Karma & Fate : How Krishna writes Our Karma (Fate) in every birth?

Karma & Fate : How Krishna writes Our Karma (Fate) in every birth?


A devotee asked:

“I have one question in my mind what is the difference between kismat and karma ?? We take rebirth according to our past karma and we live to face the reactions of our past karma the deeds we have done in our previous birth according to which we get or lose something in this life then why do people blame their kismat ??”


Kismat in Hindi/ Urdu means Fate in English.   Fate and karma are almost the same. 

Fate is like a text book.  Karma is like the chapters in it.

A purse is fate;  The currency notes in it, is karma.

Therefore, the total collections of all our karmic reactions is called fate.

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For example:

If a boy had cheated many in his past life, he has to be cheated by many in this birth.  This is one of the karmic reaction for him.

If the same boy had built a well for the benefit of the villagers,  in his next birth, he will be helped by many.  This is his another karmic reaction for him.

Similarly, he will have so many karmic reactions to be faced in this birth.

The collection of all these karmic reactions are generalized and called his FATE.

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From a girl devotee (Name hidden):

“can you please answer my question as soon as possible beacause i am in depresstion stage .. i just wanted to know one thing that is it true that for every person krishna has already made thier plan for rest of the life. i mean,  krishna already wrote my whole life what will happen with me in future??? so that i can make my life better and be clear on life and be ready for future failure and success, further sadness and happiness.”

There is no doubt in it.  Our Karma (Fate), in other words, destiny, has already been written even before we took birth.

Whatever we think and do in this birth is recorded in our mind that is the part of our sukshma body (Invisible Subtle body situated within this gross body) by the Karma Network, a justice department of Krishna. This subtle body leaves along with the athma when the athma leaves our body at the time of the death of body.

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Based on these recordings, the athma, along with the subtle body, accepts another body to fulfil the unfulfilled desires and to face the reactions for the karma recorded in this birth.

This is how, the karma network functions and these bundle of karmic reactions is called fate.

A corporate company’s chairman do not directly take part in the functions of his company.  He employs many managers, employees to manage the company.  He will be happily living in his large residence.  Only when there are needs to get his suggestion and advice, the employees seek his support.

Similarly, Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead and He is the creator of entire creations.  However, He is sat cit anandha and He is residing in His kingdom Goloka Vrindavana.  He has employed many demigods to take care of the affairs of the creations.

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For example, yama is in charge of separating athma from the bodies and giving judgement for their good and bad deeds.  Varuna deva is in charge of maintaining rainfall.  Vayudeva is in charge of the maintenance of air.  Agnideva is in charge of fire.

In everyone’s life, nine planets have been entrusted to be the implementing employees of everyone’s karma (Fate).  The planet Saturn takes care of life time.  Mercury takes care of education and vidhya.  Jupiter takes care of children;  Moon takes care of mother and nerves/ mind; Sun takes care of father and Government paid jobs.

Thus, so many departments and employees for Krishna.  They can not be bribed and they are performing their duties perfectly.

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However, when we pray to these demigods for relief, they get the approval of Krishna and give us some reliefs.  The reliefs given by the demigods are not permanent reliefs.  They just suspend the pains till your next birth.  The same pain will continue in your next birth though you get relief in this birth.

Instead of praying these demigods for temporary suspension from miseries, it is always good to surrender to the creator and master Krishna Himself.

Krishna does not just give temporary suspensions from pains.  He gives both temporary and permanent relief depending on the nature of sin.  If He feels that we have to face our karma at any cost because of its seriousness, He gives us sufficient strength to face and come out of those sufferings.  In case, the suffering is eligible for excuse, Krishna totally relieves us from that karma.

To get this safe protection from Krishna, we should follow our Yuga Dharma recommended by the scriptures.


For this kaliyuga, the recommended dharma is chanting the holy names of Krishna as much as possible. Chanting with sincerity and taste, and mentally deserting all our attachments with the material affairs, will help you to get a permanent relief from your miseries.  Krishna plans in His own way how to relieve you from all your past karma.  He allows a part of karmic reactions to be faced by you very fast in this birth itself and He clears some part of reactions, thereby making you pure and eligible to enter into His kingdom.

Therefore, just entrust yourself to Krishna.  If Krishna gives any miseries, it will be for your purification only.  Bear that happily.

Chant sincerely and develop detachment in materialistic way of life.  One day, you will be qualified to enter into Krishna’s kingdom.

Hope you are now clear about how Krishna writes Our Karma (Fate) in every birth.

All the best.


Author: RAJAN

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