Naga Dosha (or) Rahu-Ketu Dosha (or) Sarpa Dosha – Details & Parihars!

Naga Dosha (or) Rahu-Ketu Dosha (or) Sarpa Dosha – Details & Parihars!

I have been receiving many questions through messages to our Facebook Page from the distressed readers to write a clear article about Naga Dosha (or) Rahu-Ketu Dosha (or) Sarpa Dosha. They say that they have been confused with so many views about doshas. Hence this detailed and scientific article that explains the science behind Rahu and Ketu.

What is Naga Dosha (or) Rahu-Ketu Dosha (or) Sarpa Dosha?

If the Rahu or Ketu is placed in the houses 1,2,4,5,7 or 8 from the ascendant, it is called SARPA DOSHA (or) NAGA DOSHA (or) RAHU-KETU DOSHA .

The houses 4 and 5 will not stop or disturb the marriage, but Rahu or Ketu in the the houses 1 (Lagna – Ascendant) and 2 are directly related to marriage.

In every horoscope, Rahu and Ketu are situated in the seventh house from one another. Therefore, if Ketu is in the ascendant, ie, house-1, the Rahu will be in the 7th house and vice versa. If Ketu is in the house-2, the Rahu will be in the 8th house and vice versa.

Out of the above positions, if Rahu or Ketu is situated in the houses 1 and 7 or 2 and 8, it is related to the marriage and family life. Therefore, it is also called as KALATHRA DOSHA (ie, Dosha for spouse).

If Rahu or Ketu is situated in the house 4, the native will have issues related to property, vehicles, mother, or diseases related to chest.

If Rahu or Ketu is situated in the house 5, the native will have issues related to child birth. There may be delay in the child birth, ie, may get after one or two abortions.


It is just an indicative term.  Rahu and Ketu are called SHADOW PLANETS.  Shadow usually screens the brightness. Similarly, the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu screens or prevents the good fortunes of the native given by other planets. This is the reality!

In ancient days, the astrologers called the Shadow Planets Rahu and Ketu as SNAKES or SARPAS because the snakes had the nature of capturing the body part and contaminate the purity of blood by poisoning it.

Since Rahu and Ketu also affects or hides the fortunes of a person, they called them as SARPA or SNAKES.

Because of the scientific developments, now, we know that the shadow of the earth falls on the moon during eclipse that hides the brightness of the moon. The people of previous centuries called that shadow as Sarpa or Naga or Snake. Similarly, they called these Rahu and Ketu also as Sarpa or Naga or Snake.

They also gave the forms for Rahu and Ketu like a snake to indicate that they contaminate our fortunes like snakes.  And, the devathas that control these shadow planets are said to have the forms of Snakes/ Nags.

The point is that Rahu and Ketu hides the fortunes given by other planets. Simple. Ok?

Hope you would have understood the secret behind calling Rahu and Ketu as Sarpa or Naga Or Snake.

Some people believe that this Naga Dosha comes because either himself or his ancestors had killed a snake instead of worshiping it.  It need not be true.  Because, now a days, the flat culture is coming up and the people rarely see the snakes. Then how can they kill the snakes? How can they subscribe to Naga dosha?

Therefore, such concepts may not be true. In my clear opinion and observation, in fact, Naga Dosha occurs because of our snake like activities of contaminating/ spoiling the lives of others in our previous births. That’s all.

Therefore, this dosha’s actual reason is that the native (person) or his ancestor had spoiled the fortunes due for others in their previous birth(s) or did wrong things with innocent women and hence getting cursed by them.  Hence he is suffering in this birth with Naga Dosha and his/ her fortunes get screened/ spoiled or they suffer in marriage.

Thus, Rahu and Ketu clearly reflects one’s reactions of the karma of previous births to be faced in this birth.


The following points need not be present in all the persons having this dosha. One may have one or a few or all the aspects mentioned below. Depending on the intensity of this dosha in their horoscope, the effects will be less or more.  For my ease, I mention the native HE or HIS. But, the points are matching for women also.

(A) If Rahu or Ketu is in the first house and Ketu or Rahu is in the seventh house from Lagna (Ascendant):

(i) The native may be selfish, merciless and benefit oriented. He may have abundant ego. He may be particular about his own well being and he may not care the sufferings of others caused because of them.

