Why destructive rituals like Black magic are included in vedas?

Why destructive rituals like Black magic are included in vedas?

A woman devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“You said, Black magic is in Atharva Veda, If it is destructive, why is it there in the Vedas? And what are the consequences for those who do on others or follow it?”

(Her other questions to follow in future because of unrelated topics. Ask a single topic at a time.)


Who said Vedas give purely spiritual advice alone that immediately take us to Krishna?

Not so.

Vedas make us to lead our life both materially and spiritually. They give many details with the contents that will bind us with this material life.

The purpose of vedas is, of course to gradually uplift us to surrender to the Lord.

However, it also gives advice for making us to lead our material life properly as per the recommended way.

Vedas give the details about creations, demigods/ devathas who control these creations, how to live a life honouring the creations in every stage.

They give rituals to satisfy the demigods, planets, stars so that one can satisfy all their needs.

In a nutshell, vedas are meant to help us to satisfy our needs as well as thinking of higher goals.

That is why, one should not stop with learning vedas. They may help you to lead a proper life on earth and think of higher goals, but they are not rich in devotional aspects (Bhakti) that take one back to the creator Krishna.

By following vedic rituals and advice as a starting point, we can become a responsible person. But, they are not meant to make us advanced as the devotees of the Supreme Person Krishna.

Among vedas, the Rig, Yajur and Sam Vedas are primary vedas that contain some advice for higher goals and glorifications of the deities.

The fourth Veda, Adharvan Veda is purely meant for attaining our material goals by satisfying the demigods, devathas, deceased ancestors, even ghosts, etc.

Astrology, rituals for ancestors, ghosts, etc are explained by the Adharvan Veda.

Astrology is to analyze how we will perform in life and what to do to correct them through parihars.

The rituals for the ancestors are meant to give relief for our deceased ancestors from their pains in the higher worlds or in their next births.

The rituals for the ghosts are capable of bringing the ghosts under the control of manthras and performing some tasks using those ghosts.

Black magic is also one of such tricks to fulfill certain tasks using the ghosts.

Kala Jadu is called Black Magic in English.  Yes, it is true and happening everywhere.

It is a Tantrik way. The expertise comes through some rigorous practices in the Funeral places.  The ways and means are not approved by the scripts because these tricks were given only for good intensions.

For example, if a king is doubtful about a person’s dedication, he may use such tricks through the Tantriks/ sadhus to get the fact from him. He may use this also for spoiling the person’s life if he is acting against the country.  Thus, the purpose of Black magic is for some genuine needs.

Since the vedas are the collection of FACTS OF LIFE AND CREATIONS, these facts have also been given.

That is why, till a century back, vedas were taught only to the serious practitioners from Brahmana varna after confirming his good intentions, not for all.

Usually, the adharvan veda is not taught for all. Only some selected persons were able to learn.

Now, with the advent of technology, vedas have been printed and circulated publicly and anyone can read them. This has given the vedas even to some persons with wrong motive. So, they misuse the adharvan veda for destructive purposes also.

Now a days, it is generally done with  bad intention. It can make a person seriously ill, deformed through an ailment or an accident.

Even Krishna told that His preaching should not be taught to all, but, only to the genuinely interested persons.

This applies to vedas too. If vedas are taught to all, many misuse them. This is what happening now a days.

Kamakhya is a place in India where it is performed once in a year. But, these are not done publicly. Those who have such an intention to cause harm to others, seek help of the Sadhus and the various Tantriks. They come from all over the world. Then, even an ordinary man can also know a few little tricks.

You might have seen when a child is supposed to be hit by an evil eye. The pundits know how to remove the curse.

How to be careful without being affected by Black magic?

(1) BY BEING CAUTIOUS (Temporary solution):

For example, Those thantriks usually  do black magic and send to you a strange cat or a bird that may come near you  time and again and without reason.

There may  be some thread in red or black colour on the body of the cat.  If you remove that thread innocently, the curse sent through that cat or bird will come to you.   So, the saadhus  caution people to check if there is a black or a red thread tied somewhere upon its body and NOT TO remove them.

(2) BY BEING A DEVOTEE OF KRISHNA (Permanent Solution):

However, there is a relief.  These Black magics will work only with materialistic people.  If you are a Krishna Devotee chanting atleast one round a day and are frequently uttering any names of Lord Krishna, Black magics can never come near you and it will return to the person who sent that to you and he will be affected.

So, Chant Hare Krishna and be relieved.

Vedas are like school studies. The Bhakti tradition is beyond vedas and our devotion is not controlled by the vedas. Devotion is independent.

By practicing the devotion to Krishna sincerely, you can get relieved from the material life itself and hence there will be no need for such vedic practices. And, the tricks given in adharvan veda will not affect you since you have crossed them and situated in the devotion to Krishna.

Since you are directly under the protection of the creator Himself, these tricks in adharvan veda can’t affect you.

However, they have been given in vedas just as a knowledge to be learnt only by a few qualified persons after thorough evaluation.

Only the misuse is happening. So, you seem to be worried.

Misuse happens in every field including devotional field. This is the trend of kaliyuga. Unavoidable.  We have to protect ourselves. That’s all.

If you like to advance in the devotion to Krishna, you should go further beyond vedas to understand our master Krishna. So, follow what acharyas advice to go back to the creator Krishna.

All the problems will be solved.

Author: RAJAN

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