Rahu-Ketu Dosha (Naga Dosha) – Causes for sufferings and Getting Relief!

Rahu-Ketu Dosha (Naga Dosha) – Causes for sufferings and Getting Relief!

Nitesh asked like this:

Prabhuji, why does one suffer 18 years of rahu dosh ? Why is it written in the horoscope ? Can one avoid the negative impact of it on himself and family? Is the person destined to get a negative life? And negative karma due to that?

Is black magic, spirit possession, negativities, curses a part of rahu dosh?

How can one be relieved of it in this life?


Every Dosha is the reflection of some excessive or violative acts we have done in our previous births to be noted and taken care one in his life. If one knows the types of doshas in his horoscope, he can know what sins he has done in the previous births and thus, can rectify them in this birth and get relief from such doshas in future.  Seeing horoscope has this great benefit with which we can reform ourselves finding our past mistakes.

Rahu and Ketu are not the planets made up of rocks and soil like other planets.

They are SHADOW PLANETS, ie, they are shades that hide brightness for a certain period.

They HIDE the fortunes given by other plansts in our horoscope for a certain period.


They do not allow the goodness to come to a person given by other planets in that particular things(karakathva)  controlled by the houses where they are situated in our horoscope.

For example, in our horoscope, Jupiter may be ready to give marriage to us by being in a good position.

But, if Rahu or Ketu is situated in marriage related houses of horoscope with more power than Jupiter (Eg: Rahu or Ketu in 1,2,7 and 8), they do not allow Jupiter’s boons to be enjoyed by that person instantly. Instead, they make the person to suffer for a certain years and then give marriage.

But, if Jupiter is situated more powerful than Rahu-Ketu, then, the persons may start their married life in right time, but, with some issues in life till a certain period.

This certain blocking period may vary from person to person depending on the house where Kahu and Ketu are situated.

In most of the cases, Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) blocks the fortunes of a person till the first half of his life time.


So, it is advisable for the persons with Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) to marry after the age of 30 for males and 27 for females. They will not face severe issues if they marry after that age. If the dosha is severe, the astrologer should recommend to marry after 33 and 29 for males and females respectively.

Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) expects the person to face some disrepute in status. If that person accepts it, they will not disturb him.

For example, if a person with Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) marries from another caste that is lower in status as per the social structure, he may face some disrepute in the family and among relatives.  This itself acts as a Parihar for that person and Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) will not affect him.

If a person with Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) parts his spouse for job for one or two or a few days every month, or if one of the spouse works away from home that too acts as a Parihar.

(Shani (Satturn) Dosha in Second or Seventh House of Horsoscope – Effects in the Marriage and Remedies! READ HERE!)

So, the purpose of Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) is to make a person to sacrifice something for a certain period. This sacrifice may be accepting some disrepute, or delaying the pleasures of marriage till a certain age as mentioned above or to part the spouse now and then  for a few days or for long period for work in out stations.

Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) affects the person for a certain period depending on the house where they are situated.

If they are situated in the 4th house, they create issues in properties and mother.

If they are situated in the 5th house, they create issues in child birth or children’s life.

If they are situated in the houses 1,2,7 and 8, they either delay the marriage or create issues in already finished marriage. If there is no support of Jupiter’s sight for ascendant or the house where Rahu-Ketu are situated, the marriage even ends in separation.

However, if the Rahu and Ketu are very weak in that horoscope, they are not capable of affecting the life of that person. A good astrologer will calculate the strengths.

So, whenever a person gives his/ her horoscope to me, I analyze the strength and relief for Rahu and Ketu in that horoscope and then predict them. A good astrologer will not predict some negatives or positives just because of the position of Rahu and Ketu in a house. He will analyze the strength of every planet in that horoscope. This takes some time and I usually take about 3 hours to prepare the report for a horoscope considering the strengths of planets and reliefs found in the horoscope itself. So, I see just one or two horoscopes on any day. Those who see 50 or 100 horoscopes a day can not do this deeply that makes the persons suffer in life because of such incomplete predictions.



