Do evil spirits or ghosts or village gods attack the devotees of Krishna and enter into another body?

Do evil spirits or ghosts or village gods attack the devotees of Krishna and enter into another body?

Actual Question from an initiated girl devotee:

Hare Krsna prabhuji. Dandavat pranam Today I wanna ask you that could a spirit can cause harm to those who are beginners at Krishna consciousness. Actually I am asking personally for myself,the situation I had faced. While staying at hostel, during our master degree 1st semester exams,i was at late night study at my room. At near 4-5,i went for bathroom and at 5 after listening to Brahma samhita a little got to sleep. But at that time I feeled a bit near my belly portion. Something like straches. When I saw, it was the mark of nail straches, of about 5 to 6 starches having fresh blood of mine. I ignored that but when I woke up at 9 I showed it to my friend who is a great believer of lord Jesus Christ. She told me that you need to pay attention toward this since its an unnatural act. I explained her the whole situation. The situation was that after 4:30 when I ran to washroom listening to the sound of water flowing, I saw that all taps of bathrooms were open expect those of the basin. After closing the taps which were already opened when I was about to come back,suddenly the tap near the basin also started flowing. May be it could be just a coincidence. At that time I had to bathroom singing the Baishnav song ‘ekhono bujhino Prabhu’ with my whole heart. I remembered. I was feeling quite understandable to the meaning of this songs lyrics. At that time I was somewhat feeling the pain of that straches but I had not noticed that. Thus my friend told me that even Christians who believe Jesus suffers from such problems. Since devil eyes those people who are servants of lord. And getting a slight chance of their certain loopholes he starts having hold on them. Prabhuji could it be actually an act of a spirit. I can’t frame conclusion since now there is nothing happening like this. But the mark on my belly can’t be disproved. So is this could be possibly an act of a spirit. For your information let me inform you that I started Krishna consciousness at class 9 and fall I’m love for Krsna at my bachelor’s studies. I know I am not a great devotee of my Prabhu, sometimes fail to serve him,( I have My radha Krishna bigraha at my room which was presented by my friend,though I am not initiated one, not have taken Brahman dikhaya but I have emerged a deep love for my Krsna and thus try to serve him as much as possible. I wore Kanti mala at my bachelor’s time and chant Krsna names.) Yes it’s true I get disturbed at hostel in my spiritual practices, had got many pains and had decieved from my very close friends but I am happy because this has brought me close to my Krsna. Now I have started putting Krsna always at first position in my life. Thus kindly Prabhu if you feel important to this, please clear my doubt. Hare Krishna Dandavat pranam All glories to Srila Prabhupad Hari bol..


Yes. Ghosts or evil spirits or village gods act only on Rajo guna and thamo guna people and those who are emotional in nature and non vegetarians. These things have been mentioned in Adharva veda.  So, they are true.  But, a few of your points are impossible. Such incidents are not possible with the devotees of Krishna/ Vishnu because, those devotees will be in Satva guna or Suddha Satva Guna.

Ghosts are just Sukshma bodies (Subtle body) of the persons who had fatal death before their scheduled time of death.  Since they do not have gross body (our external body), they are very powerful as the sukshma body directly come into the contact of the people.

Why evil spirits or ghosts are not connected from Lord and also disturb others?

When a ghost touches a person, they can’t feel that he has been touched by a ghost because, ghosts have no gross body made up of materials.  And, all the ghosts are not violent. If the person had lived an innocent life, he will be innocent even after death and as a ghost.  If a person is of retaliating natured, he will show anger and violence even after getting ghost body after death.

Since the ghosts can’t directly attack a person, they usually enter into the body of any emotional or weak hearted person or impure person or sinful person and then act through that person.  We can’t find out that ghost has entered into the body of a person, but, we can assume through his sudden unnatural and violent behaviour, because only violent ghosts will try to enter into the body of another person.  That ghost will do whatever it likes to do through its entered body.

