How to know whether we have taken many births or just fallen from Goloka?

How to know whether we have taken many births or just fallen from Goloka?

A girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna, Dandvat pranams. We keep saying and listening from the devotees that we have been suffering on earth since unlimited lifetimes, we have taken many many births and hence our consciousness is contaminated. My questions is that how can we say so confidently that we have taken many many births? is it not possible that our soul just in this lifetime fell from Spiritual world to the material world? And this is this soul’s first birth after falling from the spiritual world(Godham Vrindavan)?”


whether we have taken many births or just fallen from Goloka can be guessed with our contamination level.

Even then we can not clearly state whether we have taken many births or just fallen from Goloka.

The greatest gift in Krishna’s planning of life on material planets is – Forgetting everything after the soul leaves the body.


However, we can guess and develop an idea about what we might have been in our previous births.

Let me give some examples. These topics are the unique feature of our sites only. Read them as if you are learning an unique knowledge.

(i) If a person has very rude character, he should have been rude in his previous birth also in a small magnitude. It has continued to this birth and has increased in magnitude.

(ii) If a person is slightly rude in this birth there are two chances:

(a) He might have ben very rude in his previous birth. He felt for his rude character in his last period of life. So, he has reduced rudeness now and in this birth, he will completely reform and become a good person.

(b) He might have been a good guy in his previous birth, but has newly acquired rudeness in this birth in small magnitude.

(iii) If a person is a devotee in this birth, there are two chances:

(a) IF THE BARRIERS ARE LESS IN THIS BIRTH:   He has started devotion in the previous birth and stopped. Now, he is continuing devotion.  As a gift for his devotion in his previous birth, he has been given less barriers in this birth.

(b) IF THE BARRIERS ARE MORE IN THIS BIRTH:  He has started his devotion in this birth. That is why he is facing more barriers. He will have less barriers and more comforts to follow devotion in his next birth.


(iv) A person is rich financially, but his marriage ended in divorce: This means that he has helped many people and performed more dhaan in his previous birth, but he deserted his wife in his previous birth.

(v) If a person is a beggar now, that means he has never done any dhaan, dharma or help to anyone though God had given sufficient money in his previous birth.

(vi) If a person is very rich now, he would have done more dhaan, dharma and help to many needy persons that has given a birth with a wealthy status.

(v) Similarly, if a person has very less or almost no bad qualities except some jealousy in this birth, he might have come down from Goloka in this birth only or within one or two births. Or, he might have surrendered to Krishna and practiced devotion for long period and has successfully come out of anarthas (negatives).

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(vi) If a person has many bad qualities and an unbelievable nature, he must have fallen from Goloka long ago and he has taken so many births adding many contaminations in many births that has formed his bad qualities.

This is the intelligent method to guess we have taken many births or just fallen from Goloka.

We have no capability or instrument to read the recordings of our sukshma body (Subtle body). So, we have to just guess seeing the present nature and activities of a person in this birth.

Hope you are clear about how to know whether we have taken many births or just fallen from Goloka.

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Author: RAJAN

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