NADI DOSHA – Scientific Reasons! Same NADI Marriage Possible! Read Here!

NADI DOSHA – Scientific Reasons! Same NADI Marriage Possible! Is Nadi Dosha true? Does Nadi Dosha affect child birth? Nadi Dosha Remedies! Read everything Here!

Question in detail from a devotee:

Hare Krishna Anna.. thanks for this wonderful help by this you are helping a lot of people to deal with their problems.. please hide my name Anna.. I want to ask you a question which happened with me recently.. while matching​ horoscope, does having a same Nadi is problematic?? is it not advisable to marry a guy with same Nadi.. like my parents saw a profile, we liked the profile the guys said a yes then suddenly they said a No coz we had same Nadi.. I mean none of us Belong to brahmin community, still it affects in having kids if we belong to the same Nadi? Is there actually a reason behind that???


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First, let me explain what NADI is.

There are fearful opinions about Nadi dosha! NADI is a factor in horoscope matching to check whether both the boy and girl are compatible in leading their marriage life.  Many astrologers claim that there may be some small issues among them for various reasons including interest in personal close interactions and there may be issues in child birth.

Is it true?  Not so in majority of cases! Read further:



While matching the horoscopes for marriage, primarily, 36 matching points are checked (BUT, 10 IS ENOUGH).  What are they?

They are:

Varna (Work Compatibility-1 point),
Vasya (Dominance Compatibility-2 points),
Tara (Fate/ longevity Compatibility-3 points),
Yoni (Sexual & Mental Compatibility – 4 points),
Graha Maitri (Family life Compatibility – 5 points),
Gana (Nature/Guna Compatibility – 6 points),
Bhakoota (Love between couples Compatibility- 7 points) and
NADI (Health Compatibility – 8 points).

These 36 have been subdivided into eight sets  as shown above that is called ASHTA.  Among these eight sets, NADI is an important factor set.

Among 36 matching points, Nadi has eight points to consider.

When the NADI of both the male and female are the same, this condition is called NADI DOSHA.

This is FEARED to affect child birth or giving weaker children. Is it true for all?  Not so. I will explain. Read further.

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(1) Adi Nadi Dosha,   (2) Madhya Nadi Dosha (Middle) and  (3) Anthya Nadi Dosha (Terminal).


There are two Scientific reasons that are called Nadi dosha in astrology:


Our body contains three types of gas :  KAPHA, VAATHA, and PITHA.

The first Nadi (ADI) denotes KAPHA  gas. The persons who have the domination of ADI Nadi will have the domintion of KAPHA Gas.

The Middle Nadi (MADHYA) denotes VAATHA  gas. The persons who have the domination of MADHYA Nadi will have the domintion of VAATHA Gas.

The Terminal Nadi (ANTHYA) denotes PITHA  gas. The persons who have the domination of ANTHYA Nadi will have the domintion of PITHA Gas.

Therefore, when the persons of same NADI marry, both of them will have the domination of the SAME GAS, either Kapha, Vaatha or Pitha.  This is feared to cause the progeny (children) weak.  In extreme cases, the child birth is feared to be nil.

Is it true?  Wait. Read further:


Nadi indicates Blood Groups compatibility too. If the blood groups are of similar nature, the children may be weak. If the blood group are distant for both, the children will be healthy.

Nadi being same means similar blood group.

Different Nadi means distant blood group.

This is science.



Should the persons of same Nadi avoid marriage?

No. Nadi Dosha is just a OUTLINE BASED ON THE STARS OF GIRL AND BOY.  We should see into the horoscope deeper.

But, the fact is this:  All couples will not face such issues. If their Kalathra sthaana, Putra sthaana, Jupiter and Venus are in good position, they can marry though they have Nadi dosha. A good astrologer can find the strength of 7th, 5th houses, Jupiter and Venus.

Only those whose above houses and planets weak should avoid marrying. so, about 75% of the horoscopes can marry though they have Nadi Dosha.

You can get your match checked with me from home itself for a fee. Details are in THIS PAGE of this site.

What are the remedies (Parihars) if two persons having same Nadi should marry?

(1) If the boy and girl have SAME NAKSHATRA, Nadi dosha will not impact them.

