Why should we worship the guru and devotees of Krishna? Why not directly Krishna?

Why should we worship the guru and devotees of Krishna? Why not directly Krishna?

Varshini Shree asked as given above.


There are hundreds of pages of reply for this question.  However, let us see a very few basic points about this.  Other points will be included in future wherever necessary.

We have no purity to go back to the world of Krishna and we are all conditioned souls.  We are contaminated with previous karma effects.  But, Only the purified souls can enter into Krishna’s world.   So, we have to understand that we must get purified first.

So, we need a person who is already self realized.  We need a Bonafide Guru to purify us and guide us in devotional practices.  So, we surrender to a guru and get guided, purified and eligible to enter Goloka.

So, we need to surrender to a bonafide guru so that he accepts your contamination and purify you by giving a new birth.  So, a guru is needed to purify us and take us to Krishna.

Not only the gurus. Those who help us in devotional service should also be honoured as we honour Krishna. Therefore, we should also honour the siksha gurus, fellow devotees (though junior to us).

By honouring the vaishnavas, we honour Krishna Himself.

Hence, honouring of Vaishnava is recommended.

There are incidents in scriptures about honouring the vaishnavas:

(1)  In the Padma Purana, it is said:

aradhananam sarvesam

visnor aradhanam param

tasmat parataram devi

tadiyanam samarcanam

Once, Parvati-devi asked Lord Siva, “Of all kinds of worship, whose worship is best?”

Then, Lord Siva told her plainly, “The worship and devotional service of Lord Narayana, Visnu, is the highest.”

Then Parvati became a little mortified and disappointed, thinking, “But I am serving Siva, so I hold a lower position.”

Then the next line came, “tasmat parataram devi tadiyanam samarcanam” that means: “But higher than the worship of Narayana is worship of the devotees of Lord Narayana. That is even greater than devotion to the Lord Himself.”

Then, Parvati smiled, thinking, “Then I am serving the devotee of the Lord.  Lord Shiva is a devotee: Vaisnavanam yatha sambhuh.  So, I am doing the best thing.”

(2)  An incident in Mahabharatha.  Once Yudhishtra came to meet Krishna in the late night.  Krishna was in dhyaan.

Yudhishtra asked Krishna:  “Krishna! You yourself is the Supreme Personality of Godhead.  Then  on whom you are in dhyaan?”

Krishna replied:  “Yudhishtra!  My devotees are above me. My devotee Bhishma is suffering on the bed of nails in the war field. I am worried. So, I am offering my prayers to my devotees”

(3) All of us are aware of Sudhama, whose feet was washed by the Lord Krishna Himself as a mark of true friendship.

Thus, Krishna Himself honours His devotees! Then, why can’t we honour the devotees of Lord?

Think it over!

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