Are the jeevans given a gross body in heaven and hell?

Do we have a grossbody in heavens and hells? Read this Reply.

Are the jeevans given a gross body in heaven and hell?

A Devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna Prabhu!!! I have a question, After death we leave our body to go to heaven or hell if we can’t come back to Krishna. My question is, What kind of body we take in heaven or hell? Do we take the material body like human body? or do we use our Suksma Sarira?”



A jeevan needs a visible gross body to face the gifts or punishments.

For example, if a person had physically tortured his workmen when he was alive, he will be sent to the respective hell in which he will be beaten by hundreds of persons in a boiling oil pot.

To FEEL these pains, that jeevan needs a body. Gross body.

How can a sukshma body be beaten by others? It is invisible to the eyes.

As per the Garuda Purana, when the jeevan is taken to the Yama’s kingdom starting from the thirteenth day, a fresh body is given to it.

The beauty is that its outlook need not be similar to the appearance/ outlook when he was alive on Earth.

He will get a new temporary body till it finishes its hell and heavenly terms. That’s all.

In case that person had done many good deeds, he will enjoy all the comforts of heavenly life using his new body.

Since the body is new and just temporary, he will remember why he is facing the punishments or pleasures.

At the same time, when it takes a new body again on Earth, all his past will be forgiven.

Because, this is the body for its entire birth.

The point is: Every jeevan gets a gross body in heavens and hells and his activities on Earth that have been stored in his sukshma body can be read by that temporary gross body.

Since the Earth is a karma bhoomi, all memories are erased when the jeevan takes new body.

Even in Goloka, we are given a spiritual body and we enjoy all the freedom to think and decide as we like.

Hope you are clear now.

Author: RAJAN

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  1. Hare krsna .. if the soul already gots its punishment in hell .. so why when he take birth on earth he get karma of previous birth ? like not educated well , no rich , or mentally physically retard…

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