(2) Same RASHI also nullifies Nadi Dosha.

(3) If the fifth house of the horoscope of both the boy and girl are very strong, Nadi Dosha will not affect.

(4) If the LAGNA of the boy and girl are strong, this too will protect them from Nadi dosha.

(5) If Venus is strong in the horoscope of both, there will be no scarcity for love between them. However, child birth effects may be there. But, If Jupiter is also strong, they will have good child birth also.

(6) If the GURU (JUPITER) aspects the seventh house of the couples, the bond will be strong. However, child birth effects may be there.


(7) Some astrologers perform the marriage of the girl with Vishnu first as a parihar.  This is also considered as effective in nullifying the effects of Nadi dosha.  (You might be aware of a popular cinema couple who performed such parihar and then married and living happily). But, if you satisfy any of the above six points, no parihar is needed.

(8) Chanting of Krishna’s Names such as Vishnu Sahasra Nama, Hare Krishna Maha Manthra, etc regularly by both the husband and wife throughout their life, will protect the ill effects of Nadi dosha and any other dosha.

(9) The confirmed method to get rid of Nadi dosha and any dosha is to accept a Diskha Guru from a bonafide sampradhaya and chanting the Lord’s names or Hare Krishna Maha Manthra given by him.  The guru will be able to give relief from any dosha of the disciple. The painful thing is, the merciful guru suffers by accepting the dosha of disciples.  This is the greatness of being a guru because they accept the karma of disciples.

(That is why, I always write not to offend a guru because once he accepts you, he takes the responsibility of your life itself. Being a guru is not an easy thing, please understand.  See your guru with utmost respect and serve him sincerely from heart.)

Hope I have sufficiently explained the astrological and scientific aspects and remedies of NADI DOSHA.

So, most of the persons with Nadi Dosha can marry if they follow any of the above recommendations.

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Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.

37 thoughts on “NADI DOSHA – Scientific Reasons! Same NADI Marriage Possible! Read Here!”

  1. Sir, me and my bf are getting married. Our families also agreed to this but our horoscopes have only 10 matches out of 36. We love each other a lot. His date of birth is 23-10-1991 at 8:30 pm, place is agrahan, bihar. Mine is 11-12-1990 at 7:10 am., place is jalalpur bihar….. Can u please check what exactly are the issues and how these can be avoided to lead a good married life.

  2. Sir we have different nakshyatra that is ashlesha and uttarsadha but nadi score is 0/8 what can we do?

  3. Hlo sir,
    Me and my fiance got nadi dosh, 1 of the match maker is predicting death of my fiance in next 5-6 years of marriage.
    I really love him and also care about his health and well being. My parents are not in favour of this marriage now.
    Plz suggest for any remedies because I completely believe for any problem there must be some solutions.

  4. Me and my partner have the same nadi (adi nadi) but we are born under different nakshtra and same sign ,will there be any nadi dosh ?

  5. Hi,
    Me and girl to whom i am going to get married both have same nadi. Madhya nadi but both have diufferent charans, janmanakshatra and signs. So, can we get married or not? Please help.

      1. Hello Sir,
        Just for clarification. Nice and detailed explanation.
        Whatever you have explained about nullify or cancel nadi dosha..the 6 points is that true? We do not find in our Indian Panchanga(panchanga we use in Karnataka). Only first 2 points explained in normal panchanga. Other 4 not available anywhere. Is there any proof or source or details available for the last 4 points.

  6. Sir, my would be husband’s date of birth is 17th Feb 1989 and my date of birth is 7th Oct 1989 and my birth time is 01:40. Please help me. How can I remove my nadi dosha?? Is there any cancellation process of our nadi dosha?? Please help us….

  7. I want to marry someone but both nadi is are same that is aadi nadi.
    Boy details nikhil dalvi dob 04/09/91 Time 22.15
    Place Mumbai
    Girl’s detail rajshree jagdale
    Don 25th Feb 91
    Time 15.30
    Place satara

  8. Sir, both of us have antya nadi, rashi different, nakshtra also different and charan is same, plz provide the solution sir,

  9. I got a match and everyone are happy with that match but it got cancelled due to anthya nadhi Dosha . I can marry him or no ?

