Why many gods in the Hindu Religion of India unlike all other religions?

Why many gods in the Hindu Religion of India unlike all other religions?

Actual Question from USA national who is following our site:

“Sir, I am from United States working as a software engineer in ………………  I have some Indian friends in my company. I  argue with them about many gods in India saying that the God cant be many. One of the friends gave me the link of your site. I got many details about Krishna in your site. Your way of explaining the concepts is outstanding.  Still, I need a clear explanation about many god system followed by hindus. Can you spare your time to explain me? Thanks in advance.


Even the atheists ask this question to the Indians. I have explained this in many places with the example of business set ups. However,  I understand the need for explaining this matter in more detail with suitable examples that can be understood even by a layman.

First, let me explain the administration of material businesses.  There are many types of companies and businesses.

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Started by a single person and managed by himself.


Two or many partners start and administer these businesses jointly.


Here, in companies, there are shareholders instead of partners.  All the shareholders are the part of the company and it is managed by a board of directors headed by the Managing director (M.D).

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They usually have Pan country and/or global Set up  and they have so many levels of administration.  They have M.D, CEO, Chairman, etc.

Why this much of details about business types?

If there are 4-5 types of business models and a few thousands employees EVEN FOR THE ADMINISTRATION HAVING SOME CRORES OF TURN OVER AND JUST A FEW OFFICES,  imagine how many employees and administrators are required to administer the ADMINISTRATION OF THE ENTIRE CREATIONS.

This ADMINISTRATION OF THE CREATIONS is not just a small set up.  Even the No-1 company in this world will be just an insignificant fraction in the size of this ADMINISTRATION OF THE CREATIONS.  Its administration is unimaginable.  It has innumerable number of Stars and planets.  In every star, there are innumerable planets around it.

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For example, our Sun is also a star that has many PLANETS or WORLDS (BRANCHES) around it. Similarly, there are innumerable suns.  In many planets, there are living beings customized according to the weather existing there. Thus, administration is required everywhere.

Therefore, so many branch managers are required to manage every world/ planet.

Therefore, there are so many ADMINISTRATORS that are included in the SANATHANA DHARMA (or) INDIAN CULTURE because, this Sanathana dharma has deep roots in explaining the secrets of all the creations.  The scriptures of India have nicely explained the creations.

Even thousands of years ago, Indian rishis calculated the exact time of the eclipses, thithis like Amavasya, Ekadasi, etc.  They divided the solar system as 12 RASIS and then subdivided them into 27 stars (Nakshatras) and further subdivided them as PADHA (First Pada, Second Pada, etc).

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Those rishis were able to explain the effects of the rays from every planet causing different effects in the mind and life of every individual and thus, calculate the past, present and future based on those planets.

Such an unimaginable secrets are there in the creations. The rishis spoke of many worlds/ stars even when they had no telescopes, rockets, satellites, communication facilities, etc.

They received the knowledge through divine blessings from God and passed them to future generations through Guru-disciple system.

They concluded that Krishna is the FOUNDER and CHAIRMAN OF THIS VAST ADMINISTRATION  OF CREATIONS and called Him as THE TOPMOST AUTHORITY – Supreme Personality of Godhead. 

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To administer every star and the related planetary system, Krishna has appointed many administrators.  The whole material worlds & creations are administered by Mayadevi or Durga devi, who is the external potency of Lord.  The whole Spiritual worlds & creations are administered by Radharani, who is the internal potency of Lord.

Within the entire material creations, every material world has a group of DEMIGODS to administer.

It also has crores of demigods as employees taking some roles.  For popular example, Sri Vayu deva takes care of wind, Sri Agni deva takes care of fire, Sri Varuna deva takes care of rain and Sri Karthikeya, the son of Lord Siva, takes care of the military of devas.

Among all the demigods, why do we worship only a few?  Because, among all the demigods, only a few demigods have direct contacts with our planet – earth.

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For example, Lord Siva, Ganesha, Karthikeya, Durga devi or Kali, Kuber, Navagrahas, Sun God, Vayu deva, Varuna deva, Agnideva, etc are directly connected with earth and they have visited here many times and hence their activities have been recorded in Puranas dedicated to everyone of them.

As we know, the activities and glories of the Founder chairman Krishna and all His avatars have also been recorded in the Puranas because Krishna also has mercifully visited earth and other planets many times.

When we enter into a company, we first meet the receptionist and then other staff and even the Chairman. Though our purpose is to meet the chairman, we also give respects and wishes to the receptionist and other staff.  If we disrespect the receptionist or any other employee, the chairman will get pained with our action.

That is why, many gods in the Hindu Religion of India and we are worshiping Krishna and also respect some of the administrators/ employees of these creations. What is wrong in it?  It means, we are deep in knowledge about the creations and hence we have many demigods to show our respects.  That’s all.

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Therefore, feel proud to have Chairman Krishna as the Topmost authority and many demigods as administrators and employees.  We are respecting them by showing our offerings to them. That is why there are many gods in the Hindu Religion of India.

If a person needs to take driving license, he shows his respect to the Regional Transport Officer.  If one needs to register his house, he respects the Registrar of properties. Similarly, the people respect a particular demigod based on his needs.

Though an employee issues driving license for us, it can not be issued without the signature of the Regional Transport Officer. 

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Similarly, though we get many benefits from the demigods, they offer them with the approval of Krishna. This is what we said in India through literatures like Bhagavad Gita.

Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita that all that the other gods give are actually given by Krishna.  This is the important point we should keep in mind while approaching other gods.

How wise the Indian rishis are! In fact, we should glorify them for the knowledge they have shared with all of us.

This is the glory of India’s ocean of spiritual knowledge.

Hope you are very clear now about why many gods in the Hindu Religion of India unlike all other religions!

All the best.

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Author: RAJAN

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