Krishna marrying Ashta Lakshmis! Interesting details!

Krishna marrying Ashta Lakshmis! Interesting details!

When Krishna descended on earth, all the eight, ie, Ashta Lakshmis too took birth to marry Him.

They took birth as eight princesses to marry Krishna the primary consorts of Krishna.

The backgrounds of Krishna marrying Ashta Lakshmis are interesting to read.

Krishna marrying Ashta Lakshmis!

All these eight marriages happened under different backgrounds that are interesting to read.


Rukmini sent a letter to Krishna expressing her love and asked him to save her from a forced marriage to Sisupala. Krishna did so and married her.


Satyabhama and Jambavati were gifted as wives by their respective fathers during Samantakamani episode.


Kalindi performed austerities to get Krishna as husband and got Him.


Naagnajiti and Mitravinda chose Krishna in swayamvaras. Krishna had to fight with brothers of Mitra Vinda after she declared her choice.


Lakshana was abducted by Krishna from Swayamvara to save her.


Bhadra was offered by her brothers to Krishna.


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