What karma gives Success & Beauty in this birth?

What karma gives Success & Beauty in this birth?

Actual Question:

Prabhuji, I have a very question if you can please provide your inputs. Why good looking/ attractive people struggle less as compared to others. I have seen from childhood , a cute kid always gets more attentions from relatives or neighbours then when he grow he gets more attention in school ..after that it has been proved by naukri survey that good looking people gets more salaries and gets job easily without much struggle… then after that he gets marriage proposals easily and so on … this will continue .. I want materialistic answer for the same ..what karma gives beautiful body to a soul as per our shastra??


Yes, Good karma gives Success & Beauty in this birth as explained below:

(1) If you are always thinking about pleasant things and remain happy all the time in this birth, you get a beautiful face in the next birth.

(2) If you are suffering and facing insults because of your ugly face, you will be blessed with a beautiful face next time.

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(3) If you are following the devotional way of life in this birth, you will get a beautiful face next time.

(4) If you help to build the confidence in the minds of those who are ugly or suffering much in life, you will get a beautiful face in your next birth.

(5) If you are longing for a beautiful face and not insulting those with ugly face, you will be blessed with a beautiful face in the next birth.

(6) Have you seen some people who laugh at seeing those with physical and mental handicap.  One should avoid even seeing such persons because they are the most sinful persons.  If a person laughs seeing the pains of others, he must be abandoned by all.  He is the most sinful person.  He will get an ugly face or handicap in his next birth.


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The face may deceive you.  The heart will not.

A beautiful face does not guarantee that the person is of good heart and good character.  Similarly, a normal or ugly face do not reveal that the character is bad.

You say that only the persons with beautiful face are chosen by others everywhere.

This may be true because this is kaliyuga.

In this kaliyuga, as said by Bhagavatham, even marriages will be based on sex only.

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The people in kaliyuga will not evaluate a person seeing his heart.  They will see the face only.  If he is beautiful and rich, they respect him.

Only because of these wrong choices based on the appearances,  many people suffer in life.

Only the beautiful persons receive honours in this kaliyuga.

However, these honours are not genuine.  The honours given for such beautiful persons are short lived.  If his two or three films fail, he will lose his market.  The fans will go to some other actors.


Nothing to worry.  Because, in future, you will get a person who sees your heart.  Krishna has arranged an associate for every person whether he/ she is beautiful or not.

Take the visually challenged persons.  There are many girls with kind hearts even with good vision to marry those visually challenged persons.

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Those visually challenged persons are given good children who always accompany the father or mother when they go out for selling some goods.  Lord gives such an understanding and caring wife and children for even visually challenged persons.

There are many types of people in this mixed society.  Majority see the beauty alone.  However, there are many persons who do not care about outer beauty, but, see the heart alone.

Everyone will get their share of opportunities in their life time.  It may be more or less based on his generosity in his previous birth.

For example, today’s rich persons should have helped many people with money in spite of their own money shortage.  Hence they have been given a rich life with all the comforts.

Thus, though the opportunities are given considering the outlook, it also depends on their karma.  If a person gives more opportunities to others in his previous birth, he is given  more opportunities in his present birth.  As an additional gift, he might have got a beautiful face also.  This beauty will give them opportunities since he had given many opportunities to others in his past birth.

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Not just beauty based discrepancies.  Even the gender of a person plays role.  If a boy and girl with the same qualification and skills attend an interview, the preference may go to the girl.  In fact, in this kaliyuga, taking birth as females is seen as fortune because they receive more respects from the society now.

However, you need not worry seeing these trends.  You are controlled by your karma.  If you had helped many people in your previous birth, you will get many opportunities in this birth and also a compliment, you may be given a beautiful face also.  This is the fact.

This body and beauty are short lived and the external beauty will become old and diseased one day.  But, if your heart is clean and blissful, you will be honoured even in your old age.


Lead the life with full faith on Lord.  He will take care of all your needs as assured by Himself in Bhagavad Gita.

All the best.

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