(ii) He will be cordial for a few days with a person, but, he never hesitates to cut even the genuine friendship or relationship  with the opposite sex instantly if he is questioned or commented or the other party does not behave as expected by him.  While cutting the relation, he may not consider all the good aspects of that person and the support given by him. Later, he may be silently feeling, but, will not initiate to resume the friendship or relation because of his ego.  Because of this quality, all good people may leave him and he will be surrounded only by the unproductive people interested only in recreation. He always expect others to praise him and he gets angry if anyone takes some liberty and give some comments or advices. He always considers himself as superior and others should serve him. But he will not prefer to serve others.

(iii) He is interested only in recreating friendship and He may not be comfortable in or fit for serious and advising friendship with the Opposite sex that may end in separation suddenly though the friend or relative is good.  Though he may seem sweet outside, he may have adament nature inside.  He may accept the apologies of others only if they beg him to accept.

Because of his ego, he will not go for any compromise with the spouse.  Hence, the marital relations may be with the strains. The spouse may bear his ego for a few months or years. But, once the attraction is diluted, the spouse may start reacting to his egoistic approaches that may cause strain or separation in marriage life if the venus or seventh house is not strong.

However, he/ she will be comfortable with the same gender friends or relatives and children.

(iv) He may have excessive sexual desires and interested in variety of enjoyments in the sex. If the spouse does not cooperate in his sexual needs, he may react with a silent or open pressure tactics. If the spouse happens to be busy in career or his parents, the relation with the spouse may get strained. So, if one marries a person with Rahu or Ketu in the first house, he/ she should be ready to take care of the spouse as the preferred activity to save the marriage life.

(v) Because of one or all the above four qualities, his love may end in separation. The marriage may be delayed  beyond 28 for girls and beyond 32 for boys. More delay- Less negative effects. If the Venus and Seventh house is also weak, he may even remain unmarried.

(vi) Even if he gets married to a person having No Naga dosha, because of the difference in their priorities, there may be quarrels with the spouse and the life may be with strains. If the Lord of 7th house is weak, and/ or Venus is weak, there may even be divorce between them.

(vii) In some cases, unless he/ she is guided properly, he/ she may get opportunities to involve in premarital or post marital sex. Depending on the intensity of the dosha and the strength of Venus, he/ she may either involve in it or escape from it. If the venus is weak, he/ she may avoid such affairs though opportunities come.

(viii) He likes travelling everywhere – even to the moon or mars. He likes to  be out of home instead of being within his home.  He is not suitable for sincere household activities.  He likes to enjoy life  that is the only motto. He does not bother whoever suffers in life. He should be happy. That should not be affected. He will do anything to ensure that happiness – even by cutting his relations with genuine advisors who give productive guidance to him. If one speaks lighter topics he will be enjoying that though that topic is unproductive. Thus, he will be wasting time in recreative talks and actions. However, those recreating friends or relatives may not help him when he faces a tight corner situation. Thus, in due course of time, he may start to lead a lonely life getting deserted by recreated people.

(ix) In a nutshell, those who have Rahu or Ketu in the first house, ie, in lagna, he should review himself and make changes in his approach with others. Particularly, he should learn how to handle the opposite sex in a decent manner.  He should learn the art of forgiving others and maintaining good relations.

(x) They always expect freedom to move as they like.  Therefore, if a person likes to marry him should not be conservative to prevent the freedom of spouse.

(xi) Though they are enjoying the life as they wish, later, some of them may face a bad repute to their image because of their free thoughts and actions and deviation from the social norms.  Therefore, they should retain genuine and well learnt people and they should get their advice and act according to that right from young age to avoid bad repute.

(B) If Rahu or Ketu is in the Second house and Ketu or Rahu is in the eighth house from Lagna (Ascendant):

(i) He may easily speak lies and use harsh words. He may have laziness and starting trouble to do anything.

(ii) He may have quarrels in the family because of his own abusive or unwanted words.

(iii) Whatever negative forecasts he says about others will become true. So, he should not curse others. They will suffer.

(iv) Since Rahu or Ketu may hinder the formation of family set up, he may get a delayed marriage. (beyond 28 for girls and beyond 32 for boys. More delay – Less problems.). If their venus and / or seventh house is/ are weak, they may even skip the marriage.

(v) He may get upset easily even for a small negative happenings or insults. So, he will become frustrated and cry silently.

(vi) He will recover from frustration later if his lord of eighth house of strong. Some of them may even try for suicide if his lord of eighth house is weak. If they wait till the age 33, they will get recovery from problems. So, suicide should not be tried.

(vii) Because of his harsh words, some of them  may strain their relations with the spouse and some of them may even divorce their spouse if their venus and / or seventh house is/ are weak.

(viii) He/ she may suspect those who likes to sincerely help him and  he/ she won’t trust them easily.  However, they will be comfortable with the unproductive friends who are interested only in recreation.

