Serving Krishna even when we struggle in (or) for life? – My Experience – PART-1!

Serving Krishna even when we struggle in (or) for life? – My Experience – PART – 1!


Actually, I, a middle aged person, never did any health check ups in my life time and I did only the last month when I had continuous fever in my body.

When I consulted a few local doctors for fever, they just treated for ordinary fever and neither of the two recommended blood test to know the cause of fever.

10 days were wasted like this without a blood test.

Because of continuous fever for 10 days, I had dehydration also.

But, I had been suffering with Viral fever that was found only after I went to a multi speciality hospital.

Since it was more than 12 days, all my vital organs including lungs had been affected by the Virus.

My heart too had Viral Cardiomyopathy that enlarged the heart a little bit.

Because of that enlarged heart, the velocity/ rate of pumping by the Left Ventricle came down to 26-30% in two different echo tests.

So, liquid accumulation in lungs.

The kidneys too started to fail as lungs had been affected.  I did not pass urination for three days.

The Viral attack did not spare my liver also.

So, all my body’s vital organs became severely affected with Viral infection.

The doctors said that my heart is dying and I may die at any time. All my relatives started to shed tears.

I fought and got special permission to take Laptop to the ICU as I can not stop serving the devotees who will be expecting the posts every day.

I was updating the site with counselling as usual from the ICU.

This determination might have touched Krishna who might have been testing my determination in His service.

Within 4 days, the lungs, liver and kidneys were cleared from infection and  damage by giving the heavy doses of suitable antibiotics and diuretics by the doctors through I.V.

Now, I myself had invited a problem.

Since I did not pass urine for 3-4 days, I thought that it was because of dehydration. So, to pass urine, I took 3-4 liters of water in that winter season.  Since the kidneys too had been affected, even after taking liters of water, the kidneys struggled to manage the incoming water accumulation.

So, water accumulation throughout my body.

Since my heart too had been affected by Viral cardiomyopathy, the excess water accumulation in the body made the heart very weak to fight more to pump.

The Medical report of my heart at that time has been attached with THIS POSTSee there and Read that article.

So, the doctors cleared all the excess water from my body by admitting me in the ICU and giving heavy doses of diuretics.

Then, my heart and lungs became free from the pressure of liquids.

Then, my body started to stabilize slowly.

Now, I am taking the tablets for strengthening my heart that had been affected with Viral Cardiomyopathy.

Now, I am able to work as usual with energy that is supplemented by the tablets.

I have normal Blood Pressure (B.P); Normal Blood Sugar (Non Diabetic);  And I have not yet faced a heart attack (No Cardio Vascular disease).

Just strengthening of my heart through tablets is going on.

I will have to take the tablets for long time. This should strengthen my heart that had been affected earlier.

So, the heart may come to its normal size gradually. Then, the Cardiomyopathy will come down.

Till that period, the doctors have advised me to reduce my work load pressures and tension.

So, I have reduced my works except my devotional service of preaching to all of you about Krishna and I am continuing this service as usual.

All of you are getting the posts from my affected and improving heart (!!!).

This is called service.  A service to Krishna should be extended even if we face severe testing situations, even in a dying condition.

Though I was struggling in the hospitals and home for 45 days, I never stopped this service even a single day.

That is why, Krishna did not allow me to face a heart attack and indicated my problem even when it was small that can be managed with the tablets.

He made a big problem small for His insignificant devotee, Me.

The doctors and relatives wonder how I did not face a heart attack even when my heart had been affected.

This is the causeless mercy of Krishna.

He allowed me to suffer for my karma, but, made the suffering manageable with the tablets.

Throughout this episode, I never cried or worried because I had firm faith in the mercy of Krishna.  That is why, I could have served for the Lord for more than eight years without skipping even a single day.

There is a remarkable miracle here.  I actually had the disturbance of piles and the doctors were planning for piles surgery.  But, when the heart enlargement was detected, the doctors started to treat for that and I am improving now. When they started their treatment, all the pains of piles have disappeared and there is no symptom of pile there.  So, the doctors said that there is no need for any pile surgery since it has settled silently.

The devotees need not worry about my life and Krishna has saved me from facing heart attacks, B.P, Diabetes, etc. I am just taking treatments to further strengthen my heart. I have to reduce my stress. That’s all.

Now, since the devotees are little bit supporting me, I am able to manage a  part of my extra expenses. I am thankful to all those merciful devotees who are supporting me with Lakshmi that gives a value for this service.

If more and more devotees regularly support like this, this service will get its true value and I can even do only this preaching work reducing or stopping my business work load. I hope that the devotees will be broad minded in REGULARLY supporting this service understanding the genuine needs of this service and the suffering person behind this service. One thing is clear.  I am not going to lead a luxurious life with these small earnings, but they may help me to just manage the service to the Lord and also my disturbed life.  No more motives or plans and the sincere devotees of the Lord do not make luxurious plans.  They just work for Krishna and also to manage the basic needs of their life.

To support our service and me, THIS PAGE has the details and payment gateways.

