How Krishna records the karma of more than 800 crores of people?

How Krishna records the karma of more than 800 crores of people?

A male devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Hare Krishna prabuji I have one question in my mind there are almost 800 crore people on earth how Krishna ji see all people’s work and there are so many animals birds insect etc so how Krishna see all their karma. how Krishna can think who had done good or bad and how Krishna manage all planets earth especially. please tell about this”


Interesting and Innocent doubt.

This is just a single planet. In fact, Krishna is managing innumerable planets like earth where people are living in different forms.

At a time, 1000’s of people speak through a single mobile tower.  How all the 1000’s of calls reach their destinations at the same time?   It is the technology.


More than 10 lakhs landline wired phone connections are connected through a single Electronic Telephone Exchange at a time.

A single transponder in a satellite that is situated in the sky, delivers television visuals and audio to crores of houses on earth at the same time.

These are all just examples.

If the man-made instruments have this much of capacity,  can you imagine the capacity of the person who created that man himself and all the creations?

But, the difference is:  The man needs a device to send or receive any signal.  If that device battery is exhausted, it can not function.

But,  Lord has given senses (devices) so powerfully.  Our brain acts like a RECEIVER, or, MOBILE INSTRUMENT.

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Lord acts as the Master Server or Telephone exchange or Mobile Tower.

Whatever you do in your mobile using SIM card is recorded in the MASTER SERVER (Computer) of the telephone company.  None of your activity can escape from the accessibility of master computer server.

If the operator in front of the master computer disconnects the link between you and master computer, then, your SIM Card is dead.  Useless.

Similarly,  we are always connected to Krishna.  Krishna has a master computer called KARMA NETWORK.  Our mind is always linked to the master server of Krishna, ie, Karma Network.

So, whatever you do is recorded in the Karma Network (Master server).  According to that storage, the master server automatically decide your next birth and thus, directs the athma (you) towards the body of a suitable living being.


The same Karma network (master computer) fixes the tenure of our HELL TERM and HEAVEN TERM after leaving the body. Chitra Gupta is the manager of all the recordings of Karma Network. The Yama uses the recordings of Karma Network maintained by Chitra Gupta and declare the judgement.

Krishna usually do not interfere in this Karma Department, ie, Krishna does not USUALLY make any changes in the master computer.

However, when any devotee prays for any favour from Krishna, Krishna just verifies your records in His master computer,ie, Karma Network, and decide whether to give that favour or not.

If our karma records say that I will be killed by my son if I give birth to a son, then, Krishna does not offer any boon of childbirth to me IF I AM A DEDICATED DEVOTEE.  This is to safeguard His devotees and to help him to perform his devotional practices well.

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If there is no PRAYERS FROM SINCERE DEVOTEE, then, Krishna never interfere in this karma network.  He allows the master computer to write the destiny of that person according to the past and present activities of that person.

Thus, whatever you think, speak, or do,  through mind and body, is recorded in the KARMA NETWORK (master server) of Krishna.

So, no one can escape from Krishna’s network THOUGH KRISHNA IS LIVING IN GOLOKA.

Don’t forget, Krishna has a router in the body of every individual.  This router is Himself in the form called as PARAMATHMA and it is situated in the heart of every individual.  Krishna Himself is living as Paramathma in every body.

So, whatever you do can not escape from the attention of Krishna.

Then, what is the problem for Krishna in managing innumerable universes?

If a single switch can destroy the entire universe through a atom bomb, Krishna’s just thought can destroy entire creations and they come back again when He thinks so.

He can do anything because He is the source and controller for all.

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Author: RAJAN

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