Can we meet the same relatives in next birth? Are they our soulmates?

Can we meet the same relatives in next birth? Are they our soulmates?

“Meera” asked like this:

Some karmic relationships we have will be compensated in our next birth. So do we meet those souls in another birth. Also soul mates concept is it completely baseless? Hare Krishna.


It is not always possible to meet the same relatives in next birth or births.  It is not at all in the system of karma system.

I have seen this type of discussions whenever a child takes birth in a family (You too would have heard):

“Oh, surely, this child should be the rebirth of my father/ grandfather who died last month/ year”

If it is the female child, they will consider that as the rebirth of deceased mother, grand mother, etc.

Is such rebirths in the same family in the pattern of karma network?

Sorry, it is not the pattern of karma network.

And it is not always possible also because the rebirth may take years, decades and even centuries if he had plenty of punya or papa (good or bad deeds) that gifts him to live in heavens or hells for centuries.

If you like to meet the same relatives in next birth, you and he should take birth at the same period and place. But, You may take next birth within ten years. If your relative takes rebirth after 100 years, you would have died again by then.

You and me may remember the deceased person. But, the deceased person will not remember you after taking a new body.

He can remember you only till he is allowed in the heavens or hells for a few years and allowed to stay in pitru loka for a few months or years in a special body given to him.  After that, he has to take rebirth.

To facilitate the rebirth, the temporary body given to live in hells, heavens and pitru loka are taken back and he is left as an individual athma along with the sukshma body (invisible body made up of mind, buddhi and ahankar of previous body).

That means, the athma is allowed to spread out above earth along with the previous attachments recorded in the sukshma body.

He falls on ground with rain, enters into the vegetables body and reside there. When a man eats that vegetable, the athma enters into his body and mingles with his blood that is converted into semen later. Thus the athma enters the male body’s semen.

When he leaves his sperm cells into a woman’s uterus, the athma is now given a new body inside the womb.

(I have also explained the leaving and entry of athma from and into the bodies in THIS POST)

Now, it forgets all the memory of its previous births, his life in pitru loka, heavens, hells, etc.

The new father the athma has got will be a new person who need nt be related to him.  In case he happens to be the athma’s relative in the previous birth, it must be accidental,  not intentional.

Because, the person may take birth even as an animal or bird or insect or even as a human being.

What the karma network ensures is that THE ATHMA GETS A NEW BODY BASED ON ITS DESIRES AND PREFERENCES WHEN IT WAS IN ITS PREVIOUS BODY. That’s all. The relation of that athma with the previous body ended even when that ahma left the body.

The actors in this new life are new. Only the script is written by ourselves in our previous birth itself. Same actors are not considered to act in the new life drama also.

So, we can’t meet our present relatives in our next birth.  If we meet, it must be coincidence and we will not know that he was our relative in our previous body.

Are you clear now?

You asked about soulmate.  That means, can we have the same spouse in the next birth(s) also.  I have explained that in THIS POST in detail. Read that.

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