After death, what is the time required to take rebirth? How to know?

After death, what is the time required to take rebirth? How to know?

Himani Kaloya asked like this:

I read your all post and got answer of my questions through your post. Sorry I’m not very much good on English. Try to forward my question please accept it. I want to ask how we came to know our deceased person or family member becomes our pitar or take birth in another form..I am very grateful if you reply my answer.. thanks.


This is impossible because our senses are very weak to know what happens in other planets such as planet of Yama, Pitru loka, celestials, etc..

However, I can tell you the time it takes between death and rebirth.

Most of us are thinking that rebirth happens immediately after death.

It is not right.

It takes years! Yes, a few or many years as per the time of death!

If I say in terms of celestial years, a few or many celestial days. (One celestial day is equal to one earth year)


If a person dies, it takes one full earth year (one celestial day) to reach the world of Yama.

There, the deceased person is produced in front of yama and his good and bad deeds in his recent birth are analyzed reviewed.

Based on that, Yama will order that deceased person to live in heavens for certain earth years and in hells for a certain earth years..

This period of term in heavens and hells are to be faced alternatively and the person will be asked his choice where he likes to go first – whether to heaven or hells.

Based on reply, the person is sent to hells or heavens.

Most of the people would have done both good and bad deeds. So, this hellish and heavenly terms are common for everyone.

Don’t think that there is only one heaven or hell.

There are hundreds of hellish planets and heavenly planets.

Every hellish planet is dedicated to a particular type of sin.

Similarly, every heavenly planet is dedicated to those who did a particular type of Punya (good deed).

If yama orders 20 celestial days in 4 hellish planets, and 25 celestial days in 5 heavenly planets, then, the person has to spend 20+25=45 celestial days in both hells and heavens for different sins and good deeds.

45 celestial days means, 45 earth years.

So, after death, the person will be living in both hells and heavens for 45 earth years.

This is just an example. The term may even be high or low depending on the level of good and bad deeds that person did.

After 45 years, the person will be kept in the Pitru Loka for a few days or years and allowed to live with his ancestors (if they had not yet taken birth till that time) till he gets the new birth.

Then, he gets new birth in a planet, mostly earth because earth is the karma bhoomi that allows us to clear our karma or add karma.

Thus, it takes many years after death to take birth again.

How many years?  It depends on how much sin or good deeds that person has done.

In case you had deserted all your material attachments and developed Prema on Krishna, all your good and bad deeds will be burnt and you will have no pending karma and you will be taken to Krishna’s kingdom.

Hope this clears your doubts.

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