Why Krishna makes devotees suffer against His assurance in Gita 18.66?

Why Krishna makes devotees suffer against His assurance in Gita 18.66?

Navneet Banzal asked like this:

“In one of your post you wrote that your material life became miserable when you became full time devotee and then you switched over to balance devotional life? So you followed “sarva dharman paritajaya”then why krsna let you suffer? Is “sarva dharman paritajaya ” not applicable in kaliyug? So in what circumstances we can follow this shloka?”


Krishna assures in Bhagavad Gita (18.66) Popularly like this:

sarva-dharman parityajya
mam ekam saraṇam vraja
aham tvaṁ sarva-papebhyo
mokṣayiṣyami ma sucaḥ

“Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.”

Many of us may come from many kinds of religious practices. There are hundreds of religions and sampradhayas in this world.  Everyone claims his path as superior. This is going on causing confusion among the people.

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Not only confusion, it causes fear also.


One may be following a particular sect. A person following another sect may tell him that his sect will be very effective in giving everything one needs. If he switches on the television, so many personalities offer paid programs claiming their path very beneficial.

Therefore, that person develops a fear whether he is following a wrong or inefficient pathof religion.

He ends up in following nothing.

He is also packed with the fear of four miseries of life – Birth, diseases, old age and death.


Krishna solves this multiplicity of religious practices in this sloka 18.66 clearly.

He tells us to surrender unto Him abandoning all types of our religious activities.  He assures us that He wil deliver us from all sinful reactions.

Your question is :  If He delivers surrendered devotees, why Krishna makes devotees suffer including me.

Krishna has said perfectly that He will deliver from all sinful reactions.

Delivering from sinful reactions means, clearing all our pending karma.

Karma means,, not a small baggage.  It is a lorry load (Ha Ha) that we did in many of our births.

We find it difficult to clear the dust accumulated in our house daily.  Imagine how difficult it will be to clear the home of it had been locked for ten years!

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The karma we accumulated in all our previous births will take many more births to clear.

However, Krishna decides to cler our karma within a birth or two.

So, He fastens the karma clearing process and gives the moderated reactions for our past karma within this birth or in two births.

He wants to take us back as early as possible.

He can clear all our pending karma within a single shot.

But, He will not do like that to all the devotees except in the case of very exalted sanyasis or detached devotees.

If he clears all our karma with a single shot, He can not justify to the the persons affected by us in our previous abd present births.

So, Krishna gives some tolken pains/ reactions and makes us free from allour karma.

This is what He has said in B.G 18.66 that He will deliver us from all the sinful reactions.

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He did not say that He will clear karma in a single shot.

It is reserved for exalted persons only.

For other devotees, He clears his karma within a birth or two or more according to their surrender level, material detachment level and the level of attachment to Krishna..

But, He will deliver His devotees without fail.

That is why the devtees like me are suffering excessively.

I do not expect you to believe this statement of mine:  I Pray to Krishna to purify me at any cost and engage myself in His service wherever I am. I also pray to Hm that He should not involve me in sinful acts in this birth through maya as I am committed to Krishna alone.  Even when I was in the hospital bed in 2019 when the doctors did not give hope, I prayed to Krishna to keep me alive if He feels that my services are eligible to continue. And if not, He can take me.

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This mindset makes Krishna committed to Me to purify me.  I stopped dreaming for marriage, girls, money, etc in my age 24 and dedicated myself to Krishna’s service. I was and am ready to accept whetever happens in my life, whatever I get, etc.   So, He is giving so many problems to me.  I happily accept them as the mercy of Krishna.

Krishna is making the devotees to take care of the needs of this service and me.  I entrusted myself to Krishna. In turn, Krishna entrusted myself to the devotees. So it is running without Break.

I request our beloved devotees to commit to Krishna. In turn, He will commit to you very strongly.

If you fear for more problems, devotional way of life can not be followed.  Delivering from sins means freeing up by giving reactions, not magically in all cases. That is why Krishna makes devotees suffer.

Kunti Devi prayed to Krishna to give more and more problems so that she will always remember Him.

Though you do not pray to give more problems like Kunti devi, atleast learn to cross all the coming problems as a spectator of our own life and as the mercy of Krishna who is cleansing you. Thank Krishna for His mercy.

This is the ultimate state of mind a devotee should develop.

If you come to that stage, it is the ultimate victory of this Preaching service.

Hope you are now clear about why Krishna makes devotees suffer against His assurance in Gita 18.66 that He will deliver them from all the sins.

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