Do Horoscope and Karma decide our devotion in this birth?

Do Horoscope and Karma decide our devotion in this birth?

A female devotee who requested anonymity asked like this:

“Hare krishna prabhuji ,  i keep reading the updates of the devotees which they question u n get the amazing conclusion from u…

Prabhuji dandvat pranam to you, even i have one life related doubts within me related to krsna conciousness, prabhuji in m kundali its like wat all the kundali readers say that devotional life is not written in her life, like maybe watever i try to do in life in devotional life it may be all fake prabhuji according to the viewers, but prabhuji frm my point of view its my efforts for worshipping shree krishna may be i must not be doing it frm within or it may not be coming it frm within/heart may be only through mouth but everyone say na ki their should not be any doublicity.    frm d core of my heart would be able to do bhajan which wil generate that taste to me in my life…as wen i see devotees doing bhajan n feel the taste they must be getting it n on the other hand i m not getting the taste i try to chant but i dont cums frm wat should i do to get that origanality n taste in my life??  pls give me some solution ki vo origanality kab aur kaise develop hoge mere bhajan marg me.??.may be tat worshipping must not be in my bhagya but seeing someone worshipping i also wanted to have n be d same..but how dont know?”

Pls donot disclose my name ..harekrishna. “


Actually, you are originally a good and sincere devotee.  But, as that astrologer has given unnecessary comments, your confidence level has come down.

Actually,  a good astrologer will not give such predictions. He will encourage the person to take efforts to take devotion seriously. Because, Krishna Bakthi will come to a person at any state at any time.  It can not be predicted exactly.

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See, a horoscope can indicate that one has taken birth to enjoy the material life to what extent and whether he can get interest in the spirituality. We can also say that which deity will be helpful for him in this life.

This is just an indication. But, devotion to Krishna can come though it has not been destined, but if the person meets a good devotee and get his association.

I have already written in my posts that Krishna has given some freedom (Free will) for us to choose our future way of life.  We can either involve in material pleasures and hence take births again and again;  Or, we can take up Krishna Consciousness and stop our Birth-Death cycle with this birth and go back .

This is the freedom given to us by krishna mercifully.  Many people misuse this freedom and involve in sense gratifications more and more.  So, they are still deeply bound in to the karma network and hence they take 84,00,000 types of births again and again.   They are in fact pitiful jeevans.  Krishna really feels for them on seeing their misusing the freedom.

Some fortunate people use this freedom to prepare themselves to go back to Krishna Himself.   Krishna too gives all the facilities for him by showing a good acharya/ guru,  satsangha, books, etc.  So, they practice Krishna bakthi.  They take sincere and consistent efforts to come up in devotion.  If they fail in their efforts, Krishna gives them another chance by giving them birth in a very comfortable family and hence he will come back to Him from that birth.    They are readily accepted by Krishna.

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So,  even a small effort in devotion will not go waste.

In your case, just don’t worry about the predictions of that Pandit.  He does not know how to understand the horoscopes.  Many so called vedic people fail to know that Krishna Consciousness is open to all the people, even for  ‘chandalas’.   All you need is, desire and efforts.

You are blessed with Krishna Consciousness.  So, you are already fortunate.  Just go ahead and take efforts.

If you  are always scolding a person that he can never come up in life, he will really go waste.  Actually, he might be a talented person.  But, these negative vibrations make him a fool.  So, we should not give ears for negative comments about our activities if we believe that we are going on right track.


As you have been trying from a negative mindset and from negative atmosphere, you find it difficult to develop taste in Kirtans.  If you believe that you can advance well in devotion as I said here, this positive mindset will take you to the advanced level in devotion.

In addition to that, you need good satsangha.  So, take more sathsangha (Association of devotees from your nearby temple) as much as possible.

As said to others, continue chanting, Food offering to Krishna and reading Srila Prabhupada books.  These combined efforts will give you a real taste in Kirtans and thereby Krishna Consciousness.

All the best.

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