Devotion or Job nature of groom – Which a devotee girl should consider?

Devotion or Job nature of groom – Which a devotee girl should consider?

Actual Question:

Hare Krishna prabhu ji. I’m a non initiated shri Krishna devotee. I left non vegan diets after realizing shri Krishna’s bhakti, though I’m still non initiated. Prabhu ji my question is that i went to Iskcon mayapur one year ago and there I had a conversation with my aunt that if i marry ever, it will only a shri Krishna devotee. And by luck I found one. I was happy that I got a life partner whom I’ll do bhakti of the lord. I thought it’s all Lord’s will that because I went to his temple and talk about it he gave me this girl. But things doesn’t seem right now prabhu ji as her parents are not willing to let us marry as by profession I’m a marine engineer and they don’t like it. What to do prabhu ji, I really wanted both of us to marry and do bhakti together and become pure devotees of the lord and always engage our time in his service. I’ve also heard that being krishna conscious it elevates the family members too. I really wanted it to happen. Please advice what’s happening prabhu ji. Doesn’t shri Krishna want us to marry and that’s why he is making her parents react that way? Hare Krishna. Radhe radhe.


This is very unfortunate to confuse between Devotion or Job nature of groom.  They do not know the value of being a devotee.  The parents should give importance for devotion to the job if they consider between the Devotion or Job nature of groom.

Just because you will have to travel for many days on board the ship, they may hesitate to consider you for marriage.

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But, this is unwanted.

Getting a devotee match is a fortunate thing for a girl. So, the girl and her parents should make use of this opportunity at any cost.

A devotee girl may feel comfortable to live with a devotee military man. But, she will find it difficult to live with a non-devotee collector (IAS). Because, a girl devotee would not prefer luxuries, but, uninterrupted devotion even after marriage.

In India, there are lakhs of families in which the husband works in the Army/ Navy/ Air force, abroad, etc, and the wife and family live in their home town.  They can meet the husband/ father only once in a year for about a month.

If those families do not do such sacrifice,  no one can work in Army/ Navy/ Air force, abroad, etc.

Being a marine engineer is not that much difficult because they can meet their families more frequently.

They have forgotten an important aspect.

Always being together may become boring one day.  But, If the couples meet once or twice in a month, the love between them actually increases and remain intact throughout their life.


Anything, even sweets, if used frequently may cause a hatred.  But, meeting-parting type of life will always be filled with the undiluted love.

Her parents may not be able to decide  whether the Devotion or Job nature of groom – Which a devotee girl should consider?know the greatness of getting a devotee boy for their devotee girl.

Being the parents of the girl, they may be worried about the future of their daughter. But, they should give importance for the character of the bride/ groom.

The weakness with most of the parents is that they always prefer a groom with a 10am-5pm job.

This is not possible now a days.  Employers expect productivity from their employees.

The boys and girls too are looking for challenges in their career.  They do not like boring 10-5 jobs.

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The parents should understand this trend of today’s youth.

I have an example within my family itself.

My sister admitted her son in Computer Engineering.  He completed.  My sister expected him to go to I.T Companies.

But, he had a goal of going for army as an officer.

He attended the written exams (NDA) and succeeded in his first attempt itself.

Then, he succeeded in the interview also.

Now, he is an officer who is promoted fast and is earning very well. He has a job satisfaction also as he is serving the country and also doing a challenging job.

There was a girl who had a dream of marrying only such a boy from the country’s security services.  She happily married him. Now, they are living happily. She knows his job nature.  Therefore, she adjusts accordingly.  He is also happy because of her cooperation.

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He has taken his family also to his working place.  Whenever he has some sensitive tasks in his job at sensitive places, he sends his wife to be with my sister (her mother in law) for a short period.

My sister wanted him to work in an I.T company.  He was looking for a challenging army officer position.

Since he got his dream job, he is working with absolute dedication and is growing fast in his job.

This is the good trend of today’s youth.

We can not understand them, but, they are very brilliant and they always like to work with job satisfaction.

Therefore, being a marine engineer is your chosen job and  the girl and her parents should know the value of that job.

Therefore, someone should explain her parents properly.

Since that girl chose to marry you, she herself can explain her parents.

Or, if she does not know how to explain,  she may request any of her influential relative(s) to explain her parents about the greatness of getting a devotee guy.

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You yourself can meet her parents boldly and give them the assurance that you will keep her responsibly and your touring job will in fact help her perform her devotional practices more conveniently.

If that girl is strong in her a decision that out of Devotion or Job nature of groom, she should prefer devotion , her parents will consider her views seriously.  Advise her to be strong in her position.

Or, you can show this reply to the girl and her parents through her.

If they read this, they may understand the reality.

Now a days, getting a good devotee boy or girl is a fortunate thing.

If they are fortunate, let them recognize you and accept you.

Hope for good turn of events and pray to Krishna for this good cause of serving Him together with a devotee wife.

My advice to the devotee girls is that they can give some consideration though the boy has touring or challenging job, but, he is a good devotee.

Hope you are now clear about which is more important:  Devotion or Job nature of groom.

Best of luck.

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