Demigods help faster than Krishna and my friends got promoted while I am not yet. Why?

Demigods help faster than Krishna and my friends got promoted while I am not yet. Why?

Actual question from a woman devotee:

Hare Krishna Prabhuji!  I am very upset, inspite of my all qualification, hard work sincerely working I am not promoted, undeserved people got promotion..

All my friends do puja to demi God Doing many fast Thursday for promotion, I never did such worship..
Now all my Juniors become Seniors, I will remain as Sr. steno.. ours is PSU .. Promotion is based on CR report.. unfortunately I had bad bosses….

Can’t Krishna give me simple promotion, rather demi God worshippers get promotion without any delay… I really feel very sad for the last 25 years I am working, ..

Hari bol, 1999 I got permanent due to my only one Good boss…..MD was very nice, ..Why I am writing is why success is not coming to me,? I am not praising myself, still I want to tell you, I give for cow donation, sadhus who ever visit my home I give cloths, money, rice, etc what ever I can, remembering my father . That too not expecting any result, only my father may forgive, me.. anyway when he was in Chennai, he suddenly left for Kashi, I was given birth to my son , so could not contact.. no phone was there.

I feel sorry, and getting angry, supreme personality of God head cannot give his devotee simple promotion, rather Durgaji, Guru devtha easily give success, prosperity, to his devotees, ..
It’s really discouraging, ..

What to do.. Like pious lady who cannot think of other man even her husband ill treat her, I can’t worship any other God other than Krishna, still he Krishna has not given me good luck, prosperity…
What is your answer, In office I am the only.persom who left out Aap ka Krishna ka heart nahi hai..
Tell him in your prayers.  Tell him also even he won’t give any prosperity, good for tune, I will die his Dasi,.. Hari Bol..


Very innocent question.  Your observation of this world shows that you are still in a confused state even after following our site.

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Why I tell that you are in a confused state?

You have written in a paragraph like this:

“I give for cow donation, sadhus who ever visit my home I give cloths, money, rice, etc what ever I can, remembering my father . That too not expecting any result”

After telling that you are not expecting any result, you have written in another paragraph expecting a simple promotion:

“Can’t Krishna give me simple promotion, rather demi God worshipers get promotion without any delay”

This is a clear contradiction.

If you had understood Krishna properly, you won’t feel if Krishna does not give you promotion.

Take this statement as my standing advice for all:

“Krishna will not give anything to His devotee if it will not do good for him.  Because He knows your past karma. Whereas, demigods give faster, but, they do not care whether it will do good for their devotees or not.”

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As usual, let me make you understand this with a few examples:

If a Krishna devotee has been destined to die because of his son, Krishna will never give him a child though he cries again and again.  Whereas, the demigods may give him a son and allow him to die because of that child.

If a person is destined to die if he buys a car and drives it, Krishna will never give him a car though he cries again and again.  Whereas, the demigods may give him a car and allow him to die because of the  car accident.

If a Krishna devotee has been destined to face tortures from his spouse, Krishna will never give him marriage though he cries again and again.  Whereas, the demigods may give him a spouse and allow him to suffer because of the tortures of that spouse.

I too am suffering with a few of such negatives in life. But, still, I am serving the Lord with the free mind thinking that Krishna is protecting me from facing disasters.

Remember, if one does not get something in spite of being a devotee, that means, he was about to face sufferings because of that thing and hence Krishna did not give that thing.

I am leading a peaceful life with many negatives because I have entrusted my life to Krishna.  I am showing others that I am an example devotee who has a balanced mind. Hence, I take everything, including the negatives, as the blessing of Krishna.

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Some people have asked me like this:

“You are always speaking about Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatham, etc.  But, I am blessed with two cars and two male children who are so beautiful and healthy. Why are you wasting your life speaking about spirituality?  Be practical”

I smiled at him and said:

“You do ordinary things that everyone can do. Whereas, devotion to Krishna is a rare opportunity that is embraced only by a few people.  I have a rare quality of sacrificing my life for Krishna and enlightening others.  Whereas, you are doing for your own.  This is the difference between a devotee and a materialistic person.  You work for you and we work for Krishna.  That’s all.  But, can you guarantee that you are really happy in life?  Your sons got married and deserted you. Now, you are living alone with your wife here in this old age.  You have everything, but you are not able to make your sons to keep you with them.  But, we atleast have the strength of Krishna and have a hope that Krishna will protect us in any situation.  You can not feel so.  You are actually in distress of separation from sons.  We are always connected to Krishna and we always feel that association.”

After that, he never talked like that.  Now, that wife died of heart attack and he is living alone with a selfish servant maid, though he has crores of money with him.

You are considering that only those who have more are fortunate people.

But, having better things can not ensure peace.

You simply forgot that you have a job first.  That itself is a blessing.  Now, you cry for promotion. If Krishna gives promotion, you may cry for more hike in salary than your collegues.

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Thus, our desires will never end.

Why don’t you consider those who are jobless and hence thank Krishna?

If your collegues get promotion and you are not, there may be many reasons for that.  If you review yourself with a balanced mind, you may lack in something that they have.

In case you have all the talents that your ccollegues have, the promoted position may involve heavy duties that may affect your devotional practices or you may have to face some challenges like losing image, if you get promoted.  Krishna never gives anything to His devotees that may affect their devotional standing or may not give a peace and prestige.  This may be the reason for Krishna not giving promotion to you.

Already, you have been blessed with some requirements for managing your life to some extent.  Krishna will have some genuine reason with regards to your karma,  for not giving something to you.

Accept His decision as it is.  Do not pressurize Him and make Him feel sad for you.  Krishna has certain way of customized blessings for you.  It is coming from time to time.  More will follow.

Therefore, thank Krishna for what you have.  Do not think that only the promotion will decide your success in your life. There are so many things one should desire for.

Maintain full faith on Krishna.  Accept and thank Him for what you have.

All the best.

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  1. I feel very happy with Krishna consciousness. Not a single moment goes without remembering Krishna. I wish I could go to vrindavan and stay with devotees.

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