Hope our devotees are relieved now. Krishna will allow me to serve all of you for some more time, I have that hope and I too like to die only after meeting all of you by arranging a special sathsangha place.


To function in Krishna Consciousness even during the testing times, we need firm faith in the existence and subtle support of Krishna.

Krishna created us.  In fact, there is no distance between ourselves and Krishna because He is living within us as Paramathma.  So, whatever we think, whatever we worry, etc, will immediately be known to Krishna.  So, Krishna knows all our pains.

Even without asking Him, Krishna knows what we need.  However, He does not okay anything immediately.  He first evaluates whether any boon will affect our spiritual standing.  Only if it will help for Spiritual advancement, Krishna okays it.

In the case of Srila Prabhupada, he could not come out of family for decades even after his guru asked him to preach world over.  He was again and again experimenting with his business that did not help him much.  So, the entry of Srila Prabhupada was getting delayed.  So, Krishna made Srila Prabhupada quit his business and enter into the full time preaching service for Krishna.

This means that Krishna is taking all kinds of steps to cultivate and utilize a devotee who take some efforts towards Him.


The physical illness that was given to me by Krishna this month was also a trick made by Him to make me very matured. He has given me the following lessons through this illness:

(1) Take sufficient rest after every few hours of work.

(2) Do not do the similar job for long. Add varieties in your job.

(3) Take a decision between your business and full time preaching. Take one and quit another. Earn something through preaching service and take care of yourself that is the recommended  business of brahmanas and throw the material business. Don’t fight with the both at the same time.

(4) If you serve me (Krishna) sincerely, I will protect you. So, do not hesitate.

(5) Do not hate people and desert the relatives and friends. Because, during your illness, only your relatives were supporting you.  So, encourage others to live with a group of relatives and friends.  Let them not hate the people just because they do not know about Krishna. They have hearts. It will help u.

(6) Do not discourage marriage in preaching. If anyone has interest in marrying, let him marry. If anyone seriously hate marriage, advice him/ her to save sufficiently for old age homes in future. Just advise others to marry well known relatives or friends instead of strangers. Because, only your spouse will clean your butt when you are on bed. If that spouse happens to be  arrogant, with indiscipline, etc, do not discourage divorcing.

(7) Take serving Krishna as your first duty of life. So, you will serve in any stage.

(8) If you get illness, straightaway go to a good hospital that has all the testing facilities and multiple doctors.  Take treatments only after testing the blood/ urine.

(9) Most importantly:  DRINK SUFFICIENT WATER – ATLEAST 2 LITERS A DAY EITHER DIRECTLY OR AS JUICES. DO NOT AVOID WATER JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO PASS URINE EVERY FEW HOURS. IF YOU HAVE FEVER, TAKE STILL MORE WATER. if the fever continues more than 2 days, take full blood test. DEHYDRATION IS BECOMING THE SERIOUS KILLER ISSUE NOW A DAYS. Ms. J.Jayalalithaa, the Ex.C.M of Tamil Nadu died of dehydration and then cardiac issues.  So, keep your water content sufficient in your body. Since I went to that hospital in time, I could save my life this time.

Even when Srila Prabhupada travelled in the Jaladhootha ship, he suffered two heart attacks.  Ordinary persons will definitely return or cancel his trip.  But, he continued his travel and survived more than a decade in which he suffered another heart attack.  Usually, a person does not survive in the third attack but, Srila Prabhupada survived.

How?  Because Krishna knew the real intentions of Srila Prabhupada to genuinely serve Him by spreading His glories all over the world.

Srila Prabhupada entrusted himself in the hands of Krishna.  So, everything happened as per the will of Krishna.

In my case, I have really felt that Krishna has been supplying all my genuine needs even without asking, if it will help my spiritual growth.  Until I remain humble and do not misuse the blessings of Lord, he will help me.  If I develop ego or pride and if I start to misuse the blessings of Lord, then, I can not get the special protection by Lord.

So, the best way to deal with the Lord is this:  Just put your faith in the Lord.  Just perform your duties without agitations and considerations.  Whenever you face problems, just chant Lord’s names without any expectations. This will definitely strengthen your heart. Whether you recognize or not, Lord will be helping you by providing all your genuine needs.  And, accept whatever is offered by the Lord. And, always believe that Krishna will offer something only if it will do good for you.  If He does not offer anything, that means, it is not favourable for us.

If you have this mindset, you will be free from worries and agitations.

This is the best way of acting in Krishna Consciousness.

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Author: RAJAN

RAJAN from Tamil Nadu, India, a Life Patron and an Initiated Devotee being in ISKCON for nearly three decades, serves anonymously to avoid Prominence and crowd as an insignificant, Humble and Neutral Servant for all the devotees of Krishna! He promotes Social media forums and this blog-website as e-satsangha (e-forums) blessed with Lakhs of followers, to give Spiritual Solutions for all the Material Problems of the devotees since 2011! He writes friendly and practical tips to practice devotion (i) without hurting the followers of other paths, (ii) without affecting the personal and career life, and (iii) without the blind, superstitious and ritualistic approach! He dedicates all the glories and credits to his Guru and Krishna.

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