    1. If u had fulfilled any of the remedies mentioned in the post, u can marry him. But, you should avoid excessive material attachment in your life after marriage. Lead a devotional life.

  10. Hi guru ji,
    I’m very thankful to you, because somehow I came to know that there are some good parihar, and explained in very goodway.
    coming to point, my marriage is about to happening, in coming few weeks, so actually I came to know that my raasi /nakshtha is swathi and tula, and girls vrishabha/rohini nakshatra, so actually me and girls has same naadi(anthya) and girl has mangal dosha from moon, but I don’t have any dosha,
    actually I like her very and I want to marry her, so could help wht reminds we have to take before getting marriage.
    Thank You in advance.

  11. Sir, as I have mentioned we have completed 11 yrs , it actually 12 year, n after a period of 9 year ( n it took so long because there was not bond n attachment in d relationship)I am blessed with a loving girl, whose 3 year now, it was a complicated pregnancy though, had to deliver the baby at 6.5 months as I had very high blood pressure- pre eclampsia, I thought d child will bring happiness n love in this relationship, but it’s been worst, the child is been thru the pain because of our fights n I am feeling very sorry for her, I want to see her raised in a happy family surrounded by love, care and respect for everyonen get lot of love from her father n mother, so an astrologer had said re marrying the same person can help, as I can’t get married to a lord Vishnu now as I have been married already , so the only remedy you suggest me is to chant the Hare Krishna Maha Manthra Sir? Divine Gratitude Sir for answering my question

    1. No other Parihar will match chanting the holy names. You chant. Educate and practice your child to chant from now itself atleast 2 rounds a day and let her increase one round every year. This will protect her. Additionally, if u need a parihar, offer come ghee once or twice a week (fridays and saturdays) to the ghee/ oil lamps kept in your nearby old temple of Vishnu or Shiva that is not rich in revenue. This will definitely reduce your pains. This is the common parihar recommended by rishis for all. All the best. Do not write personal issues in comments. Write in the message of our Facebook page.

  12. Sir,
    Me and my husband have the similar Antha Nadhi, actually our kundalis were matched by my sister in law ( husbands sister) n though she knew that there was a Nadi Dosh , she didn’t mentioned to us n said it matched ( ours was an arranged marriage) we trusted her , and now I have realized there’s been a Nadi Dosh, we are been married for 11 years, but there has been no bond in our relationship, it’s been very difficult, now that we are already married ( n it’s the 1st marriage for both of us) Can we by re marrying each other again do away with the dosh? Gratitude

    1. Remarrying the same person won’t help. Just follow the remedies mentioned in the post. That will help to minimize the effects of dosha because it is 11 years since you married. Let Krishna helps you.

  13. I’m a Brahmin my would be wife is a Jaat.

    We have “naadi dosh” according to websites ALSO I’m(boy) Manglik

    Boy: DOB-04-03-1993, Time 2:55HRS, Place: New Delhi
    Girl: DOB-25-10-1988, Time 00:40HRS, Place: New Delhi

    Can we have a happy & fulfilling married life together ?
    Till we die due to old age together ?

    Please Help

  14. If the girl is mangalik and both nadi dosh adi naki will the marriage lasts bcz we r facing huge problem

  15. i too have same problem. but its love marriage and we have same naadi and kundle matching also 16 goon

    1. In such cases, they can marry if both of them have dosha. If the boy has nadi dosha and marries again, it will not affect him. If the girl has nadi dosha and she marries a divorced boy, it will also be good since she is doing some sacrifice by marrying a divorced boy. The point is that we should accept some sacrifice or compromise in selecting the spouse when we have nadi dosha or any other dosha in general. Only if we expect a perfect spouse, the dosha affects one. Hope this helps.

  16. I too have a same problem. my parents are little bit of tensed because of this as they think it would lead to death of either of the partner as we are having madhya naadi. is it true??

    1. Chant Hare Krishna maha manthra sincerely as much as possible daily. It will protect from any dosha. And, develop material detachment from material things and live just as an instrument in the hands of Krishna. No dosha will affect you.

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