You advise early marriage. What to do if planets delay the marriage?

You advise early marriage. What to do if planets delay the marriage?

Actual Question:

Sir I am absolutely at one with view that marriages should be held at early 20s. Unfortunately, in kaliyuga most of young generations have delay and instability in marriages due to planetary position in horoscopes. Suppose, if one has Saturn -moon combination in seventh house, one is bound to suffer.  Sir, kindly provide some solution to prevent delay and instability in marriage by your high esteemed opinion.


Getting married earlier is a general advice.  By getting married earlier, they can develop their children in their young age itself and settle them before they attain fifty.

In any aspect of life, there are excemptions.  A certain percentage of persons will have the karma of delayed marriage or no marriage or early marriage and split.

There are three cases in regards to the delay in marriage:

(1)  The marriage will definitely be delayed though we take all efforts.  This is a strong dosha.

(2) The marriage life will split if they marry earlier and will go normal if they postpone to above 28.

(3) The marriage will never happen in spite of all efforts.  This is the strongest dosha.

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Let us see one by one:

(1) In the first case,  the marriage efforts will end in failures in the first few attempts.  The planets will never allow the marriage to happen till the age of 28 (approximately).

For example, Rahu or ketu in the second or seventh houses.  In addition to this, the second or seventh house or its lord will be weak and Venus will be weak.  In such cases, the marriage will never happen till 28.

(2) In the second case, the same Rahu or Ketu will be in second or seventh houses.  At the same time,  the second or seventh house or its lords will be strong and/ or, Venus will be ok or strong.  In such cases, Rahu and Ketu will delay the marriage, but, Venus will arrange the marriage based on attractions. However, the effects of rahu and Ketu will interrupt the marriage life and hence there may be separation.

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(3) In the third case,  Some planets like Mars, Satturn will be in the second or seventh houses.  At the same time, the second or seventh house or its lord will be weak and Venus will be weak.  In such cases, the marriage will never happen throughout the life in spite of all the efforts.

These are all just a few example of planetary positions.  There can be some other positions also that delays or splits marriage.

We need not discuss about the third case further because that person has no marriage and he/ she can never marry.

In the first case, the person has marriage if he delays till a certain age.  The persons may wait till 28 (in the case of girls) or 32 (In the case of boys) and then marry.  The issues will be minimized  if we delay the marriage ourselves.  Why?  Because, we sacrifice the booming young age without marriage that acts as partial remedy for the dosha of delay in marriage.

In the second case,  the life of the person in marriage is at risk.  Because, the planets like Rahu-Ketu will delay the marriage.  However, other planets like Venus will make him to try for marriage with urge bypassing the effects of Rahu-Ketu.  In such cases, Rahu-Ketu will be silent for some period since venus is acting on the person to get them married.  After some months or years of marriage, Rahu or Ketu may cause quarrels and misunderstanding between the couples.  This may cause a separation between them.

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If these second case persons too delay their marriage till 28 (girls) or 32 (boys), then, they can minimize the negative effects of Rahu-Ketu.  But, the pitiful thing is that other plansts will push him in marriage.  If the person has strong will power to accept the karma and hence delay the marriage, he can avoid splits.

The difference between the first and second case is, in the first case, no other planets are ready to push them in marriage, whereas, in the second case, one or two other planets help them to enter into the marriage.  But, they do not take the responsibility for the long married life.

In the second case, the extra planets allow him to violate the karma, whereas, in the first case, because of the absence of extra planets in good condition, he is not allowed to violate.

That is why, if the marriage is delayed, one should accept it as the effect of his past karma and be patient till the marriage is arranged after some delay.

Therefore,  if there are no doshas, the person should enter into marriage earlier and face the life.  If there is dosha, they can accept the delay.

Hope this clears your doubt.


If the devotees marry to render the devotional service to Lord together without the objective of sense enjoyments, no dosha will affect them and their marriage life will go without interruption.  The condition is:  Marrying to serve the Lord.  Such marriages are also devotional services that are beyond planetary effects.  These above mentioned doshas are meant only to those who marry keeping sense enjoyments also in mind.  This is for the kind information of all the readers.

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