There are five major causes for Pitru dosha:

(1) In case your ancestors had committed serious crimes like killing, spoiling the purity of women, cheating the women, abducting the properties of others, etc, they pass this Pitru dosha to their successor generations, ie, YOU.

(2) If a son or grandson fails to perform the rituals after the death of his parents and after every year, this too adds Pitru dosha to himself, the son or grandson.

(3) If the son or daughter tortures his/ her parents or grand parents, he/ she acquires Pitru dosha.

(4) If a son/ daughter abandons his parents, he acquires Pitru dosha.

(5) If the son/ daughter wastes the properties earned by the parents making them pained, he/ she will acquire Pitru dosha.



(1) There will be no happiness in the family.

(2) The son or daughter may remain unmarried for long time or never gets married.

(3) There may be childlessness.

(4) There will be no feeling of completeness in one’s life.(5) There may be diseases for the family members one after another.

(6) There may be unnatural deaths in the family.

(7) There may be enmity among the relatives all the time.



The fifth and ninth houses of one’s horoscopes will tell whether one has Pitru dosha or not.

This is a message I received from a devotee who found that he has Pitru dosha:

“Please keep my name confidential. I am having pitra dosha. My ancestors haunt me causing delusions and hallucinations. I hear voices and have schizophrenia, insomnia,memory loss. I also have stomach ailments like ibs,ra,fatty liver,hair itching,pyorrhea etc.. All these could be due to pitra dosha, but definitely schizophrenia is due to pitra dosha. In addition due to excessive use of psychiatric medicines, I developed akathisia. I am 35 and still unable to get married. My career is also suffering. Probably my ancestor haunting is a preta. It appears that I get relief when they get moksha or a gross body. I have consulted several ghost busters astrologers like ………………… etc..but they are unable to help me. You please suggest a remedy so that my ancestors spirits leave me.”




The remedy is called TILAK HOMA to be performed by experienced brahmanas on the banks of important holy rivers or sea such as Kashi in Utter Pradesh, Gaya in Bihar, Allahabad (Triveni Sangam) in Utter Pradesh and Rameshvaram in Tamilnadu. These Four places are very powerful in removing Pitru dosha. If you go these places through tour operators, they themselves will arrange good brahmanas to perform this tilak homa. Performing in any one place will be sufficient.  After that, you should offer food to the crows regularly and also perform rituals on every amavasya and also the annual ritual on the thithi of the death of parent or grand parent.


Or, you can donate a young cow, with some money to protect that cow to a poor Brahmana.


If you aim for moksha and go back to Krishna, all the seven past and future generations will also be automatically relieved and attain mukti, ie, SALVATION.


You should really feel for your offenses of previous births and you should resolve to be merciful towards others hereafter. Then, you should cry in front of the deities of Krishna from your heart, not for just getting remedy. Feel and assure to the Lord that you will never behave without mercy and you will treat your parents and elders with respects and honours hereafter.  Then, follow this in letter and spirit.  This is the best and immediate parihar for Pitru dosha.

The first two parihar may or may not give results that depends on the discretion of God. But, the third and fourth Parihars will DEFINITELY GIVE TOTAL RELIEF FROM PITRU AND ALL OTHER DOSHAS.


Some questions raised by the devotees on Pitru Dosha and Ancestros:

Before reading this topic, read THIS POST and also THIS POST based on which these questions were asked:

Asked By Ved Vernekar:

(1) Why future generations are simply affected (pitru dosha) bcz of mistakes of past generations?


As per our tradition, every person is indebted to the previous generations to perform the rituals after their death. He has to fulfil this debt to his ancestors. Whether the past generation was good or bad, these rituals must be done by the future generations.  Because, you or your father would have received atleast a single benefit through your ancestors.  It is a generation chain similar to Guru Parampara in which all the gurus are connected.  In a guru Parampara, the impact of an accharya wwill be there for generations through the parampara.  Similarly, the impact of ancestors will also be there in a generation.  Hence, everyone have to fulfil the debt to the ancestors.

(2) How can they(future generations) come to know that to which ancestor their food offering ritual is pending?


It is not necessary. If Pitru dosha is reflecting in your horoscope, you have to offer sufficient food to the ancestors with the manthras targeting atleast three previous generations. If you offer food to three generations, those to whom the food offering is pending will receive that food and feel satisfied. Then, the dosha will go.

(3) What if there are no crows available in metro cities to do this ritual?


The crows are available all over the world except Antartica. Where there is a man, there will also be a crow.  But, they will come only where they are offered regular food. If you start offering food to crows, the first few days may go without the visit of crows.  But, the crows will smell that a person is offering food here regularly and they start to come daily.  They will be coming at the regular time till you are offering food daily.

(4) What is to be assumed & what steps to be taken if crows do not touch the food?


If you offer food regularly, crows will visit your house daily.  In case, on any day, the food was not touched by the crows, that means, you have to repeat the same process again tomorrow.  If you are offering daily, miss of one day will not be that much big issue.

(5) Can one offer Krishna Prasada as food to crows for this ritual?


Definitely.  You can offer prasadam to crows.  They will get human birth in future.

(6) Why all these rituals are only for hindus?


Anyone can do these rituals appointing a vedic Brahmana.  But, they may not like to do.  I have seen many people from other religions visiting Navagraha temples, Kumbhamela, etc. If they like to do, they can.

Asked by Meera:

(1) For how many generations these rituals should be done? For those who have got bodies, how will we know and how long to continue with this rituals (of offering Pinta)?


