This is explained with this true incident.

Very interesting! Read to understand the power of Karma and how to beat it:

Once a foreigner interested in the philosophy of Hinduism was waiting for Darshan of Sri Chandrasekarendra Swami Sankaracharya (who sent stapathi to ISKCON to carve Narsimmha dev deity in Mayapur), at Kanchipuram Mutt to clarify his doubt.

Shortly, he got his appointment and without wasting time, he put forth his question:

“Swamiji, I understand all your concepts, value them but for one particular faith (i.e.) same soul taking various births, papa, punya being carried forward to the next births etc. Can you please make me comfortable on this aspect? Because, in all our religions, we get the reward for what we do in this birth only. (i.e.) if we are honest, God is pleased and blesses us with benefits and we are dishonest, we get punished by Him.”

At this point, Swamiji asked him, whether he owns a car and if he could do a favour of collecting some statistical information within Kancheepuram town using his vehicle.

The guest readily agreed, at the same time wondering why his question was not answered spontaneously.

“Please, Swamiji, go ahead, What is the service you expect me to do now?”

Swamiji said:

“Please go around 10 maternity centres within Kancheepuram and collect the data of children born within the last 2 days – Child’s gender, health condition, parents name, status, educational qualification, time of birth.”

The man said: “Fine, this is nothing”

He immediately rushed in his car and within a day he was back in the mutt with exact statistics in front of Swamiji.

The Swamiji went through the statistics. About 15 children were born in 10 hospitals, 8 female and 7 male infants, out of which 3 children had malnutrition defects, 2 children were the first child of highly rich parents born in luxury hospitals, while 4 were children of Goolie labourers who already had few children.

Swamiji now looked at the gentleman and started asking few questions:

“Do you think any of these children have been honest / dishonest within 2 days of their birth? Probably they could not even recognize their own mother. So, they have neither earned papa or punya in this birth.”

He continued:

“According to your concepts, all these children should be living exactly identical to each other, but not so practically, some are ill, some are healthy, some are born to rich parents, some are born to poor parents. Remember all children born in the same day, same longitude, latitude, you can’t blame their horoscope which is going to be almost identical.”

The gentleman was dumbfounded!

It is here the concept of previous birth erupts!

All these children have taken their present birth according to their deeds (karma) and the result ant papa, punya which they have assimilated in their previous births.


That is why, we are advised not to add negative karma in this birth by doing prohibited activities.  If we follow only good deeds, we get good generations.

Of course, if we should stop all these pains of births and deaths, we should surrender to the Lord Krishna and detach our mind from material attractions.

No birth and no death, old age, diseases, etc.

We get an eternal life with Krishna in His abode itself.

Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, has decades of association with the devotees of Krishna. He is promoting many sites and he promotes this blog-website as an E-SATHSANGHA (E-FORUM) to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems faced by the devotees! In this site, he writes the friendly and practical tips for the practice of devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He has been counselling through social media and websites since the year 2011. His services are guiding more than 1,20,000 serious followers and lakhs of visiting readers! RAJAN accepts no credits for his services but dedicates all the credits to Krishna.


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