Why even Krishna’s devotees face tortures from spouse?

Why even Krishna’s devotees face tortures from spouse?

A girl devotee asked like this (I have hidden her name):

Hare krishna prabhu ji plz give ur valuable solution to this problem. I have a friend.she is devotee.. She is married since 10 years ago.bt she is not happy wid her married life her husband used to drink smoke n having affairs too.n he is beating her also . She is very nice person bt still she is suffering from all these things y this happening wid her n y that man not getting any punishment from god.  Plz reply need ur suggestion.


If a devotee marries a non devotee or immatured devotee, such things happen.

If I speak about karma rules for this issue, we can understand why such things happen.  Most of us do not care about adding karma and then facing its reactions.

Karma explanation is the sole intellectual property of sanathan dharma that belongs to India.  No other paths have such wonderful concepts like we have.

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If we ask why I am suffering, to a person belonging to any other country, they can simply say GOD WILL CURE, PLEASE PRAY TO HIM.

But, the root cause of the problems is explained by sanathan dharma alone.  Why?  By knowing the causes for cancer, we can try to prevent cancer.  Only because vaccine for Polio was created by scientists, we were able to eradicate polio from spreading in many countries.

So, everyone will agree that prevention is better than cure.

Same applies for knowledge about karma.  Whatever we do in every birth is recorded and carried along with the athma/ soul when it accepts another body.  If we kill a person, it is a sin.  Only the soldiers are allowed to kill the fighting soldier ONLY IN WAR FIELD because kshatriya dharma says that we should protect the country from enemies at any cost even by killing the enemies in war.  If the same soldier kills him outside the war for personal reasons, he adds karma.

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So, if we kill a person for personal reasons, it is recorded and carried to our next body.  When we take birth, we are fixed to face UNNATURAL DEATH in YOUNG AGE.  We take birth with that karma.  So, when we grow, we will be killed by someone and the situation will come for that voluntarily.  We can not prevent being killed.

Similarly,  your friend would have taken birth as a boy in her previous birth and would have tortured his wife by beating.  He would have drunk and behaved violently.  So, his wife would have cried unable to bear his tortures.

So, he would have taken birth as a girl in this birth who is your friend.  So, she is facing tortures from husband to repay the tortures she gave to the wife when she was a man in her past birth.

What to do?

If she realizes that this is due to her past karma, she must face the same patiently.  If she sincerely chants Krishna’s Names, worship Krishna sincerely and live just like an instrument/ machine without any attachments with material affairs, the severity of her karma will come down and she may get relief earlier than fixed time of tortures.

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If she has been fixed to face tortures for 15 years, by this process, she can either reduce the tenure of torture to a few years, or, she can get enormous strength to face her karma and to convert these tortures as opportunities to grow in life.

Only because I faced the tortures from money lenders, I became a responsible person who is very careful in money matters and I am trying to avoid doing sinful acts to my level best in this birth and I am also living like a tool in the hands of Krishna.  I realize that I might have lived a lavish life wasting money in my previous birth that has made me to suffer in this birth with loans.  With sustained efforts keeping Krishna with me, I could get relief from these effects of karma earlier than normal.

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Had I not faced the tortures, I might have become a highly materialistic guy and might have committed many offences.

So, I made the tortures as my strengths.  So, I can live as a very responsible citizen fearing to commit offences in life.

Let your friend too follow this.  Let her improve her inner strength and develop her children responsibly and get relief through her children. Let her develop her children as devotees.  Let her also involve her husband in devotion and pray to Krishna to reform him.  On seeing these happenings, her husband may change his activities and get reformed gradually.

Krishna is like sun. Karmic reactions are like water drops. Water drops can not exist for long under the light of powerful sun.

Nothing is impossible in this world.  We need sustained efforts.  Thats all.

All the best.


Author: RAJAN

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