Should I tell about my premarital violations to my guru before taking diksha?

Should I tell about my premarital violations to my guru before taking diksha?

Actual Question from a girl devotee (Name was hidden by myself):

Prabhuji I read your post today I have question that should a discipline tell his master about his or her premarital violations during deeksha ceremony even if that person has revealed everything to Krishna and is leading disciplined life? What if Guru doesnt gave him or her deeksha?? Without Guru how will that person cross the ocean of maya Prabhuji??


No need to tell, but, you should lead a life of purity after taking diksha.

Most of us have committed some kind of offences in life like cheating, lying, violating the trust of others, torturing others, physical violation, being a miser, etc.

Everyone will have atleast one of the above offences.

If anyone says that he/ she was leading a pure life with no offences so far, he/ she may be lying.

Committing offences and cheating is one of the four qualities of the conditioned souls.

However, taking diksha (initiation) from a guru is the start of spiritual life that should not have such offences like cheating.

A guru knows well that he is giving diksha to a devotee who might have committed many sinful acts.

He gives diksha knowingly.

He is ready to accept and capable of bearing the heat of such negative karma of the disciples.

In fact, a guru is taking extreme pains by accepting a disciple.  He knows that very well.

However, he gives diksha to a devotee because he likes to give Krishna to that disciple and hence he is ready to face the pains of accepting a disciple.

You would have read many people commenting against the gurus who accept the disciple.

But, a guru is taking the pains of the disciples. This is the fact.

Therefore, one should see his / her guru with utmost respects and honours.

Above all, he/ she should be very genuine to the vows made while taking diksha.

A disciple must follow four regulative principles compulsorily (No meat, No gambling, No intoxication and no illicit affairs).

There should be no excuses in this aspect after getting initiation.

Next, a disciple should chant the minimum number of rounds of the manthra given by his/ her guru (16 rounds in ISKCON).

Thirdly, he should offer food to Krishna and honour only the prasadam and avoid eating outside as far as possible.

These three are compulsory for the initiated disciples.

Out of the four regulative principles, avoiding illicit affairs is very important.  Though you had committed that before taking diksha, you must avoid that after diksha.

If the above three are violated, we are violating our vows taken while taking diksha.

This will be the betrayal of trust put by our guru on us.

However, while taking diksha, we are not asked about our past offences.  Therefore, we need not disclose them to the guru.


Because, the initiated life is our new birth as a devotee who leada a spiritual / devotional way of life.

If you commit any offences after taking diksha, it is good to inform the same to your guru and get his pardon, because you will be under his shelter after diksha.

If you follow this, you are honouring the expectations of your guru from you.

Therefore, take diksha if you are following the regulative principles, prasadam and chanting atleast for the past one year.

No need for any hesitation and guilt.

Hope you are encouraged now.

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