A woman devotee asked like this: (I have hidden name)

“hare krsna prabujee,   I have one counseling question.  is there anything such as pitras? does they exist? i heard that they come in people body and speak correct things. is it true? if yes, why do they come? don’t they take another birth after death? is it nice if they come ? people tell us that we have pitra dosh. what is pitra dosh and how to avoid such doshas?

Like in my case, you told me in an old post for my question that your marriage should have done after age 26, but as I did it early it broke…But my question is, as breaking marriage was destined , therefore I got married early and it broke. So things happened what was pre- destined. Then y we show horoscope and take precaution? after all at the end things will happened according to our karma .. …..servant.”



Yes…the Ghosts & Pitars in Pitru Loka (Ancestors) are different.

Pitars (ancestors) are existing in their Pitru Loka (World of Ancestors). this worls is also called as CHANDRA LOKA.

Pitars are not Ghosts. They have completed their life time and died a natural death.

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Those who had died in natural death, they never disturb us and they go away from the earth to Pithru loka (World of ancestors). This is the major difference between the Ghosts & Pitars.

Pitru Loka is the world where good souls who died with some attachments to people and things are kept till they get another body to take birth again. This period may go for a few days to even many years. According to his past karma, he has to be given a suitable body in the suitable family that can give him the right rewards and punishments for his past good and bad deeds.

Only those who are eligible to get human form of birth again go to Pitru loka. Those who did seriously offensive life style that gives him the next birth as animals or other species, are not eligible to go to Pitru loka. They get hellish terms and then take birth as animals or other species directly.

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So, Pitars are those who are waiting to get suitable HUMAN BODY to take birth again. Out of lakhs of young couples, he will be sent a man’s body who is destined to face the reactions similar to that dead person. Thus the Pitar gets the right person to take birth in his family and face further reactions.

Only if a person commits suicide, or dies in accident because of his faults, he becomes a ghost.

Only among the ghosts, Good and bad ghosts are there.

If a person is destined to live up to 80 years of age and he gets a thought of committing suicide, he can do two things using the Free Will (independence) given by Lord.


(i) He can take mental sanyasa, ie, detach from all his material desires and live only for Krishna.

(ii) Or, He can commit suicide.

(i) If he follows the first case, ie, detach from all his material desires and live only for Krishna, Krishna gives him another birth in that body itself and makes him a devotee, as he has cleverly detached from his material desires. If he very seriously follow devotion to the level of Prema and detachment in this birth itself, he can get relieved from this material world even in this birth and get Krishna.

This is the best way of utilizing our independence given by Lord and escape from getting the ghost body after suicide..

In case he follows a good life of discipline but with some attachment to the family with some formal faith in god, he will go to Pitru Loka after death.



(ii) If he follows the second case, ie, commits suicide, he has to wander here and there as a ghost till he attains his destined age of 80 and some further punishment period. He will not be allowed to enter into Pitru Loka until he finishes 80 destined years.

As ghosts, they will be wandering on earth itself, ie, near to the house where they lived.

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He can feel our presence, feel what we say through vibrations, he can feel hungry, feel sexual feelings, he can feel love, hate and everything as a ghost.

If he had committed suicide for love failure, he will always be residing as a ghost in or near the house of his ex-lover. If it is a bad ghost with aggressiveness (domination of Rajo Guna) and that had died with a revengeful thoughts, he will start to curse the family of the ex-lover as a ghost.  As it is always living in the house of the ex-lover, the family of ex-lover loses its glory due to bad vibrations coming from the ghost.

If that ghost is soft natured (Domination of Satva guna) when it died, it will be silently crying on seeing his ex-lover.  If it died with aggressive feelings, sometimes, it will try to enter into the body of the person if he is emotionally weak and he is not sound in devotional practices. Then, it tortures that person as it likes from within his body.  But, this is very rare and some people are pretending as if ghost entered their body.  This happens only rarely, not regularly. Such aggressive ghosts are not in much numbers. If one is a devotee who chants Harinam in his house, no ghost can come near that house and affect that person.

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So, it is always better to lead a life without oscillations.  One should never cheat or betray others to avoid such ghost attacks.  And, he must always chant the Lord’s Names to avoid ghosts coming near them.

Ghosts and Doshas attack only those who have material attachments, indisciplined and eat meat. They can’t affect  the detached persons  (Only if we like to own something, it is called attachment.  Selfless love is not attachment.  It is mercy.)

Chant Hare Krishna (Anyone of any stage) and/Or Gayathri Manthra (After brahmana diksha) as much as possible with a DETACHED MINDSET..  No ghost can affect you and no dosha will affect you.

Additionally, you will get the blessings of your Pitras and they too get liberated or benefited with your sincere following of purity and devotion.

Hope this is clear about the Ghosts & Pitars in Pitru Loka (Ancestors).

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