Is it true that Krishna delays giving wealth though we pray?

Is it true that Krishna delays giving wealth though we pray?

Krishna loves His devotees. He will give something to His devotees only if it will elevate them.

Yes, in many cases, Krishna delays giving wealth though we pray.

Not only wealth. He may delay giving any boon.

All for our goodness and elevation only.

If a devotee is proud of his being wealthy or if he likes to come to serious devotion, but his wealth is blocking him, in that case, Krishna will take back his wealth so that he comes to the devotional way of life seriously giving up attachment to materials including money.

If a devotee’s devotional growth is delayed because of non availability of money, Krishna gives Him money.

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But, it is conditional.

Krishna is aware that he may become addicted to money if He gives him money.  So, He first purifies him from his attachment and desires for adding wealth and then gives him money.

Yes, Krishna takes his desires for money and then gives money.

Because of this clever action, the person will not misuse the wealth and he will spend the wealth for needy people.

If not purified first, he will use the wealth for unwanted expenses that will pull him from devotional way of life.


So, the Point is:  Krishna first evaluates our inner thoughts and also our past karma. He says in Bhagavad Gita that He knows all our previous births.

This analysis is not done by demigods (other gods). They can not find and evaluate all our previous births. Their capacity is limited. So, they some times give wealth though the person may misuse it. We have heard stories that some demons get boons from the demigods and then involve in so many atrocities.

Krishna is the Paramathma who knows the karma of all the athmas when they were in different bodies. So, after evaluating everything, Krishna either gives wealth after purifying us or refuses to give wealth.

So, it is wise and safe for us to accept what Krishna decides.  Just pray for your needs (He Himself knows our needs) and accept whatever Krishna offers.

This is the right approach.


Let me explain this with a Story said by Srila Prabhupada in his Lecture on SB 1.2.12 — Los Angeles, August 15, 1972:

“One must be first of all faithful. Faithful. Sraddadhanaḥ. He must be very much eager to see God, actually. Not that as a proclivity, frivolous thing, “Can you show me God?” A magic, just like God is a magic. No. He must be very serious: “Yes, if there is God… We have seen, we have been informed about God. So I must see.”

There is a story in this connection. It is very instructive; try to hear.

One professional reciter was reciting about Bhagavata, and he was describing that Krsna, being very highly decorated with all jewels, He is sent for tending the cows in the forest.

So there was a thief in that meeting.

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So he thought that “Why not then go to Vrndavana and plunder this boy? He is in the forest with so many valuable jewels. I can go there and catch the child and take the, all the jewels.”

That was his intention.

So, he was serious that “I must find out that boy. Then in one night I shall become millionaire. So much jewelries. No.”

So he went there, but his qualification was that “I must see Krsna, I must see Krsna.”

That anxiety, that eagerness, made it possible that in Vṛndavana he saw Krsna.

He saw Krsna the same way as he was informed by the Bhāgavata reader.

Then he saw, “Oh, oh, you are so nice boy, Krsna.”

So he began to flatter.

He thought that “Flattering, I shall take all the jewels” (laughter).

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So when he proposed his real business, “So may I take some of your these ornaments? You are so rich.”

(Krishna said):”No, no, no. You… My mother will be angry. I cannot…” (laughter).

Krsna as a child. So he became more and more eager for Krsna.

And then… By Krsna ‘s association, he had already become purified.

Then, at last, Krsna said, “All right, you can take.” Then he became a devotee, immediately. Because by Kṛṣṇa’s association…

So some way or other, we should come in contact with Krsna.

Some way or other. Then we’ll be purified.”

So, Just accept whatever Krishna offers. It will be for your elevation in the devotional status.

Krishna did the same for Srila Prabhupada by taking his wealth. I too have personal experience in this matter that I have explained in some of my posts. So, I am sure about this.

Are you clear now about whether Krishna delays giving wealth?

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Author: RAJAN

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