How to be happy in spite of serious problems?

How to be happy in spite of serious problems?

Actual Question:

Hi, Jai Shri Krishna to all, nowadays I am going through the hell, lots of pain, guilt, regret. Don’t know what should I do, it seems like everything is finished, I believe in Lord Krishna, he can do anything, I am searching for happiness, I dnt wanna live, don’t know what to do.. plz help me,, okzzz.


The problem for most of the people is that THEY ARE SEARCHING THE HAPPINESS FROM OUTSIDE.

This is impossible.

Happiness does not exist outside.


You have to just explore it.


Outside means, you are depending on others and external factors for happiness.

It will never going to happen.


If you trust a person today and finds happiness from him/ her, he/ she may betray you in future causing serious miseries to you.

If you feel so excited today with the comforts of a costly car, it may give pains when you happen to face an accident.

Today, you may feel proud for owning enormous wealth. Many rich people have lost everything and suffered in the world.  Wealth is not a stable factor and it will never stay in one place.

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A boy may find a girl so attractive, marry her and leave his parents to suffer alone. When she starts to torture him due to the advancement of age and diseases, he will look for his parents to console him.  By that time his parents would have died.

While loving, the entire world may seem beautiful.  When there is separation, the same world becomes a hell.

One may feel satisfied by torturing others in his young age, but, when he becomes bed-ridden in his old age, he calls the same people to help him.

Thus, Happiness is not possible in the outside world.

What does INSIDE mean?

It is seeing the soul and supersoul. That means, Athma and Paramathma.  That again means, You and Lord.

You are the Athma; Lord is the Paramathma.

Body has sufferings; Athma does not have.

Therefore, until this body with the senses and mind exists, there will be pains.

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Again, only until we consider that this body is WE, we will face the pains.


This may be easy to say. Of course, it is not easy to remain a spectator of our pains.

However, it is possible.

If you suffer with the diseases, the suffering is for our body.  Not for us since we are athma.  Take those sufferings as unavoidable and pray to the Lord to stop taking the bodies again.

Take these pains as teachers for you to educate you the real trend of this material life.

Only when you are always thinking of your pains, it will be felt more.

Just take the medicines prescribed by the doctor and reduce the pains.  This is the temporary remedy.  At the same time, take steps for the permanent remedy by praying to the Lord to mercifully call you back to Him and not to give any body again.

If you face cheatings, disappointments, losses, etc, it is for your bodily relations only.  You (soul) can never feel the sufferings.

Take those cheatings and disappointments as the parts of this material life.  No one can escape from them.

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If you face the suffering, you are getting cleansed from your negative karma.

That is why, the saints consider the pains as the mercy of Lord.

More pains, more cleansing.

Faster cleansing from karma  – early return to the Lord’s kingdom.

Let anything happen. Face them. Do not care them and divert your attention in any other productive activities.

Today, a problem may seem big.  The same problem may become very silly in future.

This is the great effect of TIME.

The time makes every serious thing normal in due course of time.

Therefore, do not show your emotions immediately seeing the pains and miseries.

Wait as a spectator just taking possible steps for remedy.

In due course of time, the same big pains will become small.

This is how the entire population is living with pains and pleasures alternatively.

Hope you are alright now.


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