Kali Devi comes and calls me in my dreams though I am a Krishna devotee. What to do?

Kali Devi comes and calls me in my dreams though I am a Krishna devotee. What to do?

Actual Question by a girl devotee (Name hidden):

Hare Krishna Prabhuji; Pranam; just need one suggestion; as you know I am devotee of Lord Krishna/ Vishnu; but off late I keep seeing Goddess Kali Ma pictures everywhere I go; it’s seems she is calling me; and yesterday I even saw her in my dreams; please tell me what I need to do?? this has started since a month or two


If a girl thinks of Krishna and a boy simultaneously and sincerely, even that boy comes in our dream.

If we have some attachment with Krishna and also much attachment with the Pizza, even that pizza comes in our dreams.

That is why, I have been writing in my posts that both material as well as spiritual attachments can’t coexist simultaneously.

If we go spiritual, we should not care the materials, or, we should treat those materials as tools to serve the Lord Krishna.

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This is the right mindset.

Durga, Kali Devi, Sarasvati, etc are related to material planets and they take some responsibilities related to the material world.

If you need material benefits, they can provide them, that too after the approval of Krishna, because, Krishna is the owner of all the wealth.

And, if you pray to them to get Krishna, they can help by giving their blessings.

Since you have attachment with Kali devi also, in addition to Krishna, she is also coming in your dreams.

She may call you to engage you more in material affairs.

It is your responsibility to decide whether you need elevation to Krishna’s abode or to continue to suffer in these material planets.

If your desire is to get elevated, stop attaching to Krishna and giving all respects to other deities.

Attachment should be with Krishna, while respecting other gods. This is important.

Chant Krishna’s names with taste;  Love Krishna from heart; Fill your heart with Krishna.

Then, there will be no room for any other thoughts.

Now your mind will be clear.  Therefore, no other gods or persons will come in your dream.

I never say not to worship any other deities.

I just advise you to ask Krishna from any other deity.

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In India, every family will have a god acquired through generations that is called family deity.  Scriptures say that everyone should regularly attend the temples of his family god.

My family god is Durga devi since many generations. And, Krishna is our family’s prime deity. My father was the fond reciter of Vishnu Sahasra Nama.  No ISKCON those days to preach only about Krishna.

I give much respects and honours to my family God Durga.  Every person should respect his family god that comes through generations as said by the scriptures.

However, being the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krishna Consciousness was easily adopted by me after the network expansion of ISKCON in my period.  But, Just because accepting Krishna as Supreme Lord, I never gave up my family god because I treat her like my mother.

I am giving sufficient honours to her as a Krishna devotee has no partialities and cruelties.

However, when I go to the temple of my family God, I start chanting Krishna’s names there also.


Because, I request my improvement in the devotion to Krishna from my family god also.

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At the same time, I am respecting my family god also.

Since Durga devi is the sister of Krishna, she becomes double happy.

You may be aware, every sister loves her brother like anyone else.

The brother-sister relation is sweet one.  Do you agree?

Everyone comes to my family god Durga praying for some benefits for them.

But, I pray to her to give her brother Krishna to me.

Therefore, she must like me and my genuine and topmost desire – a spiritual desire to get Krishna.

I hope that she too will be recommending to Krishna for me.

This is what called balancing everything in our life.

If I reject my family god Durga for performing Krishna Consciousness, I will be a fool.

Instead, we should even use the association of Durga to Get Krishna.

Similarly, if you like Kali devi, pray to her to give more and more Krishna bakthi to you.

Also follow all the practices for Krishna.

Now, Krishna will come in your dreams.  Kali devi will not call you, but, will push you towards Krishna.

OK? Understood?

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