Are marriage & spouse fixed by God? How?

Are marriage & spouse fixed by God? How?

A Girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Sir, Hare Krishna, I have a doubt are the marriages are fixed by GOD or its a chance that u got a gud partner or not…??…Hare krishna… And Sir really I feel like m blessed with kanha so that I join this page and site…otherwise I never thought that my queries can ever be cleared but after joining this site I really very Happy….because u give a very good counseling….and deliver wonderful knowledge through FB. …and I feel like a connection to kanha through u….Thanx for such wonderful knowledge through FB…..HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA, KRISHNA KRISHNA HARE HARE, HARE RAM HARE RAM, RAM RAM HARE HARE..”


Please note that Krishna never involves DIRECTLY in these material aspects. He has created a department (ministry) called KARMA NETWORK to undertake these matters.

This can be understood with this example:

In every country, there are three types of courts.

One is the lower court, or magistrate court that is available in your district itself that deals with all the cases happening in that district.


Next comes High Court that is situated in the State Capital that deals with the appeal cases of the people who file appeal when they are not satisfied with the verdict of the lower magistrate courts of that state.

Next comes Supreme Court. This court is situated in the capital of that country itself. This is the topmost judicial authority in every country. If a person feels unhappy with the verdicts of lower court of his district and then the high court of his state, he can file an appeal in this Supreme Court.

The verdict given by Supreme Court is final. Unchangeable unless the court itself reviews it.

Karma Network is also like this Supreme Court. It finalizes the punishments and rewards for a person based on his actions. If you had done any crime in the past or present life, you will definitely have to face it either in this birth itself or in the next birth depending on the nature of that crime.

So, you can not dispute the decisions of the karma network as it is AUTOMATIC, not manual. Whatever you do is recorded and classified in that Network. It is permanently stored in your account.

If you see the Facebook notifications, you can see that it shows 2 or 3 or 10 or 30 as the number of notifications for you. Until you click that notification and read them, it keeps showing as 2 or 3 or 10 or 30. Once you click and read them, that notification indication goes.

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Similarly, your every karma record will be deleted ONLY AFTER you face its reactions. Till that , it will be pending to be faced and cleared.

So, marriage is also determined by our account in karma network.

Had we remained as the cause for the stoppage of marriages in past births or if we had discouraged many people not to get married in our past births, we do not get married in this birth.

Had we taken care of our wife/ husband very well and lived a good grahastha life without affecting others in our past births, we instantly get married even in the young age.

Had we delayed the marriage of anyone in our past births, our marriages too gets delayed after 30-35.

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Had we tortured our husband or wife in the past lives, we are tortured by spouse in this birth.

If we had treated our spouse with dignity and love in the past births, we are liberally loved by the spouse in this birth.

All are the results of our own


In my Mother tongue, Tamil, there is a saying that means:  “If a person sows negative actions, he will reap only negative reactions”.

Nothing comes from outside. Krishna is not the cause for our problems. We only are the cause for all our present problems and present status.

So, though the marriage & spouse are fixed by God, God just implements the reactions for our actions thru Karma Network. He has no other role in our married life.

So, do not blame Krishna for any reason.

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Is the verdict of Supreme Court final? Will there be any relief if we realize our mistakes and sins?

Yes… the Law allows us to send a mercy petition to the President of the country seeking pardon and reduction of punishment. If the president considers our mercy petitions favourably, we get our punishments reduced.

You can send the mercy petitions to Krishna if you feel your punishments are unbearable for you. If you pray sincerely, accepts some pains thru penances and if Krishna gets convinced, He relaxes the severity of our punishments. So, Krishna is the PRESIDENT who has the power for relaxing the verdict given by the Supreme Court, ie, Karma Network.

Hope you are clear how marriage & spouse fixed by God.

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Author: RAJAN

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