger. This can be seen in the case of many rishis/ munis.

Let us know how the transfer of Karma and Spiritual Power happen?

We can see many even in our day to day life.

(1) When a child takes birth, the parents transfer some of their karma to the child through blood & genes. That is why, our scriptures encourage getting more children. When the parents get more children, they share most of their karma to the children.  In this genetic process, both the good and bad karma of the parents are transferred to the children.

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(2) When a person gets the blessings of a spiritually powerful person, he gets some spiritual power from the person who blessed him. When he continuously gets his blessings, he gets more and more blessings.

(3) That is why our ancestors advised us to get the blessings from as many elders possible.

(4) IMPORTANT: You should get the blessings from Pious persons and your parents. Only such pious persons can transfer good vibrations to others. If you get the blessings of the most sinful person, that blessings will not be effective.

(5) If one likes to becomes a sanyasi, he should get the blessings of as much sanyasis possible because the purity of the blessing person gets transferred to the receiver making him also pure stage by stage.

(6) If one likes to becomes a devotee, he should get the blessings of as much devotees possible because the devotional power of the blessing person gets transferred to the receiver making him also devotional stage by stage.

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(7) If one likes to become a good person, he should get the blessings of as many good people possible because the mode of goodness (satva guna) gets transferred from one person to another.

(8) If the receiver (B) gets blessings from (A), he gets more positive karma or renouncement or spiritual power from (A).  If he does not receive formal blessings, but is just being with him or associating wth him even then, some goodness is transferred from A to B, but the percentage of transfer will be less.

(9) How this happens?  Every word from a person makes its impact on the target person. Because whenever you tell something, the customized vibrations/ waves spread out and targets the receiver. If you always pass negative vibrations, it will affect the receiver and he too will become negative.

(10) This is the reason for the children gets the similar guna like their parents in their young age. However, if they go out and stay somewhere and associates with another group of persons, they can expect the change of nature. So, your karma is moderated by your association and the blessings you receive.


(11) When a Pious person A touches B “in the mood of blessing him”, part of the good karma or spiritual power of A is transferred to B.

(12) When a Pious devotee A touches B with a small stick “in the mood of blessing him”, part of the good karma or spiritual power of A is transferred to B. This is how, the gurus transfer their spiritual power to the disciples when they receive diksha.


(13) Even when the giver (A) thinks of giving his blessings or power to (B) who is in front of him or in remote areas, (A) transfers some spiritual power to (B) though the receiver is thoudsands of miles away. Mind Power is that much powerful.

(14) This is how, our site is spreading the spiritual power from its promoter to hundreds of receivers.  The site promoter uses his spiritual power gained from God thru sadhanas and surrender to produce divine posts. The reader should read them following a certain rules meant for the receivers. If they receive the knowledge as per the receiving rules, he gains spiritual power from the promoter.

(15) What are those rules for the receivers? A receiver of knowledge should suitably do any service to the giver. If he receives a knowledge without doing any service to the giver, that knowledge will not help him in need and he will face many hurdles and barriers in his elevation. Those who do not satisfy the brahmanas and vaishnavas can not get their karma reduced and can not get liberation. So, a receiver of knowledge or disciple should take care of the life of the giver or guru.

(16) In vedic traditions, the disciples would beg from house to house and hand over the collected food and things to the guru. The guru would then take the food collected from the people by his disciples. The disciples would also clean the mutt, surrounding garden, wash the clothes of guru, pressing the feet of guru, etc… Thus, the disciples did many services to the guru and then learnt the knowledge. In addition to that, they gave many dakshina to the guru.  The point is that, the guru lives with the support of his disciples only. By doing the service to their guru, the disciples receive knowledge from him that transfers spiritual power from that guru to the disciples. With that power, the disciples also faced faster spiritual advancement.

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(17) Now a days, the people do not realize these facts and learn free of cost from many sources. I have always advised in our posts to read Srila Prabhupada’s writings by buying his books, not freely. Because the revenue from the book sales is used to serve Krishna in many ways.  If we read the books of Prabhupada free, we block the revenue to his organization. So, they can not spend sufficiently for devotional services. We can read some excerpts freely. Bt, it is not good to read the whole books freely just because someone has posted unofficially in the internet. Some times, even the official versions are given free with an option of voluntary donation. In such cases, we should donate those official media if we read S.P’s books through them. If we do not buy or donate, that means, we are indebted to the author that gives rebirth to clear that debt. You should not expect your guru to ask. You yourself should understand his needs and also support those who help you in devotion including your guru.

(18) If you take our sites, a few devotees who follow the preaching, regularly support these services by giving money and/or their time. I am keeping them in my daily prayers. I have plenty of messages from those supporters that they have been witnessing faster growth in their devotional status after they started to participate in this service. These supports make the sites successful and hence its promoter gets satisfied and he also prays to Krishna for them. Since they too are taking part in maintaining this service, naturally they share the blessings received by the promoter. These spiritual vibrations from the promoter and Krishna will reduce the negatives of the donor and hence the supporters grows fast in their devotional status.  This is the basis of karma or spiritual power transfer through donation or services.

(19) If anyone likes to give some part of his spiritual power to anyone, he should bless the supporters/ servants sincerely from heart and he should accept some biksha (donation) from the receiver and thank him for donation. This will benefit the donor as if he has associated with the receiver through money pr service.

(20) In brief, one should always follow the approach of GIVE AND TAKE to avoid negative karma or indebtedness to anyone. If you receive something from a powerful person, do some services back to him or give some possible compensation. This will ensure that you receive the blessings and spiritual power from the person to whom you gave your support. You are not giving free. He has helped you; In turn, you have helped him.

(21) If a devotee does not feel and recognize the good works of other devotees and if he uses the services of a guru or devotee without giving biksha/ compensation, he can not grow in devotion as it is the symptom of clever and cunning nature and he will get rebirth to attain sufficient maturity.

(22) In some cases, good karma/ Punya/ Penance strength can be transferred to another just by sight. For example, Gandhari transferred her saved spiritual energy to Duryodhana just by seeing his body making his body strong.  There are instances in which pure women even burnt a whole city through sight.

These are the techniques and science behind the transfer of karma & spiritual power from person to person.

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In your case, you are supporting our sites since the beginning regularly. Every month, I am sending my blessings to the supporters. They are not just formal words. I write those two lines from my heart while praying for you to Krishna. So, when I write that I bless you, that means, you receive some good karma and spiritual power from me. This is the process.

So, you gain/ share the spiritual power for being the pillars of this service. Then, you associate with your loved ones and bless him/her. Now, the spiritual power and good karma you gained from me will get transferred to that loved one whom you bless.

So, if you like to make your loved one more spiritual, you gain as much positive vibrations and spiritual power from whom you learn about Krishna and practice.  Then, bless her wholeheartedly to come up in devotion. Additionally, you can take her to the temples to get more sathsangha. Since you have written that it may not be possible, atleast you bless her regularly and you transfer your spiritual power gained from us. If you have any issues in this, make her directly associate with me through our sites. She will automatically change as a devotee.

I am not exaggerating: I have uncountable number of messages and mails from the devotees who certify that they got introduced to K.C through our site/ FB page and they are in touch with Krishna through our online service every day.

This is the power of Sathsangha. So, continue to be a part of this service and make yourself more spiritual.

Hope you are clear about transfer of karma & spiritual power from person to person.

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Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.

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