Is avoiding marriage thinking Krishna as husband right?

Is avoiding marriage thinking Krishna as husband right?

A devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna, Prabhuji! All glory to Srila Prabhupada! So, one devotee friend of mine has married her Krishna deity, secretly. Her parents and senior devotees are telling her to marry another boy as they don’t know about her marriage with Krishna. She doesn’t want to cheat on Krishna, them what should she do? She doesn’t have any interest in family like having kids, husband, etc. Please don’t show my name”


This is not cheating Krishna.

She can marry a devotee guy and lead a dignified life.

Let me explain why.

Our relationship with Krishna is not that of body – body relationship.


Krishna is Paramathma; We are athmas.

So, we associate with Krishna as athma, not body.

But, the marriage relationship between a man and woman is that of body and body, mind and mind.

A husband or wife is not a soulmate, but just body and mind mate.

So, by having a spouse for your body and mind control, you can keep Krishna with athma.

In other words, as an athma, you have married Krishna. This will purify the athma.

But, for body, you can marry a good devotee boy.

Don’t see this as awkward.

All of us are already in that status only.

Yes, most of the devotees marry a boy and live with the children.

They also worship Krishna in any bhava including as a lover of Krishna.

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Are they unchaste women?

No. They are fortunate women. Because they have engaged both their body, mind and athma in Krishna’s service.

Through athma, they love Krishna directly. Through body and mind, they serve their husbands as guru and follow stri dharma because as per the scriptures, the husband is a girl’s guru.

In your case, you have married Krishna as an athma. Now, marry for your body.

If you marry a good devotee boy, you can engage in devotion still better by serving both your husband and Krishna.

In other words, you can serve your husband keeping Krishna in your heart.

Gopis are the best examples for this. Most of them had husbands and their family. They used to do their household duties keeping Krishna in mind all the time.

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Similarly, you too can serve your husband keeping Krishna in mind.

In fact, Only Krishna is the PURUSHA. All of us, whether we are in the male or female body, are Females only.

So, Krishna is the eternal husband for all of us. Still the people marry someone and lead their life by serving Krishna and their family.

No need for doubt in my above view.


If you decide not to marry for some other genuine reasons, its alright. This post is to advice you not to avoid marriage with a boy just because you think Krishna as your husband.

Be realistic. Think practically and decide positively.

Hope you are clear about Girl devotees avoiding marriage thinking Krishna as husband.


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Author: RAJAN

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