Why Krishna gives more problems to His devotees, but helping many non devotees?

Why Krishna allows His devotees face Problems, and others to enjoy?

Two Similar Questions from the devotees who requested anonymity:

(1)  jai shree Krishna… I want to ask does people face problems and troubles while coming to spiritual path….. if yes why does Krishna create such problems…. he should support them.

(2) “Please post as anonymous!  Hare Krishna, please accept my humble obeisances.

My entire family have been practicing to be krishna consciousness for the past few decades and we are all vegetarians. We see so many people eating Go mata and other animal flesh but prosper and are blessed with health, wealth and family.

We  are struggling.  Why this is happening to us.  Thank you. Haribol.”


This question can also be asked like this:

Why Krishna allows His devotees face Problems, and others to enjoy?

I can give a 3 lines reply like this:

“This is the view of those who do not know the real greatness of spitual happiness of athma connecting with Krishna. Material happiness binds one with material world, whereas, Spiritual happiness relieves one from material pains permanently”

However, for those who need more explanation, let me expand this

Those meat eaters and even many atheists are MATERIALLY enjoying now because, they might have been good people in their previous births and might have helped many people financially.  Because of their blessings and good karma, they have taken birth in the rich families or become rich, and enjoying all the comforts.

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Since they are misusing the current good life and are eating meat now, they will be given reaction for this meat eating in their next birth. It will be a very serious reaction and may be even animal births if they waste their life and also eating meat.

If you are facing more problems though you are a good devotee, it is not the trouble given by Krishna.  It is the mercy of Krishna that makes Krishna gives more problems to His devotees!

Of course, it is because of your past karma.  You may be a good person and a good devotee in this birth.  But, you do not remember what you did in your previous births. Krishna has not given us the capacity to remember them.

We have to remember that we all are the conditioned souls. We are controlled by our past deeds in various births.  This is an unchangeable fact.

If you are facing the problems through your relatives, you might have tortured your relatives in your previous birth(s).

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If others are cheating you, You would have cheated many persons in your previous birth.  They would have felt the pain of your cheatings in that birth.  Some might have even cursed you.

If you are suffering with funds shortage and loans you would have failed to help the suffering people in your previous birth though you had been given good wealth. So, you are facing the reactions in the form of loans (shortage of money) in this birth.

Problems are always short lived.  As happiness are temporary, the problems are also temporary in this material world.  So, don’t lose hope.

So, understand that you are suffering because of your past karma.  Since you have faced the reaction, you have got purified.  If you patiently face most of your reactions, there will not be this much of difficulties in your life in future.

Facing problems is good for you.  If you escape from your family’s tortures by any means, your past karma will remain pending to be faced in the next birth.  Therefore, you will have to take another birth and face the same problem in the next birth.


Ok, What about the question Why Krishna gives more problems to His devotees, but helping many non devotees.

Once you start to serve Krishna, He takes all the steps to call you back to Him within this birth after cleansing you from karmic reactions very fast.

The devotees get more problems because Krishna is cleansing them fast by giving problems, ie, reactions to their past karma in the faster phase.

Karma is actually a contamination/ impurity.  Krishna is very pure.  There are no sins in Goloka and only a pure soul can enter into Krishna’s Kingdom-Goloka.  That is why, Krishna takes steps to clear your karmic reactions by giving the reactions very fast to be cleared within this birth.

That is why, the devotees face more problems to clear all their pending karma FASTER.

However, as Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita, His devotee never perishes.  If you chant regularly and follow the recommended devotional practices, no one can bring you down. You will go closer to Krishna day by day as your karma is being cleared by Krishna very fast and you are becoming pure to become eligible to go back to Krishna.

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Therefore, it is better for you to bear all the pains that you face now.  Thus, you can nullify all your past karma and become eligible to go back to Krishna.  Therefore, feel happy that your karmic reactions are getting reduced day by day by facing it.

I hear your murmur:  “It is very painful. How to bear them?”

Yes.  Here comes the devotional practices and sathsangha (association of devotees). Involve in devotional practices more sincerely.  Chant Hare Krishna Maha Manthra as many rounds as possible. Read the books written by Srila Prabhupada and other important acharyas that are effective in protecting you from sinning.  Have the association of devotees in the satsangha in temples. You will be able to bear all these tortures.

By doing so atleast to some extent, you will get good next birth in which you can undergo your Krishna Conscious practices still comfortably.

Who knows? If your saadhanas (Devotional Practices) are perfect, you may stop taking birth with this birth itself and go back to Krishna’s world where there is no karmic effects and pains. Only Bliss and Service to Krishna everywhere.

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Therefore, without losing hope, continue your Krishna Conscious practices.  You will be relieved soon and you will either get good next birth (or) no birth at all and eternal life in Golaka.

All for your goodness.

Try for that TOPMOST STATUS IN KRISHNA’s KINGDOM  instead of worrying for the tortures in this birth.



So, bear the pains.   Only when a stone faces repeated attacks, it can become an idol/ deity of the God.

Pray to Krishna to give strength to bear the pains.  That is the right prayer.  He is giving that strength even without asking Him. You can realize that because you are still stable even after so many problems.

Hope you are clear now about Why Krishna gives more problems to His devotees, but helping many non devotees.

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Author: RAJAN

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