(ix) Because of their negative and frustrated thoughts, they may not have much interest in the family way of life and likes to live alone.  They may renounce their life in their later parts of life and feel for their past wrongdoings and involve in the spirituality.

(x) They may some times speak unproductive things though they have sufficient knowledge to share.  He may not speak like a person of his age, but, with less standard.

(xi) He may have friendship with those whose standard is less than himself.

(xii) For a few of them, the earning may not be sufficient for the life management.

(xiii) He may change his decisions frequently and may have unstability in decision making.

(xiv) His efforts will be useful for others rather than themselves. Other will benefit from them and leave them. Therefore, they should think of their own life instead of others only. They should help others only if others ask them.


The following three points are common for both the above  categories (A) and (B), ie, (Rahu or Ketu in first or second house):

(i) Some of them may get opportunities to involve in illicit sex . If they are caught, beccause of their selfishness, they may show fingers on the companion and then escape from bad repute. His / her companion may be punished. He/ she may escape.

(ii) The children having this dosha (Rahu or Ketu in first or second house)  should be protected by their parents very carefully because some of them  may get the opportunity to fall in the hands of child abusers.

(iii) They will be experts in maintaining the secrets of their mistakes and wrongdoings.


(i) Remember, the ritualistic remedies will give just 20-30% of the relief from the negative aspects. No dosha can be 100% relieved as said by eminent acharyas.

(ii) The best remedy to get rid of Sarpa dosha or Naga dosha is FOLLOWING KARMA YOGA, ie, performing only the duties without expecting the fruits from their actions and dedicating the results to the Paramathma Krishna.

(iii) Accepting the dosha and avoiding the marriage itself and leading a spirituality based devotional life.

(iv) Since this dosha also comes because of our wrong doings with the opposite sex in our previous life, renouncing the pleasures in this birth will give definite relief.

(v) In case you find it difficult to follow the discipline without marriage, marry after 28 for girls and after 32 for boys. But, before marrying, go to Sri Kalahasthi near Tirupati and perform remedial rituals there.

(vi) You can also do the similar remedial rituals in Tirunagesvaram near Thiruvarur and Thanjavur in Tamil nadu.

(vii) Or, you may perform remedial rituals in your nearby temple where Rahu-Ketu deities are there.

(viii) Since Nag (Sarpa) is the representation of Sri Balarama, the brother of Krishna, worshiping Balarama will also reduce the dosha. Though Naga Dosha is not related to Naga, since the devathas controlling the Rahu and Ketu are with the snake bodies, worship of Balarama will be helpful.

(ix) Performing marriage to a Banana tree first, then cutting the tree and then marrying a boy or girl may also be helpful. This is the formal ritual that means their first husband tree is died and hence his . her next marriage with a boy/ girl will be successful. The death of the tree husband is the parihar for the dosha. I have written the procedure exist everywhere for knowledge though I do not support such remedies.

(x) Most importantly, Chanting the Holy names of Krishna will significantly reduce the SARPA DOSHA (or) NAGA DOSHA (or) RAHU-KETU DOSHA. Because Krishna is the controller of all the devathas and planets.


This naga Dosha can be nullified by accepting some compromises also in our choice of the bride or groom. Here are a few examples:

(a) Another direct way to reduce the effects of this dosha is to marry a boy or groom who also has this dosha in either first house or second house. Though this will not nullify the dosha, the negative effects may be less. 

(b) Since the inter caste marriage is also possible, you can follow the above advices to avoid intercaste marriage if you don’t like it. If you are forced in the intercaste marriage, it too may reduce the ill effects to some extent since you accept the loss of image that acts as a parihar.

(c) Or, he/ she can marry a person who has more age difference (say, 20-25 years). 

(d) Or, marrying a person with a small or unnoticeable physical defect is also good. 

(e) Of course, delayed marriage will also be good for them. The intensity of dosha may be less after the age 33. 

(f) Though the first marriage fails for some persons because of weak venus and/ or seventh house, their second marriage usually happens to be good. 

(g) Spiritual way of life is much recommended.

(h) A resolution to lead a clean life is important for a peaceful life.

Hope this article is very helpful for all.

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NOTE:  I have written this with all the points about Naga Dosha (or) Rahu-Ketu Dosha (or) Sarpa Dosha from my experience with the hundreds of horoscopes. Therefore, avoid posting these details in any forum because all the contents of this site are copy righted.  If you like to give these messages in to others in any forum, give the URL link of this article. No copy-pasting is allowed.

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