Lion’s Bad Breath – Story

Lion’s Bad Breath – Story

One lion was residing in the jungle.

One day he killed a young deer.

He ate it and still he was not satisfied.

So, the lion thought for a plan.

He went and sat leisurely beside a huge tree.

Meanwhile, a sheep was passing by.

The Lion asked the sheep, “O sheep, tell me the truth. Does my mouth have bad breadth?”

Lion opened his mouth, and sheep replied “Yes, O king, your mouth has a bad breadth.”

Lion was angry and said “what did you say? Does anyone say that to king of the jungle. Do you have etiquettes or not?”

Saying so, the lion slapped the sheep with his paws and the sheep lost her life.

After a while, a jackal was passing by.

The lion asked him, “O jackal, tell me the truth. Does my mouth have bad breadth?”

Saying so, the lion opened his mouth. Jackal thought “If I say that your mouth smells, then angrily the lion will tear me apart.”

At that moment, the jackal saw the dead sheep.

Seeing this, the jackal said “O king, can your mouth ever have bad breadth? Your mouth does not stink of flesh even a bit.”

The lion furiously said “I just now ate a young deer and I have not even drank water. How is it possible that my mouth does not stink? You have lied and there is no place for a liar in my kingdom.”

Saying this, the lion slapped the jackal with his paws and sent him to the abode of Yamaraj.

After a while, a fox was passing by.

The lion called him and asked. “O fox tell me the truth. Does my mouth has bad breadth.

The fox saw that the sheep and the jackal were lying dead near the lion.

Fox went near the lion and smelled his mouth. Then he kept his hand on his head and raising the nose he said, “O king please forgive me. I have such bad cold that I cannot even understand whether your mouth has bad breadth or not?”

Hearing this, the lion was bewildered.

He did not know what to do.

Meantime, the fox bowed down and quickly walked off.


One has to deal intelligently with people who have power – A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada


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