Black Magic – Process, Symptoms, Cure and Prevention! A-Z details!

Black Magic – Process, Symptoms, Cure and Prevention! A-Z details!

Actual Question:

Pranam Prabhuji.. i hv a qn..  Write a detailed post about “Which craft” or “black magic”.  If anyone is affected by Black Magic, how to overcome from that.. If anyone is made an expert on a devotee of Lord, will it react on him also….?   I am asking ths bcz, 2 of our family member has suffered from this… So plz explain what are the “Precautions to be taken”? THANK YOU


Actually, this black magic is A MYSTIC PROCESS followed even now by some experienced persons called tantriKs.  This is used by those people for destructive purposes.

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Black magic is sending destructive waves/ energy (generally through a ghost) targeting on a person without his consent or knowledge and bringing him under the control of our instructions.


Manthras are of two types. One type is for constructive purposes. Another one is for destructive purposes.

In the case of constructive manthras, they help us grow in our material as well as spiritual life. For example, Gayathri Manthra or Hare Krishna Maha Manthra spreads spiritual waves around us.  This will uplift one in his spiritual practices.


Whereas, The destructive manthras can bring and establish the ghosts to our place and spread negative waves/ energy inside our mind and  around us that will prevent all the good fortunes entering into our home.

They are done by some Tantriks who are able to invite and control some ghosts through these manthras. They send the invited ghosts to us and make our liberal thought process inactive and hence the affected person will always show some symptoms as if he has lost something. He will not be able to concentrate in his productive activities everyone is expected to do.  He will be uninterested in worldly affairs. He will not smile even seeing then beautiful smile of a child.

These Tantriks use the ghosts (brought through some destructive manthras) to produce such negative vibrations against a person.  He first brings an evil minded ghost in his control through manthras and instructs / programs that ghost to fulfill the task perfectly and then report him after the task has been done. When such ghosts are present in a house, the house loses or lacks in its positive energy.

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The tasks given to the ghosts usually are:  Creating Diseases, Poverty (by allowing the wealth to be stolen or losing job), mental illnesses, or in serious cases even killing the target person by making him die in accidents or suicide.

After fulfilling the task given, the ghost comes back to the Tantrik and reports that he has done the given task.  Then, the Tantrik releases that ghost free.

Actually those who follow these techniques for negative purposes will have to suffer in their next birth.  Even in this birth, such Tantriks will be leading a kind of restless life because of their association with the ghosts having negative vibrations.\

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How the evil ghosts are sent to the home of the target?

These Tantriks use some materials of the target person such as a piece of cloth worn by the person, his hair, his teeth, etc to incorporate the evil forces in them and then throws that material in the house or garden of the target person.  Thus, the ghost starts to live in that house.


If Black magic has been done against a person, that person may show some or many of the following symptoms:

1) He likes to be alone all the time;

(2) He shows unrest and irritation always.

(3) Body pains particularly on the shoulders and head;

(4) Does not concentrate more in cleanliness and remains dirty without bathing.

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(5) Some peculiar smell will come from the affected person;

(6) He/ she will be talking alone;

(7) He/ she will be making unnatural body movements and biting the nails.

(8) No auspiciousness will be there in the home and Tulasi will not grow in that house (usually, tulasi plant may grow even on road sides, but, as far as houses are concerned, will not grow in the houses having more inauspicious vibrations)


(1) These black magics will work only on those who are leading a materialistic life and also those who are physically and/ or mentally impure.

(2) These black magics are nothing to do with the devotees of Krishna who are offencelessly chanting Hare Krishna Maha Manthra and following the discipline.

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(3) Bhagawan says in Garuda Purana:  “Where my Name is chanted and sung, there will be no evil elements and ghosts”

(4) Gayathri Manthra will be very effective.  If you chant Gayathri Manthra 108 times or in its multiples with clean heart and body, in front of the affected person for 7 days at the time of sun set, the ghost will go from that place.

(5) For the devotees of Lord Shiva, Chanting Maha Mrityuanjaya Mantra 108 times for a week or more and offering Abhishek in Shiva temples will drive away the ghosts sent through Black magic.

(6) If you are following FOUR REGULATIVE PRINCIPLES (No meat, No Gambling, No intoxication and No illicit sex) and also chanting Hare Krishna Maha Manthra minimum of 108 times (One round) a day keeping your body and mind clean, you can prevent any ghosts coming to you or to your home.


(7) The attack of ghost will take long time if you take bath every day in time and reduce or desert desires to get the things and people. If you add Chanting, you can keep the ghosts away till you keep chanting.

These are the easy techniques to keep ghosts sent through Black magic away.

Hope this helps.


Author: RAJAN

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