Why the People consider Ashtami and Navami thithis bad & inauspicious?

Why the People consider Ashtami and Navami thithis bad & inauspicious?

In this Post, Let us see Four such Myths & Clarification!  

(1) Taking birth on Sri Rama Navami is inauspicious!

A woman devotee who requested anonymity asked like this:

“Hari Bol Prabhu. I have a small question that has been bothering me. I am pregnant and baby is to due on 19th April.  Everyone is worrying me that particular day is not a good day but I saw in Krshna calendar that it will be Rama Navami on that day.   Am happy to leave it to Krshna when the baby will be due but my surrounding is not such!  Please advise.

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It is the written karma for that child already.  So, it is not good to fight too much with the natural process.  The pregnant woman can take some good nutrients to keep her child healthy inside the womb.  But, she should not take any efforts to prepone the child birth through artificial operation just because of getting the child in a good time.

So,  allow the natural process to act as per your karma and the child’s karma.  Let that child take birth naturally.

After getting the child, involve that child in devotion  and let him follow all the recommended practices.   Then, that child will become free from karma and have a blissful life.  This is the best way.

Another point:   All the days are the gift of Krishna for us.  So, all days are good.  These astrology, karma, etc ., are only for those who have materialistic expectations and desires.  So, bring your child as a pure devotee of Krishna.  That is the purpose of getting children.


Date of birth is secondary.  Whether you bring that child as a devotee or not is the primary thing to be followed. If he becomes a Pure devotee of Krishna without material attachments, no planet or time will affect your child.

Sri Rama Navami  is the avatar day of Lord Rama.  It is in fact very auspicious. Only if the child takes birth on the naturally fixed day, that child will grow well with the blessings of the Lord.  If we play much with the natural processes, we will be punished by the same nature in some other way.

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(2) Are Ashtami and Navami thithis bad & inauspicious?

Thinking that Ashtami and Navami thithis bad & inauspicious is also very unfortunate and misunderstood.  Since Ashtami and Navami Thithis are the avatar thithis of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, we should spend the whole day in worshiping Lord Krishna and Lord Rama.

If we perform any family function on those days or if we start anything on that day, we will fully concentrate in the function or new assignment. So, we can’t involve in devotion on the avatar thithis.

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That is why, it is advised to keep the functions and new assignments on any other day except Ashtami or Navami. Not because the Ashtami and Navami thithis bad & inauspicious.

These days are not inauspicious. In fact, these two days are very auspicious that has to be spent in worship.

In fact it is not auspicious to think that Ashtami and Navami thithis bad & inauspicious.

(3) A girl should not bow to her parents after getting married

Though it is a myth, it involves some truth.

It is the fact that every time a person gives his blessings to another, some (Not entirely) good karma is transferred from the person who gives the blessing to the person who receives the blessing.

This is applicable to all, not just your parents. That is why, it is called blessing – ie, sharing some of their good karma to others.

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However, such transformations are inevitable and getting the blessings by bowing down to the elders increases our humbleness.  If anyone has any hesitation to accept the respect of others, we can avoid bowing down to them. Usually the elders do not care for such transfer of some good karma from them to the person who bow to them.

So, just neglect them and continue to give respect to your parents.  For the girls, after their marriage, they have two parents.  One – their own parents who gave birth.  Two –  their father-in-law and mother-in-law.  So, they have to treat all the four respectfully.  The girls go to live in their husband’s house.  This does not mean, they have to forget their parents.

It is not good to fail to respect or disrespect the parents.  So, continue to bow to your parents even after marriage.  See Krishna in all the living beings and so respect them as the products of Krishna.


One should never disrespect anyone in his/ her life.  Whoever we meet we have to bow to them and get their blessings.

And, no scripture advises us to stop respecting our parents.  If we do not respect our parents, how can we respect others?  See how respectfully Krishna handled His parents.

You need the blessings of your parents.  Therefore, always bow to them till they leave this world.

(4):  A woman should not worship the Lord for 5 weeks after her delivery

There is NO such rules that one should not worship God  for 5 weeks after the birth of a child. You may avoid touching the deities/ pictures of Krishna  for about 10 days after  delivery because she may have menstruation issues after delivery.

You may request any family member to perform rituals and offering food for Krishna.  However,  you can chant Hare Krishna during these days.   No barrier to that.

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Author: RAJAN

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