Daughter or Son – who is responsible to protect the parents to avoid karma?

Daughter or Son – who is responsible to protect the parents to avoid karma?

Nitika asked like this:

“Are parents responsibility of the daughter or it is her in-laws only?
what shastra says about the house of girl after marrying even practically her parents house becomes her secondary home and only attachment remains. if both in-laws and parents are sick what should she do ?”


This issue of “about who is responsible to protect the parents” comes many families in India.

Because of the failure of the daughter in law, the deserted parents become the responsibility of the daughter.


Actually, the daughter in laws come to the family as the new member and the daughters go out of the family to accept a new family.

So, the daughter in laws are more responsible to keep the parents of their husbands.

If the parents have no son, then, the daughters are responsible to protect her parents.

In case the daughter in law refuses to protect the parents of her husband (father in law and mther in law), the daughter can file a case and make her to keep the parents (or) to get sizable monthly compensation to the daughter as the cost of the maintenance of the parents.

As per the Indian law, the parents can file case against their son(s) and daughter in laws if they fail to keep them.

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The law also says that the daughters too are responsible to keep her parents.

However, practically, the daughters are sought only if the daughter in laws do not cooperate or there is no son for the parents.

In unavoidable cases, the daughters can get the consent of her husband and keep her parents atleast in the next or nearby house if keeping in the same house is not possible.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

It will give a big relief for the sons or daughters if they keep their parents with them happily till they are alive.


And, they can escape from the karma of not protecting the parents.

Do you know, I sacrificed my own personal life itself to keep my old parents with me as I had to keep them without any alternative options.  I did not analyze about who is responsible to protect the parents.

I happily sacrificed because now I am free from any guilt of not doing my duties for my parents.  I punished myself. That’s all and I can accept any failure if it will do good to my parents.

Only because of my such mentality, Krishna strongly embraced me and is personally protecting me now.  Though I have no one to help me now, Krishna is arranging everything for me without allowing me to suffer.

There is a fact.  If we sacrifice our life for a genuine cause, we will be personally protected by the God.  If we live only for ourselves, we alone have to arrange our needs.

When my business was affected because of concentrating in this online service, I had to decide between my business and this service.

I chose this service and stopped my earning business.

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Still Krishna is protecting me through His devotees who made this service a success!

When I deserted my business for this service, Krishna took my personal life also.

He never fails to recognize a devotee who sacrifice his own comforts for serving Him.

This applies in material life also.  If you sacrifice your own comforts for the welfare of the society, your needs will be supplied by the God.

Though you are unable to sacrifice for the society, atleast sacrifice for your parents and siblings.

If you are in good standing, help others.

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It will not go waste.

Let us not be selfish.  Let us have broad mind.

Social service is not against Krishna Consciousness, but only one condition:  YOU SHOULD NOT DO FOR PRIDE OR IMAGE. INSTEAD, YOU SHOULD DO WITHOUT ATTACHMENT TO ANY BENEFITS INCLUDING FAME.

So, happily keep your parents taking it as an opportunity to serve them.  Do nt analyse about who is responsible to protect the parents.

If your sister in law refuses for that, let her add karma.

You get the blessings of the parents that spreads positive vibrations around you.

If you are duty bound, Krishna too will be happy.

Hope you are now clear about who is responsible to protect the parents.

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Author: RAJAN

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