How can a devotee who knows the pains in material life like to fall from Goloka?

How can a devotee who knows the pains in material life like to fall from Goloka?

B S Mahesh Kumar asked like this:

“Hare Krishna! Subh sandhya prabhu.  As I still have to clarify bit​ regarding counselling on 11th Oct. though Krishna reserved some Independence to everyone and everywhere. Then How could a devotee willingly able to think of material world when he is living with Krishna eternally​ and blissfully​ and as he is familiar with the material pains?

Why don’t Krishna understand and convince him (say) saying you don’t have to go there it is full of pains as you’ve already suffered much and you came to me detaching every material pains behind, when while his devotee thinking of going back to material planet leaving spiritual planet behind ?
I’m actually deep into it and curious to know further from u Prabhu.  Hare Krishna.


(1) Let a person has all the wealth – big house, cars, bank balance, beautiful wife, child, good health etc. He has no need to have any other worry.

But, his wife and child do not give him respect and his wife is the dominating the family. The wife receives all respects and appreciation from child and relatives. Though he has everything, he is not able to be a respectable leader of the family.

How will he feel?

He will develop some other circles like friends, business partners, etc and spend more time with them. He will not prefer to live with his wife and child who are not treating him as the leader of that family.

Day by day, these neglecting attitudes make him to think of other options.

(2) Let a cine actor marries an actress. That actress was acting only in a few films. This actor was popular at the time of marriage. They were living happily because his ego had been satisfied that he is more popular than his wife. At a point of time, one of the film of the wife was super hit and the films of the actor are utter flop. The wife started to earn more money and his demanding position weakened and he was not booked for new films. His wife is now earning acting in many films without rest.

Now, the actor feels that he is not welcomed like his wife now a days. This makes him to quarrel with his wife very often and they part each other.

These are the two examples to show that one’s needs should be satisfied for him to be happy.

Now, let us come to Goloka.

This devotee was following devotion to Krishna sincerely when he was in the material world. He was very much respected by a group of people for his devotional status.

Getting convinced with his devotion, Krishna allows him to come to Goloka and serve Him. While taking him to Goloka, Krishna does not take away his freedom to act even in Goloka. Krishna reserves this freedom at all places including Goloka.  He does not consider a devotee acting with free will in the material planet also. If he was serving selflessly to Krishna, Krishna takes that devotee to Goloka THOUGH SOME DESIRES ARE IN A HIDDEN STATE IN THE MIND OF DEVOTEE.  Because of the power of devotion, that devotee did not use that free will so far. That’s all. Krishna does not consider it as a disqualification. This is the causeless mercy of Krishna.

For better understanding, if a devotee is giving a pure selfless service, Krishna accepts that devotee at Goloka even with some defects out of his free will because it was allowed by Krishna Himself.

So, the devotee enters into Goloka though he has some hidden and unexposed desire out of his free will. This entry into the Goloka is the gift for His service to Krishna hiding all his personal choices and desires.

When we perform devotion sincerely, our personal desires are taken to a dormant state since we concentrate only in the devotion.  Krishna accepts us in this condition only. The devotee sacrificed his self interests for entire birth. This alone is rewarded by Krishna by allowing him to enter into Goloka.

Thus, the devotee comes to Goloka.

In Goloka, there are only two activities:

(1) Krishna is served. He is the only master there.

(2) The devotees serve Krishna.

This devotee who entered Goloka has his own free will in a dormant state. It does not come out easily because he will be busy serving Krishna there.

Since the free will is in a dormant state, it will come out at any time. It did not come out when he was in earth and hence he was allowed into Goloka.

Here, his service to Krishna continues. On earth, he served Krishna indirectly. Here, he serves directly. That is the difference.

He has freedom to act as in the earth even in Goloka. He can think of his own. Krishna never curtails this freedom of a devotee even in Goloka.

So, the devotee has the thoughts of his penances he performed when he was in the earth. So, comparative thoughts are possible.

On earth, he was honoured by a group of people. In the Goloka, He continues to honour Krishna. But, since everyone is busy in serving Krishna, this devotee some times think that Only Krishna is the honourable person in Goloka and he can only serve and he can’t be a leader to a group as he was on earth.

Just consider myself. I am now serving here. All of you are reading and appreciating me here. I get a boost. If I go to Goloka, I will remember my days on earth and the honours I received. However, I will be only serving Krishna there and you people will not message me appreciating me (Just for understanding).

This special honour received by me on earth was boosting my ego. In Goloka, though I will be serving Krishna, some times, I may think of my days in earth.

This may kindle my dormant free will of choosing my own way of life with honours. So, I just think how it will be if others serve me in Goloka, but, Only Krishna is receiving all the honours.

Just thinking, not even attempting to get the respect. Even this thinking is identified by Krishna. He understands that this devotee has started to use his free will to receive honours.

Since Krishna feels that this devotee may need some more grooming to be eligible to be in Goloka eternally, He sends that devotee to material planets again.

The point is that Krishna first gives us a chance to serve Him directly as a recognition of our services on earth. If He feels later that the devotee needs more time, he sends back here.  But, the same devotee will be subjected to severe conditions of material planets and within a few births, he will go back to Goloka again.

Understandably, this time, he will not even think of material planets.

A school appoints a teacher believing that he will be upto his qualification. If he is not upto the level, they send him for more training in some institutes and then take him again.

Similarly, Krishna sends us to material planet for some more training only to be gained through some more experiencce. Not permanently.

When he takes this devotee for the second or third time, the devotee would have become well trained with experience.

Hope you are clear about the causeless and merciful approach of Krishna and How a devotee who knows the pains in material life likes to fall from Goloka. We can give causes for His actions. But, His mercy is causeless.

Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.

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  1. Hare Krishna Prabhu… In your post on 16.10.18, u r saying that Krishna will send us back to material planets from Goloka if we need more time…. But He says in BG that One who enters His abode will Never return to material planets… Pls clarify !!! And u also mentioned that In Goloka only Krsna is the master and everyone else will serve Him. My big doubt is… What makes the Supreme God/Paramathma to be always Superior and the Souls like us always inferior (bcoz when we tend to lord over others, we take birth in material planets…. But the Supreme Lord never gets that tendency…… So this is like… The Supreme Personality alone will always be blissful and the souls like us r getting the tendency to lord over others and take repeated births…… But the Supreme God is always Eternal…… Why is this inequality ??
    And 1 more q… What decides the Gunas (3 modes of nature) of the conditioned soul in its human form ?? Is it fixed b4 birth or acquired in our young age ?? And could you pls explain why the Spirituality among People r decreasing yuga after yuga starting from Satya yuga…. thank you so much !! Pls hide my name.

    1. I will reply in site soon as a post since it needs to give more details. But, ask doubts that requires long answes through Feedback form. Not in comments. This comments facility is for commenting only and for asking small doubts.

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