(From the Life of Sri Caitanya Maha Prabhu)

Sri Caitanya maha Prabhu once made His mother sachi devi to realize her mistake and then gave her an opportunity to cook for Him even after He had taken  sanyasa. Maha Prabhu never failed to glorify Lord’s devotees.

Let us see this divine background that makes us feel not having taken birth during the period of Maha Prabhu.

Once Saci devi mentally criticized Advaita acharya.  This was known only to Advaita acharya, Saci devi and Sri Caitanya Maha Prabhu.

Because of her affection for her son, Sachi mentally criticized Advaita and no one knew except for her son, Gaura Hari (Maha Prabhu), who is the indweller of all beings.

On the day of the mahaprakasha in the house of Srivasa, when Mahaprabhu was fulfilling the desires of every one of his devotees by allowing them to see his divine form for twenty-one hours, Srivasa asked him whether Sachi Mata see His form at the house while on a visit to Nabadwip.

Mahaprabhu answered, “My mother has committed an offense against Advaita Prabhu, so I will not show her this form.”

When the devotees told Sachi what her son had said, she immediately went to Advaita and begged him for forgiveness.

After Advaita had heard Sachi’s confession , he began to glorify her as the one who had carried the Supreme Lord of all creation in her womb. He continued to do so until he became unconscious from the overwhelming love that he felt.

Only when he fell unconscious could Sachi finally take the dust of his lotus feet and thus be free from her offense.

Mahaprabhu was satisfied with his mother and showed her his glorious, divine form.

Another important lesson we can draw from this story is that Vaishnavas are never proud. Even though she had given birth to Lord Gaurahari, Sachi had no inflated pride as a result. As soon as she became aware of having committed an offense, she immediately went without any hesitation to Advaita and prayed to be pardoned.

The Lord Comes to Shantipur:

After Mahaprabhu had taken sannyasa from Keshava Bharati in Katwa, he became overwhelmed with love for Krishna and started to run toward Vrindavan.

With the help of some cowherd boys, Nityananda Prabhu tricked him into coming to the banks of the Ganges.

Nityananda wanted to show him to the people of Navadwip and wanted to bring him to Shantipur.

When Mahaprabhu saw the Ganges, he thought that it was the Yamuna and became ecstatic.

Meanwhile, Advaita had heard that Nityananda had brought Mahaprabhu there and came by boat across the river with new clothes for him.

Mahaprabhu was astonished to see Advaita, wondering how he could have known that he was in Vrindavan. Advaita answered by saying that Vrindavan was there wherever Mahaprabhu went and that the western flow of the Ganges was the Yamuna.

When he heard these words, Mahaprabhu realized that he had been tricked to coming to the western bank of the Ganges across from the town of Shantipur.

Advaita had him take a bath and dressed him in the new cloth and then took him to his house where he stayed for several days.

When Sachi and the people of Navadwip heard that Gaurahari was at Advaita’s they all came there to visit him. Seeing him in his dress as a sannyasi, they were felt joy mixed with separation.

Sita Thakurani prepared an immense meal and served it on whole leaves from seed-banana trees.

As Mahaprabhu and Nityananda ate, Advaita Prabhu talked and joked with them.

Mahaprabhu afterwards also ate foodstuffs prepared by Sachidevi in order to ease the suffering he had imposed on her by his departure.

The reunion of Devotees turned into a great festival, and Advaita’s house in the town of Shantipur was transformed into the city of Vaikuntha.

Everyone was dancing and singing the names of Hari. Advaita’s house became the city of Vaikuntha.

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