Why evil spirits or ghosts are not connected from Lord and also disturb others?

Why evil spirits or ghosts are not connected from Lord and also disturb others?

Haripriya Nag asked like this:

Hari bol Prabhuji… Dandavat pranam. Hope you must be fine. I wanna ask this time that is the evil spirit concept is justifiable. Why the spirits get detached from lord and starts disturbing others and how far they could be helped by us in case we come across such situations. How they could be helped to go back to godhead?


When a person commits suicide before the actual date fixed for his death, he (soul) will not be allowed to go any planet – even to pitru loka because his permit to go to other worlds becomes operational only after his natural date of death.

That is why, it is said that committing suicide is the violation of karma and nature’s laws and hence suicide is also a crime against karma.

When a person commits suicide, the soul leaves the body along with the Sukshma body (Subtle body) that was inside the gross body (visible body).

The gross body is made up of five basic elements – soil, water, fire, air, ether (empty space).  The sukshma (Subtle) body is made up of MIND, INTELLIGENCE AND EGO.

Actually, the Sukshma body and athma leave the body when the body dies.  The mind in the sukshma body  contains the recordings of everything we did in our current and previous births.  Therefore, according to our preferences and good/ bad deeds in our current and previous births, that sukshma body directs the soul to take a suitable another body either on earth or in oither worlds after spending some period in heavens and / or hells.


This is the process of births and deaths.

However, this natural and immediate transformation is possible only when the death happens as per the karma on a specific date.  If we commit suicide, our sukshma body goes out of dead gross body along with the athma, but, we will not get permission to enter into any other words.

It has lost its body on earth also.  Therefore, till the natural death date comes, that soul and the sukshma body have to wander all over on earth till it gets the permission to take rebirth.

These Preta athmas that are the combination of Sukshma body and soul are called ghosts.

In case that person had been very aggressive while living, the sukshma body has that recordings also even after the death of gross body.

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Therefore,  after the suicidal or accidental death, that person, even in ghost form will be aggressive.

That is why some ghosts behave violently.

If the person is satvic (mode of goodness) natured, his activities after death as a ghost will also be satvic. He will not disturb anyone.

The  ghosts will have all the serious apetite to eat,  enjoy the company of opposite sex, etc, but, they can not enjoy them because of the absence of gross body.

This si a very difficult state for them.

Therefore, they are always in a frustrated situation till they get a new body and able to eat and enjoy.

Since they are always in a frustrated state with thirst, hunger and desires of lust, they can not worship God easily and it is very very rare to think of god for a ghost.

If it is an aggressive ghost, it disturbs others out of frustration.  If it is a satvic ghost, it also is crying in the sky or on the roof of our house for food, water or sex.

That is why aggressive ghosts or evil spirits disturb others without thinking of God.

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Even if we go to heaven, we will find it difficult to think of God because of plenty of pleasures there. Then how ghosts can think of god whgen they are thirsty, lusty etc for many months or years?

You can pray for them to Krishna or chant to help them elevated.

However, as per nature’s rules, they may have to wander on earth till they get another body.  Our prayers may help them to minimize their difficulties.

If Krishna decides to break the karma of thatbghost person, He may interfere and give him elevation to another body in a good family immediately.  But, Krishna interferes in Nature’s Laws rarely and he interferes in the larma rules only for detached or dedicated devotees.

However, Krishna keeps one’s karma under suspension for a certain period till he follows devotional way of life, but, He does not clear it totally for all except for some devotees who show very serious devotion.

Suicide is a crime as per KARMA rules.  The ghosts are facing the punishments for their karma. Our prayers may give them good next birth from where he can go back to the Lord.

Hope you are clear now.


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