How to get rid of the negative effects of Black magic done to me and our family in the past?

How to get rid of the negative effects of Black magic done to me and our family in the past?

Actual Question from a woman devotee:

Went through your post on how black magic and negative entities affects one’s life.  I have faced black magic for quite many years, and has affected my and my family’s life. I now want to surrender to lord Krishna but need some guidance and guru. How do I clear the negative karma created?


Except the sincere Krishna devotees, all others may be made affected by black magic.

Only when we follow the devotion from the platform of satva guna, we can keep the effects of black magic away.

There are three types of devotional practices:

(1) Devotion from the Platform of Satva Guna (mode of goodness):

All the devotees of Krishna and the Vishnu tatvas like Vishnu, Narayana are considered to follow the devotion in a harmless manner. If you note the devotional practices of Krishna devotees, they will follow in a satvic manner without harming any living beings.

(2) Devotion from the Platform of Rajo Guna (mode of passion):

This can be seen among the devotees of some demigods.  These devotees will penetrate an arrow inside their jaws; Or, they walk on the fire.  Or, they beat themselves to drive the ghost away.  Or, they will start to give forecasts in the dancing posture saying that God has entered into his / her body.

In Tamilnadu, in many village temples, hundreds of lambs are killed in front of the deities and they prepare briyani food and distribute to the visiting devotees. The temple priest drinks the blood coming out of the lambs.

Such a kind of devotion that hurts themselves and other living beings is the outcome of Rajo Guna.

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(3) Devotion from the Platform of Thamo Guna (mode of ignorance):

In the villages, the people worship even the girls died prematurely. They build temples for humans. In a small town of Tamilnadu, a son has build a temple for his mother.  In the same state, a few years back, the fans built temples for two living Tamil cine actresses. One among them is a glamour actress who disturbed the sleep of so many males a few years back by liberally exposing her body.

Such types of devotional practices that are shown on conditioned humans is the outcome of thamo guna.

Out of these three kinds of devotees, those who are acting from rajo and thamo gunas will still be subjected to the effects of black magic.


Because, they will be mostly emotional and hence show the ignorance in their activities. Their knowledge and intelligence will be insufficient.

The black magic will easily act on emotional and ignorant people.

This is the reason why the black magic affects the devotees of demigods only.

Why can’t black magic affect the satva guna devotees?

Because those devotees will be worshiping Krishna or His forms Vishnu or Narayana.

The most important symptom of satva guna devotees is that they will be blessed with required intelligence by Krishna. They will be in a surrendered state to Krishna. Since Krishna is the master of senses, master of all the demigods and above all, the Supreme personality of Godhead, no ghost attack through black magic is possible on Vaishnavas.

In a few cases, they may feel the effects of black magic though they are the devotees of Krishna.  They would not have totally surrendered to Krishna and will be worshiping all the gods and praying for material needs from them.  Such devotees may not be fully protected since he is not fully surrendered to Krishna.

To get the full protection of Krishna, depend only on Krishna. Don’t ask anything from demigods.

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Now, let us see what PURIFICATION STEPS you can do to come out of the effects of the black magic done in the past:

If your computer is affected by virus, malware, etc, it should be first cleaned by antivirus or anti malware programs.  Similarly, if you have been affected by black magic, stronger programs are needed to drive the ghost effects away. The following will definitely help in this purification:

(1) First and foremost thing is that you should bring down material attachments and you should start to live with a detached mindset.  Just perform your duties without attachments to results.

(2) Secondly, start chanting Hare Krishna Maha Manthra sincerely with taste.  Hari Nam is very powerful in clearing our impurities.

(3) Stop eating karmic food without offering to Krishna.  If you eat karmic food, the karma addition impurifies you.  This will open the doors for ill elements. Therefore, Start to honour only the prasadam. Since prasadam purifies us from karma, negative elements can’t attack you.

(4) Wear tilak on your body that will drive the vibrations of ghosts away.

(5) Wear a tulasi mala (Kanthi mala) around your neck.  This too will protect you from black magic effects.

(6) If possible, get the brahmana diksha from a bonafide guru and then chant Gayathri manthra.  This will never allow the ghost attacks away.

If you do atleast three of the above six recommendations, you can come out of the impurity of the vibrations/ waves due to ghosts through black magic.

Hope this helps.

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