However, only a very small fraction of highly violent ghosts enter into another body.  Majority do not do like that.  Entering into another body is very difficult and it is done only by very violent ghosts on very weak persons.

Many ghosts just pass some vibrations by being situated in the house of its enemy. So, the consciousness of those house holders will change negatively. Thus, many ghosts make the enemy’s house inauspicious just by being inside their house without entering into another’s body.

Same formula is followed by some village gods that are the sukshma bodies of any person who was killed or died unnaturlly.  In India’s villages, they worship even dead persons as gods.  Such parted souls are similar to ghosts but, may have good nature. When a small portion of the devotees are mentally weak and show severe emotions, these sukshma bodies of dead good persons enter into their body for a few minutes and give some predictions. (However, there are many bogus persons who act as if a village god has entered into their body)

Since these village gods are similar to ghosts but with good nature, they agree to enter into the bodies of selected persons.

Remember, only the village gods do like that.  Those gods who live in another planet, eg: Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Parvati devi, Lakshmi Devi, Vishnu, etc, never do such attempts to enter into another’s body as they are in higher platform above earth.  But, village gods are like good ghosts and hence they do such acts.



In the symptoms mentioned by you, I can infer four things:

(1) Ghosts or evil spirits have no fingers and nails. Therefore, they can’t cause cuts in the body.  They can just make the vibration negative by being present there.  Nothing else. Sometimes, when we are in deep sleep, we will have inconceivable dreams that can’t be remembered after waking up.  Therefore, you might have dreamt about any violent things and hence you might have rubbed your belly violently causing slight injury.  This is very much possible for many. You may not remember that. There are people who walk during sleep but they do not remember that. There are people who speak or cry or shout while sleeping, but, they may not know that.  Similar thing might have happened for you too.

(2) The water flowing from the pump may be just a coincidence. Because, the ghosts have no hands to open the pumps. You might have forgotten to close the pump.  When you closed it partially, some other houses might have been using the pump and hence the flow of water in your pump might have been slow.  Once they closed their pump, your pump might have allowed more water.

(3) I do not deny that the ghost or evil spirit was not present in that room.  They will be everywhere.  Since your roommate was materialistic, there might have been some ghosts in that room.  But, they can’t attack a person like this.  They can enter into another body if they are violent since they are formless, and then make that person open the pumps or cause injury for the body of others.  They can’t directly cause injuries.

(4) In case a Krishna devotee is chanting sincerely and also materially detached, no evil spirit can affect them.  Though you are materially attached, chanting Lord’s names keep the evil spirits away and they can’t remain in that place because they usually do not like to hear about God since they are leading a painful ghost life.

You have written that you did not see such signs of evil spirits after that.  In case a ghost target a person, it will try its best to fulfil that.  Since it did not happen after that incident, this might be just an act in the dream and the accidental leak of water pump.

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What to do to protect yourself from the evil spirits?

Always CHANT HARE KRISHNA and/or GAYATHRI MANTHRA, DEVELOP MATERIAL DETACHMENT, LEAD A LIFE LIKE A MACHINE IS PERFORMING ITS DUTY WITHOUT DESIRES and be protected from ghosts and also follow all the above seven points to remain protected from evil spirits.  They can not even come near you.

Finally, follow these seven instructions to be protected from ghosts/ evil spirits:

These ghosts, evil spirits and village gods can’t touch those who are

(1) In satva guna.

(2) Materially detached.

(3) Chanting Lord Krishna’s Names or Gayathri manthra regularly.

(4) Bathing daily and keeping inner hearts filled by Krishna’s thoughts.

(5) Following pure vegetarianism, especially honouring only Prasadam and fast on Ekadasi.

(6) Are always following daily worship of Lord.

(7) Are having very strong will power and determination and self esteem.  That is why ghosts do not touch those who have sufficient financial strength and self confidence given by money.

All the best.


Author: RAJAN

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