Is violating the karma possible? If Yes, what is the reaction for it?

Is violating the karma possible? If Yes, what is the reaction for it?

ACTUAL QUESTION from a woman devotee:

Hare krishna prabhuji, i read in one of your counselling where a 65 year old women has given birth using artificial means. U have answered that she has violated her karma of not getting a child. I want to ask,  how can a human being becomes so powerful that he or she can change the destiny of themselves, as per her karma she can’t have child, so that’s her destiny, how she changed it? Why didn’t the child die,that way she would remain childless as per her karma. If she can have a child does that means anything written in our kundali can be changed if we do demigod’s worship?


I had written in that post:

“Karma can never be violated, but, can be postponed to the next birth.”.

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So, Violating the karma is not possible. At the same time, One can get immunity from karma if he surrenders to Krishna and detach from material attachments.

If one postpones his karma to the next birth, he will have to get punished in the next birth for the postponed karma’s reactions.

In the above case mentioned by you, that lady had the karma of NO CHILD in this birth.  If she bears that karma and remains childless in this birth, she will be blessed with a nice child in her next birth and she can get as many children as possible.

In some cases, there will be a karma of delayed child birth or getting birth after some normal treatment.

However, such treatments should be done before the nature stops the ability to conceive, i.e, before attaining menopause.

Instead of accepting her karma of no child in this birth, she has tried artificially for a child.

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If a woman attains menopause, that means, she will be unable to produce eggs.

Therefore, she has to use the egg of some other woman and the sperm of her own husband to fertilize and produce a child.

Since she does not use her own egg, it is not her child though she grows that child within her womb.

Therefore, she can’t be considered as having become a mother.  She (A) has just rented out her womb for another woman (B) who used the sperms of woman (A) husband’s sperms. She has just played with the cells and given / rented  her womb for a fertilized foetus to grow.

However, she has allowed the sperms of her husband to be united with another woman’s egg.  Therefore, this is adulteration and it is not her own child.

This game with the sperms and eggs are just a scientific play.  Had she used her own eggs and her husband’s sperms and later implanted in her own womb before she attains menopause, it can be considered as getting child through medical treatments that is allowed as per karma as there is no adulteration in this process.

First of all, she has not become a mother in her age 65.  She has given space in her womb for the cells of her husband and another woman. Hence It is adulteration.


Since she has given her womb to be used for such adulteration, she will incur the sin for violating the karma and she will be given no child in her next birth also.

In case, she had saved her egg in frozen condition in the storage centers and used it after her age 65, that too is the violation of nature’s rules because the biological age of the eggs will change though we store it in frozen condition. Fertilizing with 10 years or 12 years old eggs is a clear violation of nature because the biological age of egg is just 28 days at the most.

By violating the karma, ie, nature’s rules, she is adding new karma.  She has to face the reactions in her next birth by having no child.

Thus, any medication should be without the violation of nature’s laws.

Hope this has cleared your doubts on violating the karma.

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Some examples for the violation or postponement of karma?

(1) If you have the karma of marriage life with the quarrels, but, you see your horoscope and then decide to avoid marriage, this is the postponement of karma.  Though you do not suffer in marriage life now, you will get a struggling marriage life in your next birth. So, it is better to marry now itself and suffer in this birth itself.

(2) If you have no marriage as per karma, but, forcibly and unnaturally marry because of the inducement of senses, that marriage life will end in separation very soon.  This is the violation of karma.

Thus, though we try to violate the karma, the nature will set the rules in place again by reversing all your efforts.

We are aware that the man started to violate the nature’s rules. They used animals for pleasures. The nature gave AIDS. The man ate animals without cooking. The nature gave Covid-19 Virus.  Thus, the nature will not bear the violations beyond a limit. It will act vigorously to teach lessons for the violators.


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