When these rituals are done, we have to offer food to three previous generations only.  The manthras also are recited for three generations only –  (i) Our parent (if deceased), (ii) our grand parent and (iii) grand grand parent.  Not beyond that.

(2) Shouldn’t we expect that the ancestors will get moksha?


Moksha is attained only by the one in lakhs of people.  Moksha is not an easily attainable position.  Even if we have a trace of material attachment, we will be given another birth (But with more comforts to perform devotion).

Therefore, it is better to offer these rituals assuming that they have not attained moksha.  In case, they had attained moksha, these rituals will have no positive or negative effects.  Instead of avoiding in assumption, doing them is better.

Asked by Rashmi Jawahire:

What to do if the couple has no boy child to do the rituals?

“Again few questions ..Sir what if a couple is having a daughter..bcoz some death rituals are done by son only..and if pitru(dosha) is there …


If there is no son, the son of daughter can do these rituals.  Or, the husband of the daughter (son-in-law) can do.  If they have no daughter / grandson, they can appoint a Brahmana as a Proxy.  This proxy Brahmana will be given the power to act as a son through manthras by the purohits.  Then, that Brahmana will do the rituals.

Actual Question from a devotee on Pitru Dosha in Detail:  

“I am from an orthodox ———– family. My father in law was a well respected man in my city for his pious nature and regularly donating to the needy plus being selfless.

When I got married and entered the house, they insisted on me sitting aside during my monthly periods. They didn’t inform of such conditions before fixing our marriage.

In order to have peace in the house, I relented and started sitting aside.

My husband was ignoring me, not talking with me, not sleeping with me.  But talking only with his parents and also sleeping with them. He used to put hands and legs on his parents and sleep close to them.

I found this wierd.  Ater marriage, he is so attached to them. Therefore, I asked my co-sister.  She said, he has been away from them for 14 years and had been working in Singapore. Whenever he comes to India..will go to them.

I did not want to snatch his parents away from him. But at the same time..he should not ignore his wife.  I did not like their interference in my married life.

They were old type in laws who have only listened to their in laws and want us to follow this culture. My husband did not even care for the frowns and instead always spent time with them.

Recently, my father in law passed away.  Now, he is regretting for not having spend time and passing on the blame to me by saying. I did not allow him to spend time with his parents. Which is not the truth in reality.

Also, me and my family have put an evil eye on his family. So, his father has passed away. Also me and my family have poisoned his father, he says.

I am worried whether i would be cursed with Pithru Dosha in my future birth and also in this birth, I have not yet conceived a child.

Hope my father in law does not put a curse on me for not allowing his son to be with him.

Please clear this doubt as i wish to know..whether i have done anything wrong or not.


This may not get the reactions of Pitru dosha for you in this birth, but will reflect as Pitru dosha for your next birth and for your three future generations.  In your next birth, you may be prevented from being with your son more.  That’s all.

But, your children will also acquire some Pitru dosha. Any pain we give for the elders will make our next generations to suffer.  That is why, we are expected to lead a merciful life honouring the elders.

In your case, you just restricted your husband from being excessively with his parents.  You did not prevent him from helping his parents. Therefore, this may not add to serious Pitru Dosha for you in this birth. You may acquire mild Pitru Dosha in the next birth. And, your future children or grand children may acquire mild Pitru Dosha because you are the Pitru for them. Your mistakes will affect them.

However, the parents may sometimes need the support of their son more. The wife may prevent her husband from helping them.  Then, it may add some karma as said in the first paragraph for you and Pitru dosha for your children or grand children.

In general, a wife should feel happy until her husband does not torture her.  If he spends more time with his parents, you also get free time to perform some other useful activities like devotional practices,  part time earning, reading, etc.

A wise wife will feel happy if her husband spends more time with his parents. Because, she is free to follow extra curricular activities and devotional practices.

You should worry only if your husband tortures you or does not take care of your welfare or threatens to part you.  He has not done anything like that.

He has been much attached to his parents.  That’s all.  This is not a dangerous attitude.  Their affection may be genuine.

I agree, he could have reduced excessive affection with parents and vice versa.  But, this does not seem to be dangerous.  A wife always have possessiveness with her husband. He should spend more time with her only.

It is natural for most of the wives.

A son spends time freely with his parents till his marriage.  After marriage, he has to part his major time with wife.  So, the parents also feel some kind of possessiveness after the marriage of son.

My advice to the wives is, feel happy if your husband does not disturb you and remain engaged in job or with his parents.  You can use that time usefully now.

You should worry only if your husband behaves violently or abusively.

Now your father in law is no more.  Mother in law will also pass away in future.  Then, your husband will be totally yours.  But, why can’t you allow your husband to be normal with your mother in law now till her life time?

Until he is supporting your needs, your (future) child’s needs, etc, you have no need to panic.  Cooperate with him. You too go with him to his mother.  He may become still happier and reciprocate with his love to you also.

Keep this in mind and concentrate more in devotional practices and the child you get in future.  These are the most important duties for you.

Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.


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    Thanks so much for educating us on the impending problems connected to Pitru Dosh, it was very educative and informative, not many know this knowledge these days, the old learned elders are all gone, none to remind and educate these days on problems arising out of Pitru Dosh. I have a Pitru Dosh lingering on me from my ancestors and that’s creating havoc in my life. No stability, no earning, dis-satisfaction, children run away from hostel, it is now 8 years, no message or a courtesy call till now. Health issues, totally disoriented. Can you please analyze ? Dob: 06.10.60, tob: 08.15 Am, Pob: Bangalore. I shall be grateful to you.

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