Rahu and Ketu, like Saturn, reflect our karma in our past birth.

In case we had blocked the fortunes of any person in marriage in our previous birth, we get Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) in the house related to marriage.

In case he had blocked the fortune of any person in properties in our previous birth, we get Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) in the house related to properties.

In many cases, even the sins of our parents in their previous births affect us in this birth in the form of Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha).

Black magic and spirit possession is not due to Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha). They come to us if we are impure, non vegetarian and weak in nerves, ie, being very emotional in nature. So, Mercury and Moon planets play more role in getting affected by black magic.

However, Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) comes because of curse we received because of blocking someone’s fortunes in our previous birth.

Intruding in the personal life of others is a serious sin because we affect the peace in their life. So, it reflects as Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) in our next birth.

No one should curse us for our faults. We should live in a responsible manner in such a way. If we are cursed for our no faults, the curse usually goes back to the person who cursed us and it will not affect us. So, if we lead a life of purity without hiding the fortunes of anyone, Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) will never come to us in our horoscope.



There are some rituals, but, only if our past sins are small, these rituals clear the dosha or atleast reduce the severity of reactions to the bearable level. If we had done serious sins, the dosha will be severe and affects us in spite of doing the rituals. However, some simple remedies can be done if the dosha is less severe as advised by a good astrologer. These remedies cost nothing and you need not spend thousands of rupees/ dollars to any astrologer who exploits the customers. Just some simple Parihars will do good. I never recommend costly Parihars because just spending more money can not solve a dosha. Even offering ghee to the lamps in your nearby Vishnu or Shiva temple with sincerity from heart, with a few drops of tears and feeling sorry for past sins, can give relief from doshas including Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha)

By doing only good acts and support to others, we can reduce the effects of Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha).

Doing our duties without attachments, but just as duties will make the dosha less active on us.

Accepting the dosha and living by facing the reactions patiently is also the pathway for future relief.

THE BEST AND ASSURED RELIEF IS THERE!  By involving in devotional practices and services to Krishna reducing or cutting our material attachments. If it is not possible for you to directly perform serious devotional practices, by supporting the devotional services of others, we can definitely reduce the severity of any dosha including Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha).


That is why, I encourage the devotees to support even our service to the Lord thru different ways because that will reduce or nullify their doshas and karma.

I have helped many confused devotees to get a clear picture of their life and to modify their way of personal as well as career life.  I tell them the reality and advise them with tips to face them with patience. Some devotees are working and earning well after I advised them how to concentrate in career and devotion simultaneously though they are not fully interested in their jobs, after analyzing their horoscopes.  They are showing their gratitude with dedication and are thanking me for my right guidance that made them to think practically.

You too can support our service using even your small money as given in THIS PAGE of our site.

So, the point is that our horoscope itself should allow Parihars (remedies). A good astrologer can calculate this from a horoscope by analyzing the strength of doshas.

I am the best example for having got remedies thru accepting my karma as it is and seriously involving in devotional services to Krishna. I feel that. That is why, I started to guide others from my heart, not just a profession alone, with devotional as well as astrological tips.

Anyone can get definitely relieved in due course of time from Shani dosha, Mangal dosha and Rahu-Ketu dosha (Naga dosha) by performing or helping the service to Krishna.

To check your horoscope and find the Doshas and Right advice for them, Please check THIS PAGE of this site. I charge only for the 3 hours of Time and Mental / Physical pains I spare for every horoscope. I do not send ready made reports by softwares for so many pages that are not customized and specialized perfectly for you. I charge for Deeper manual analysis and Preparation and typing of a report with only the tips and aspects you need to give importance and without unwanted details to show my knowledge that you can not understand.

Hope this reply has cleared your doubts.


Author: RAJAN

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