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Hare Krishna prabhuji! Anek dandavat!,please hide my name when u share this,because just like me there are many other family members and friends who regularly follow your post,we all love to read all of your posts and also a special mention for the very beautiful and ethereal pictures of Shri Krishna and Shrimati Radha rani!well my query is as follows: what kind of karma and prarabdha do people gather like doctors, especially gynecologists who not only deliver children also, and also abort, if required by situation,and wat about all those doctors who perform such procedures just for money?,what do the shastras say and what does His Holiness Srila Prabhupada say about such cases?, kindly reply. Thank u prabhuji .Hari bol


Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that instead of doing others’ dharma, it is good if we do our swadharma though it has some defects.  So, as a doctor, he/ she is or not doing her duty under the following conditions:

(1) If that doctor GENUINELY performs the delivery process, but the patient or child dies, the doctor does not add karma, because, she is doing her duty correctly, attentively and lawfully.

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(2) If the doctor is treating the patient CARELESSLY and WITHOUT ATTENTION, and because of his/ her carelessness, the patient dies, then, that doctor adds karma of killing that patient due to carelessness.  ONLY IF THE DOCTOR IS SINCERELY DOING HER DUTIES, HE/ SHE IS PROTECTED FROM ADDING KARMA.

(3) ABORTION IS A SIN. WHY?: None of our scriptures support aborting the baby. ABORTION IS A SIN AND KARMA GIVING. If the parents want to get their child aborted escape from their duties of protecting their child. In some cases, the child is aborted because the parent is not ready to get the child because of jobs or studies or some other personal reasons. In some cases, the baby is aborted knowing that it is a female child. In some cases, the baby is aborted because it was conceived because of illicit relations. In some other cases, the child is aborted because of premarital pregnancy. Thus, there are many reasons for abortion.

(4) If an abortion is performed, the doctor adds karma of killing a child.  Because, abortion is not recommended by scriptures. If abortion happens naturally, it is alright and it is as per the karma and horoscope. Horoscope indicates that one or two natural abortions may take place in spite of all care.

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(5) During abortion, a doctor (i) forcibly kills the foetus baby using drugs and then aborts it;  (OR) (ii) in extreme situations, the doctor mechanically cuts the healthy baby foetus inside the womb in to many pieces and then takes them out of the womb.

So, in both cases, killing happens. ABORTION IS A SIN AND KARMA FOR PARENTS AND DOCTORS! Yes, to both the parents and doctors.

(6) The first organ that is created in a bay inside womb is its heart.  So, if heart is killed, it means, killing the whole baby, because all the organs start to grow slowly.

(7) So, abortion is unlawful as per scriptures. But, the governments do not object abortion because the population may come down.  But,  the doctor and all the relatives who agreed to and supported the abortion gains karma.

(8) If a doctor likes to be karma free, he/ she must refuse to perform Abortion unless there is a threat that the health of mother can not bear the growth of baby.

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Srimad-Bhagavatam – 5.17.12, purport:

“In this sinful age of Kali, people have even taken to the process of killing the child in the womb. This is the most degraded practice; it can only perpetuate the miserable material conditions of those who perform it.”

Srimad-Bhagavatam – 6.16.14, purport:

“The practice of killing children has existed in human society for a long time—since time immemorial—but in the days of yore it was very rarely performed. At the present moment, however, in this age of Kali, abortion—killing of the child within the womb—has become very common, and sometimes a child is even killed after birth. If a woman performs such an abominable act, she gradually loses all her bodily luster . . . Any woman who has ever performed such an infamously sinful act must atone for it. but no one now is doing that. Under the circumstances, the women responsible must suffer in this life and the next. Those who are sincere souls, after hearing this incident, should refrain from such child-killing and should atone for their sinful activities by taking to Krishna consciousness very seriously. If one chants the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra without offenses, all of one’s sinful actions are surely atoned for immediately, but one should not commit such deeds again, for that is an offense.”

Hope you are clear now.

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